Dadu caught her shaving – III

By   September 17, 2016

I am about to be fucked by my grandpa. He played his game well and had me super wet down there. I cannot tell you how much I wanted him in my pussy. Last part of the grandpa sex story.

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Grandfather was so happy now as he was going to fuck me with my consent. Grandpa patted me lovingly and putting his hands on my shoulders, he made my lay on the bed.

I willingly obliged and lied on bed with both my legs wide open. Actually all this fooling around and seduction was going so long and horny that now I was dying to be fucked and could not wait a cock to enter me.
Grandfather took a pillow and put it under my hips to raise my cunt to receive his cock. Then he took a bottle of oil and put a liberal amount of oil on my cunt and rubbed it on and in the folds of my cunt. My cunt was shining with oil and its lips were automatically opening and closing as if eagerly asking the cock to come and fuck them.

Then grandfather took more oil in his hand and completely drenched his cock with it that even the drops of oil were dripping from its tip.

Then he sat between my both legs and folding them inward, took my legs on his shoulders. My cunt was wide open and he put his big cock head on my cunt opening and started rubbing it on the length of its channel.

He was rubbing his cock from my clit to my ass hole and then again back. I was dying for fuck and was moaning so loudly that I feared that our neighbors may not hear it.

Grandfather knew that now it is the time, so he put his eyes on my face and smiling and lovingly asked my permission to enter in.

Though I was lying under him with cunt wide open, but still I felt shame. So smilingly I closed my eyes in shyness but nodded my head for him to go ahead. Grandpa started giving pressure on my cunt with his cock. He placed his cock head on my cunt opening and started giving pressure to enter me.

Grandpa’s cock head was like a big tomato and my cunt was so small for him. He was looking like a bull trying to fuck a small goat. His cock head was drenched in oil and he was trying to push it in but due to small size of my cunt (it was not used to be fucked so the cunt opening was small for his cock), it was not going in. due to the pressure of cock, my cunt muscles on its opening were giving up, and cunt lips were widening in a big “O”. but still the cock was not going in.

I was feeling pain and I put my hands on his chest and trying to push him away. But grandpa kept his try. I was pushing him away and telling him to stop as his cock was so big to move in my cunt. But despite my efforts to dislodge him, grandpa kept his pressure. I was whimpering in pain.

I felt as if my cunt is going to tear out, I tried to push grandpa by putting my arms on his chest. But just then my cunt muscles gave way and parting them apart, grandpa’s big mushroom cock head entered my tiny cunt. As soon as his cock entered my cunt, involuntarily and automatically my arms circled around his back and they started pushing him in. my arms slipped to his naked buttocks and they started pushing grandpa more in. I was moaning loudly but my moans were filled with pain.

I gave a muffled cry. Grandpa knew that his massive cock was so big for my cunt and he kept still. Fully drenched in oil, his cock was wedged between the cunt lips. Though grandpa was not pushing it in or not giving jerks, but he still kept lying on my cunt. He kept his weight on me, due to his heavy weight his cock head kept in my cunt and despite my painful wiggling I could not dislodge his out of my cunt.

Grandpa kept lying like dead for some time but instead of pushing the thrusts in, he started something new. Grandpa started flexing his cock in my cunt. As he was flexing his cock, his cock head would swell big, and when he stop it, it would get shrunk. When his cock head would shrunk, then due to his weight and being slippery with oil, grandpa’s cock would slip a bit in.

dadu caught her shaving grandpa sex story

Please grandpa, come in..

Grandpa kept flexing his cock like this and slowly his cock kept slipping in my cunt. This was not causing any pain or uneasiness to me. Rather with time, now my cunt was not paining and I was enjoying the fat cock in my cunt.


Grandpa’s big cock had stretched my cunt lips to its maximum but gradually I was feeling used to it and it was a sheer enjoyment to me and no pain. I started moaning slowly. Grandpa’s cock has entered my tiny cunt about 3-4 inches.

Grandpa knew that I was not feeling pain and was enjoying a lot now, so slowly he started in and out movement. Now he was giving small and slight thrusts. I was really in heaven. There was no pain but only bliss of a big cock in my cunt.

After 15-20 slow in and out movements, grandpa started thrusting his cock more in and it again started the pain. Perhaps grandpa could not bear the wait and wanted to fuck my properly but my tiny cunt was not used to take such a massive cock, so I was not finding it easy to let his cock move in.

Grandpa knew as to what to do. He put his mouth on my lips and sealing my mouth with his own, he clenched his buttocks and gave a very big thrust with all his might. As his cock was fully drenched in oil, so forcefully parting my cunt and making its way in, his hard cock rammed inside me and went in till his cock was fully inside and his big balls were resting on my ass hole.

I felt an unbearable pain in my cunt and I cried loudly. But grandpa knew it beforehand so he had already sealed my mouth (I was thinking that he was kissing me), so no sound could escape my mouth. Perhaps it was good otherwise my cry would have been so loud that all the neighborhood would come running to our house.

Tears came out of my eyes. I was crying and pushing my grandpa with all my might but he was so heavy and so strong that I could not push him.

Grandpa kept kissing me and started fondling my boobs with his hands. He kept totally still and was not moving his cock.

Then he kissed me lovingly and said in a loving tone,