Chandresh fucked his saali Vibha – II

By   May 9, 2016

Chandresh and his saali were getting closer on that lovely night. They both have sensed that something’s about to happen and they didn’t want to stop it. They decided to let it happen. The last part of the sex story Indian is now presented to you..

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At that moment I wanted to say something, but I paused myself, and she understood that, and asked what…?, I said nothing, she said you want to say something, I said I think I have to wait for my next birth, for that. She said why, I said forget it, and tried to avoid going further in that, but she was not ready to leave the topic, and asked me again, somehow I managed to say,

that she has a very less desire for that, and I have to hold back my self a lot and sometimes I feel bit frustrated. She tried to look into my eyes, I was bit embarrassed, and tried to avoid the eye to eye contact. But she held my chin and looked into my eye, and asked me how often you do? I said hardly twice or thrice in a month, or sometimes not even that.

At that time she was just staring at me, I was sipping my coffee and once or twice I raised my head to see her, whether she is looking at me or not, and she was. Then just to change the mood I asked her that why are you staring at me like that, and by the way I have noticed from last one day, you are looking in my eyes, may I know why?

This question took her attention, she said whatever I have come to know about you through Sunidhi, I was impressed with you, and that’s why I was looking at you, but tell you very truly if I would have done this with my husband, then surely he would have gone out for sex, then after a second or two she said I hope you don’t do anything like that, do you?

I said of course not, I cannot think of doing that, and with that my eyes got wet, and she instantly noticed, keeping her mug aside she came closer to me and tried to hug me and took my head in her arms, and rested it on her breast, for a moment I hesitated but after few seconds, I held her from her back, and embraced her.

I was feeling softness of her breast and smell of her deodorant was diverting my mind, I tried to get out of her arms, and she loosen the grip, and I cleaned my eyes, and said, I think we should go to sleep now. She looked at me and said yes, and with that she got up, and switched off the TV and main light and took both the mugs, and finally went into the room after saying goodnight.

From the time she got up to go, till she went inside her room she looked at me at least three times, I don’t know why, with sympathy or something else. There was dim light in the room, which was coming out of the kitchen, and it was left on intentionally, I was laying there, and just recalling whatever have happened few minutes back,

at that time I was having intense desire to have sex, and I was getting bit of erection, but I tried to divert my mind, and tried to sleep, hardly an hour back I was sleepy, because of last nights tiredness and right now my mind was bit restless. I think I slept for sometime, don’t know for how long, I felt something closer to me and got awaked, as I opened my eyes,

I saw Vibha’s face very close to mine, she was sitting on floor, and leaning over me, I got shocked and tried to get up, but she kissed me on my lips once and then continued to kiss, for a second I thought that we are not doing right, but in next second her tongue came on my lips and she tried to insert it in my mouth, and as a starved man I lost control on me,

and started responding to her kiss. I opened my mouth and her tongue slipped in my mouth. Now she was laying on me, and I was holding her from her back, and we were kissing each other. Slowly I moved my hand on allover her back, and caressed her hips; they were really very nice, with good amount of flesh on it.

chandresh fucked his saali vibha sex story indian

They both got satisfied that night..


I squeezed them for my pleasure, and then moved aside to give her a space to lay down beside me on the same mattress, and she got down from me and rested her head on my arm and we again started kissing. After that I moved to her cheek and neck and then close to the earlobes, I was so starved for this that, I was unable to sense that this is wrong, and I loved her as she is Sunidhi.

She was laying beside me and one of my hand was feeling all the curves of her body, I squeezed her breast over her clothes, and she moaned in pleasure with a sound of hmmm… then I moved my hand to her hips again, by this time her nighty was up to her knees, I touched on of her naked knee and moved my hand inside her nighty and held her thighs,

they were very soft and fleshy, I rubbed them very nicely, and tried to reach her panty, I wanted to take off her panty but it was not possible for me to take it out in a way we were laying, so I got up, and made her lay down on her back and tried to drift her nighty up till her waist, now I could see her panty,

I held her panty, with both the hands and pulled it down, and now I could see her wet cunt in the dim light, which was coming out of the lamp of the kitchen. I touched her love hole with a thumb of my hand and rubbed it for a while, she got very excited and moaned in pleasure, I was looking at her dripping wet cunt with thirsty eyes,

and in a second I parted her legs little more and buried myself between her legs and started sucking her pleasure hole. I was holding her both the fleshy thighs with my hands, to separate them and digging her cunt with my tongue; I was trying to get a full access of her cunt and moving my head deeper and deeper between her legs.

She was moaning and puffing in very low voice and I was licking her wet pussy like an animal. Her cunt was releasing good amount of juices and I was trying to suck it all, she was in intense pleasure and started moving her body in to and fro motion as I increased my intensity of sucking her soft hole, she was moving towards the peak second by second,