Dadu caught her shaving – II

By   September 14, 2016

My choot was about to be licked by none other than my Grandpa. His tongue’s touch was euphoric. I had lost all controls. Next part of this grandfather sex story.

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Grandpa immediately put his hands on my knees and parted my already wide open naked legs. Then he sat between my legs and took both my knees. Then bending them toward my shoulder, like he was going to fuck me, he bend his face on my cunt.

This was a new experience for me as I had never been licked in my life. Grandpa looked in my face and smiled mischievously. I felt shame and closed my eyes but did nothing to close my parted legs.

Grandpa put his lips on my wound. I felt like an electric current passing through my spine. He moved his tongue 2-3 times on my wound, which was dangerously close to my cunt.

Then grandpa put his mouth on my cunt and took my clit in his lips and started chewing it.

As soon as his tongue touched my cunt, I gave a loud shriek and bucked my cunt to allow him maximum access to my cunt. Grandpa was experienced player, he knew the uncontrollable pleasure I was getting from his tongue.

I again gave a moan and my eyes automatically closed with pleasure. I was enjoying the first oral sex of my life. Grandpa pressed my folded legs inward and my cunt lips opened like flower petals.

Grandpa had increased the speed of his sucking. Now I was shamelessly moaning loudly and bucking my cunt to his face. Grandpa put the tip of his tongue on my cunt hole and inserted it inside. My cunt was so tight so his tongue could not penetrate much but it gave me more pleasure.

Grandpa was rubbing my clitoris with his index finger and even pulling and pinching it with two fingers and tongue fucking me down. Then he started lapping my cunt from clit to even my ass hole.

When grandpa’s tongue touched my ass hole, I felt a shivering and my moans became more vocal. Now he was not giving any attention to the wound on my cunt lip but it was pure sex in the veil of medication of my wound.

Grandpa started tongue fucking me vigorously and with one finger he was rubbing my clit and with other finger now he was rubbing my ass opening. He drenched his finger in my cunt juices, which were flowing now like a hose pipe and kept rubbing it on my ass hole while lubricating it.

I was so wet now and my cunt was running its juices as never before. Grandpa was also so horny now and his cock was so tight like a steel rod, but the poor cock was still in his pajama.

My orgasm was building up. I knew from the intense pleasure I was getting now, that this orgasm was going to be the biggest one.

My legs started shaking and my speed of bucking my pelvis increased. As he was my own grandfather, so I could not ask him anything but I was cooperating him by allowing him full access to my cunt and ass hole.

Grandpa could sense my incoming orgasm. He could knew from the increased flow of my cunt juices that I was not far now.

dadu caught her shaving grandfather sex story

My sexy choot for Dadu

Suddenly I felt like some lava building up in me. My moans turned into cries of ecstasy and I started bucking my cunt in air more vigorously. Then I gave a loud shriek and bucked my cunt.

As I felt the electric and sweet sensation rushing from some where inside me and a dam of cunt juices just about to burst, grandpa removed his mouth from my cunt.

I bucked my cunt more up in the air to again get the contact of his tongue as my orgasm was just milliseconds away, but his face was not there.


I was bewildered and left high and dry on the right moment. I was so near to my orgasm now that even a touch of a thread could hit my orgasm but the experienced grandpa removed his face at that precious moment.

I felt as if a big bowl of milk has been taken away before a cat at just as she was about to drink it. Or as if a very hungry person was going to put a most delicious food in his mouth and as soon as the food touched his lips, somebody snatched it away from him

I could not understand anything as to what has happened. Grandpa was my own real grandfather so I even could not ask him to lick my cunt to orgasm. As we both were only fooling around in the name of curing a razor cut, so I myself could not touch or rub my cunt to reach orgasm. I was getting mad and didn’t get what to do.

Grandpa was sitting in the same pose between my open legs, but not touching me. Actually this was his own game. He was experienced enough and knew that I was on the brink of my orgasm. He has purposely taken his mouth away.

I could not ask him anything but was looking in his eyes with millions of request in it to let me have my orgasm. Those who have reached such a stage only know, how difficult such situation is, when one is on orgasm and the contact with cunt is snatched away.

Every point of my body was begging my grandpa to lick my cunt again. But I could not speak it. Grandpa knew my position so he was sitting idle and looking at my cunt.

Just one minute in this position passed like 1000 years to me. By now even my roaring orgasm was some what subsided. Grandpa was again a master, he knew that I am not dyeing with lust as one minute before. So he again put his finger in my cunt and wetting it by rubbing it in the slit of cunt, again rubbed it on the wound. Then as he put pressure on the cut on cunt lip, it pained me and a slight painful whimper came from my mouth.

Grandpa was waiting for my painful whimper, so he immediately put more pressure on my cunt lip (but kept rubbing my cunt slit and pinching my clit so that my lust and nearing orgasm may not subside) said,

“Suhana Beti! See the mouth saliva is not working and you are still feeling pain on our cut. I think we will have to do something else. Such situation has come many times in my life with your grandmother. Whenever she got some wound, she always asked me for “Man Cream”. She used to take it in her hand and rub it on wound and it would heal so fast. But you are my granddaughter, so even if it is the best way to heal your wound, I will not do it. But still I think there is no other better alternative.”