Dadu caught her shaving

By   September 13, 2016

I was shaving my tight cunt because my boyfriend liked it clean. I was in bathroom, shaving my pussy. But someone came into and caught in that position. A hot sexy story..

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My name is Suhana. I live in Jaipur in Rajasthan India, with my father Rakesh aged about 40 years and mother Malti about 38 years and my grandfather Rajaram. My brother Sukesh is studying in Delhi University and living in hostel there.

Both of my parents are teachers in govt school and they leave for their office at 7am. I am studying in B Com in local college and leave at about 10 in morning. Grandpa whom I lovingly call Dadu (grandfather in Rajasthani language), is retired military officer and is about 62 years of age. My grandmother has died about 10 years back and my father being his only son, he is living with us.

My dadu is having a good physique and he looks much fit and younger for his age. I have an elderly regard for him and he also loves and deals with me affectionately like his granddaughter. Though he normally stays at home but he keeps himself to his own room only and never interferes with our personal matters. I have great regard for him. I don’t know anything about his sex life after the demise of my grandmother. But I have never heard anything about his affairs and I think his is not active sexually now. Anyway..

Let me describe myself. I am 19 years old with plump and chubby body. I am very fair and beautiful. My breasts are 34D and slim waist. In my class I am one of the most beautiful girls. Boys keep hovering around me but I am from a strict family so I had only one boyfriend. We have smooching and even fucked 2-3 times but due to some reason, I broke up with him.

Actually the reason was that I like to keep my cunt bushy and never shaved myself but my boyfriend wanted it clean. Now I have befriended with one another boy but he also want me clean shaven.

Due to strictness in family, I have to come back to home in time and also as dadu is always at home, I can’t stay out long, or bring my boyfriend at home. So as I am normally horny and in sex mood.

One day, there was a strike in college, so I came back home early. I planned to meet my boyfriend in evening in his home. I was expecting a good fuck then. I thought that as I will be getting a chance to get fucked after a long time, so why not to shave myself so that even my boyfriend will also be very happy.

It was about noon time. Grandpa was perhaps sleeping in his room. I went to bathroom and secretly took his shaving set. As I was not regularly shaving, so I was not having my own shaving set. I thought to use grandpa’s shaving set and then put it back before he gets up.

dadu caught her shaving hot sexy story

I was shaving my hot pussy

I came in my room and locked it from inside. Then I placed the shaving razor, cream and brush on the side on my bed and removed my salwar and panty. I was now nude below waist. I sat on bed and widened my legs to start shaving myself.

As I took shaving brush, I found that I had forgotten to bring water for it. I wanted to finish early so that I may place the things back before grandpa wakes up. So hurriedly and without wearing my salwar again, I rushed to bathroom and took a mug of water and ran back to my room.

As I was in a hurry so when now I came in my room, I closed the door but forgot to lock it from inside. I put the mug on side of bed and again parted my legs to start shaving. I had started using the razor and cleaned myself in no time. My cunt was whitish and puffy and looking so inviting. I cleaned it with a towel. Then I thought of using razor one last time to make it more smooth for evening fuck with my boyfriend.

I took razor and again started using on my outer cunt lips, then suddenly I heard opening of grandpa’s room and him calling my name. I was startled and horrified to hear his call. In fear, my hand slipped and razor made a big cut on my left outer cunt lip. Immediately blood started coming out and this made me more horrified and afraid.

I heard grandpa’s steps coming towards my room. I was in a fix as to what to do. In fear I didn’t gather what to do , so first I took a bed sheet near by and put on my naked legs to cover them.

By the time I had just put the bed sheet, the door of my room opened (as I had forgotten to lock it from inside) and grandpa came in saying,

“Suhana! Where are you? Why are you not replying? Are you OK?”

Saying this he entered my room. I was feared and sitting like a dumb lamb sitting before a wolf. I was in a state of fix and still sitting naked with legs wide apart (though covered with bed sheet), and grandpa’s razor still in my hand.


I was so much in a fix that I forgot to even put it back. There was no time to think anything as grandpa entered my room.

As soon as he saw me sitting in this state, he also froze in his place. He immediately understood the position, but was short of words to speak anything. He stuttered, “Suhana! Is everything all right? Actually I called you sometimes but there was no reply. So I came to check up if everything is all right.”

I also regained my senses by now and stammeringly said,

“Grandpa! Everything is OK. I was just sitting. Nothing to worry, you may go. I am also coming to drawing room.”

Grandpa could sense the situation so perhaps to save me from embarrassment he tried to turn back to go out, but then his eyes fell on my lap.

Being caught off guard, I forgot to even close my legs and I didn’t even noticed that the cut on my cunt lips was oozing blood and the bed sheet had started getting red with it. There was a big red spot on the sheet and it was getting bigger now.

Grandpa looked my legs and even before he could ask anything, I started crying in fear. I didn’t know how much I had wounded myself. I was only sitting naked legs wide open and crying hysterically.

Grandpa was experienced. He understood the situation, but was about to go out to save my embarrassment, but now seeing my blood on bed sheet, he stopped and lovingly asked,

“Oh Dear! Though I am old but I can understand your position. Please don’t worry. This is all normal and nothing to get embarrass or fear. But I think you have wounded yourself. Let me see if you have hurt yourself much.”