Best Friend’s Hot Girlfriend

By   September 26, 2016

Myself Priyesh 32M from Nashik. I am going to narrate you my sexperience with my best friend’s girl. This is first story so excuse for mistakes if any. This incident happened 3 years back. We did it and very passionately too. One of the best cheating sex stories.

I n amit were friend since our college. He loved flirting with many girls. And had many affairs. Once i went at his home. N as soon i sat he said ‘bhai gf aa rahi hai, zyaada mat bolna, kaand ho jayega’ i dint knew her. Her name was amrita.
Soon she rang the bell he introduced me to her. We had formal hi n hello. She was sexy. When she headed for kitchen i was dumbstruck for her ass. Too good. She was perfect gf. Big boobs , sexy fig n great ass. Then we started meeting frequently at his home or for some outing or lunch etc etc… in between i got to know that she was very serious about him. We started chatting via msgs. I tried nv msgs n she liked. She replied same way. I knew one thing for sure that they had regular sex. N from friend i came to know she loves sex too much n a very good kisser. Time passed n we became very good friend with no secrets hidden;). We discussed sex openly with friend or without his presence.
I never expressed anything as i thaught i would lose her if she would come to know. She was very good n care taking girl. Always helped me taking better n bold decisions in my business too. She had visited my office without her bf’s knowledge for couple of times. N we spent good time chatting. There was no restriction as such in our talks. We enjoyed each other’s company most. She had frequent fights my friend. I always resolved issues between them. We used to share each n every bit.
It was 3 years we knew each other. Finally my friend n amrita decided to get married. She was double minded. I somehow convinced her for getting married to my friend. Even i was into relationship with a girl(Arranged marriage). Just before 6 days of their wedding, she called me at her flat. It was 11/12/12 5pm in eve. I picked her up went to her flat. That was her spare flat. We entered settled down. I had no hints. She showed me her old stuff n was busy with reshuffling cupboard. Then she sat opposite to me n we were staring at each other. Dont know what happened she stood up came near me n planted lip kiss. I was shocked. That was my first kiss. 🙂 we kept kissing for next 10-15mins. Unlocked the kissed n she said “y dint u propose me. I liked u but dint knew your family will accept me or not.” Again kissed me hard. This time i broke n said “I LOVE YOU babes.”

I was madly hugging her tight n so was she. Lifted her n took her to bedroom through the corridor n made her lie on bed. Made lie on her back came on her top. She was smelling good. There was she my beautiful princess. Again we lip locked n started sucking her lips hard. Our tongues collided n we were engrossed in kiss. Meanwhile i started caressing her hairs. She had gripped my back really hard n was enjoying kiss. I started moving my hand from her hairs to neck… n she was all aroused. We broke the kiss n i was staring her in her eyes. N she whispered “ y u never expressed ur love??” i kissed her neck n she moaned ahhhhh… was licking her ear lobe. Soft n sexy. She was going crazy. N gripped my dick hard. I saw in her eyes n she had naughty smile. I smiled back n continued licking her neck. She was very impatient. N was fully aroused. I started pressing her soft boobs .

best friend hot girlfriend cheating sex story

The hot babe Amrita

she liked it n closed her eyes. She was massaging my dick over my pants. I started pressing her boobs hard. N started unbuttoning her shirt. After unbuttoning her couple of buttons. She stopped me n said me to lie on my back n close eyes. It was already best time of my life i did as she said. Within a minute she sat on my dick kissed my lips n asked me to open eyes. There was she my sexy queen in her sexy black bra n panty. Most beautiful sight it was. My dick was dancing in pants. She started unzipping my pants. I pressed her ass hard n she let moan “ahhhh not so hard its paining…” she very soon came in 69 pose. Looked me from gaps in her legs n kissed my dick. Man it was heaven. I was rubbing her pussy with her panties on. She was moaning n sucking dick like a lollypop. Grabbing my balls squeezing them n i was just in diff world of ecstasy. I removed her panty n started fingering her. She was fucked well before so had a lose pussy, but smelled awesome.


I inserted second finger s started finger fucking she moaned. I inserted third finger n here she took out my dick from her mouth n started loud moans as “oooooh fuck where were u….” all of a sudden removed fingers rolled her over n made lied on bed n started inserting tongue in her hot hole. She was shaved. As soon i started licking she moaned “ aaah lick me hard… “ i kept licking her n was massaging her boobs meanwhile. She was in complete ecstasy in her pussy was being licked. Her moans got louder n louder. I inserted finger along with lick her sexy pussy. She was moaning like hell. “u asshole … u r lick damn good… teach your friend to lick…. ohhhhhhh fuck…. suck it deep…. “ once she moaned so loud i was scared as neighbours could have heard. I kept licking pussy n inserted finger in her asshole. She screamed n hold my head rigidly n pressed it hard. I was hardly able to breathe.

I knew she was near her orgasm. Somehow i lifted my head for breathing but she was in no mood to do that. She pressed me more hard on her pussy. N i started tongue fucking her more deep n fast. Was inserting finger more n more deep in ass hole n had started finger fucking hr ass hole too. She was hot lava flowing. I was sucking all her juices. She was continuously moaning. N she literally let out a scream n exploded over my mouth. She was short of her breadth n was panting heavily. I moved my mouth n licking all her juices n had spread her legs wide for good access. She was unable to speak. I saw her eyes n they still closed. She gripped my hairs n lifted me. I spanked her sexy spongy ass. She had a big smile on her face. She took me over her n hugged me tight. I knew she had a good time n i was happy for that. I inserted my fingers in her mouth n made suck. She rolled over me n said now i will show u real fuck. (she knew well i was virgin). She removed all my clothes n removed her bra. As soon as she removed her bra her melons invited me n i pulled her holding her sexy boobs. It pained n she shouted.