Delhi slutty housewife

By   October 9, 2016

Hi Friends, I am back with a real delhi sex story which I believe each one of us will realise is somewhere a part of our daily life. I had been part of many adult sites and in touch with lot of housewife and couples who are realising that normal lifestyle is getting boring and no spice is there in their sex lives. I recently met a couple Rahul & Mahima (Name change). They are from Delhi and both are working in top MNC’s in Noida. I realize they are lively young couple of 30 & 32 yrs married from last 4 yrs. They have a baby of 1.5yrs and life was perfect in every sense. Every guy or girl do have some fantasies about lot of things but real fact is that very few are able to make it a reality and the major issue is communication. It’s hard to express such feelings to your partner due to lot of mental blocks and in turn it always remain a fantasy for most of the couples.
It started a year ago when during rainy season in July both Mahima & Rahul who use to take their own car for reaching office use to get stuck in Jam due to water logging on roads and started getting late, they mutually decided to use metro for travelling for next 2-3 months to avoid jams and late incoming issues. It was a blissful evening when they both reached Noida city centre metro station after their office and took the metro for Dwarka. It was over crowded metro due to evening rush and they both were standing in the corner of the coach. With every station it was getting over crowded and it was getting difficult to avoid touching with strangers. Rahul soon realised one man of around 40yrs standing behind Mahima was brushing continuously with her, he noticed that he was holding one bag in one hand and was already trying to push his fingers in between the ass cracks of Mahima thin material suit. Rahul was expecting Mahima would complain to him but realized that Mahima was not at all objecting to any of his moves and eventually trying to cover his hand so that Rahul can’t notice that movements. Rahul was fully aware of the things going on but tried to remain silent to see whether Mahima will raise any objection or not but to his surprise he even notice Mahima biting her lower lips in between sometimes and closing her eyes in the moment of pleasure. It was sure that guy was doing a good job and his fingers were surely touching her wife pussy. Rahul was stunned to see her beautiful wife in middle of a crowded metro coach getting pleasure from a stranger and that too when her hubby was just nearby. It doesn’t take much time for Rahul to realise that she must be experienced holder in such groping acts.
Rahul was stunned on that day but somewhere it was just the beginning of the realization of his fantasy which he had never discussed with her wife as he knew her wife will never agree for such a proposal. Rahul is not an exception as most of the men have the same fantasy of watching their wife enjoying with strangers. They both got down on their station and Rahul was so hard after the incident that they both had such a rocking sex after so many months. Mahima too was shocked to see Rahul in such a great mood. Rahul decided to speak regarding that incident with Mahima and her face got red hearing the same from Rahul, she was not able to face Rahul and started crying but Rahul made her realize that he too enjoyed the same and she had actually helped him in fulfilling one of his fantasies. She was relieved hearing that and confessed that she sometimes enjoy such types of groping secretly as it gives a total new sensation to her to enjoy with a stranger in a crowded public places . She enjoys being getting submitted to guy’s oral needs and helps him in getting her folded whenever possible in such places and this brings new height to their boring lives.
She then discussed so many incidents with Rahul where guys just took full advantage of the crowd and touched her wherever possible to make her go wet in her pussy. She loves the feeling of different types of cocks rubbing her ass and pussy and guys trying to touch her 36 size boobs in crowded metro or buses. Hearing all this made Rahul go mad, he never expected the different side of her beautiful wife but in total excitement told Mahima to continue and keep telling all the incidents. In last the conversation was now open and both were relieved to communicate each other their internal fantasies. Rahul clearly told Mahima that she will have to live all his fantasies and make it a reality, Mahima want to see Rahul happy and told him that henceforth she will follow all instructions as per Rahul. He want Mahima to continue Metro groping and he will now be a spectator to enjoy which Mahima agree and to know that actual happenings Mahima will have what’s app her all things to Rahul during the incident.
Next day Rahul took her for shopping and get her special tight fitting clothes, jeggings and thin material clothes and told her not to wear any panty inside, she will have to co-operate with groper and will have to give access so that he can explore her better. She was enjoyed by every class of people in metro henceforth , even young school kids fingered her once and she co-operated and kept texting rahul that how that young boy exploring her she co-operating with him to get wet . She don’t mind getting used by low class labour workers also if they want to explore this slutty wife and use to text his hubby to watch how these stinky rough low class people are exploring his young slutty wife.

delhi slutty housewife delhi sex story

The slutty housewife

Rahul fantasies were now getting fulfilled, he know the slutty side of Mahima needs to be fully out for bigger fantasies to be fulfilled. She should be addicted to strangers’ sex to make her a swapping partner. He then told Mahima that she do not want any of her time to be wasted and she needs to tell me if in office she can be used or fucked. She immediately told that his Vice president is a 50 yr old guy and is a sex manic, he is searching for a bold personal secretary and everyone knows that he keeps girls for his sex needs. Rahul told her to apply for that position , Mahima asked Rahul to think twice as this can ruin their personal life but Rahul was now full ready for this new lifestyle and told Mahima not to worry and ensure you hubby is happy with your acts. She promised that she will soon be a fucking slutty wife which is explored by lot of people. She got ready in a black sleeveless blouse and ultra low length saree for his office as she knows her new boss taste. Rahul was watching her and was delighted to see her in such slutty clothes. Rahul was confident that her new boss is now going to give her this new job and called her in afternoon to know the status but she told we will discuss in night. Rahul was impatient and after reaching home hold her and ask her to tell everything in detail.
Mahima took a long breath and told Rahul that she went through a long process for this job opportunity and hope it was worth it and you will enjoy watching your wife soon turning to be a office sex slave. Rahul felt delighted hearing all this and ask her to share everything. Mahima told that her new boss was asking her questions about her figure size, her sexual desires, and her experience of sex with other people except hubby. He was happy to see her dressing sense and told her to wear miniskirts without panty and zipper shirts which can show her cleverage. He had given her 3 day task for full transformation and had demanded her to have tattoo just above her pussy lips, want her to have round nose ring to give her a slutty look and tummy piercing to give her naval a yummy slutty look and do get fucked by a stranger before joining to be more experienced. Her boss had given no. of a tattoo artist in Saket who is specialist for making tattoo on such sensitive places and if given opportunity he will fuck her too. Rahul immediately told her to be ready tomorrow to visit this tattoo artist and instructed Mahima to be ready for all demands of boss to be fulfilled and she need to get fucked tomorrow by this tattoo artist.
Next day we reached a shady place near Saket Mall area on a second floor and his place was in dark with no customers. His name was Peter and was 6 feet tall well built guy and he welcomed us. My wife gave reference of his boss and told him the requirement. He checked both of us and gave a naughty smile and took out his register and shown us some pictures of his work. We both selected one design and he told Mahima to come inside and change but not to wear any panty inside. Rahul started imagining his wife getting fucked through this giant man and was feeling excited, rahul then waited outside and told wife to keep him updated through messages.
Mahima was already wet imagining a total stranger seeing her without panty. Peter told her to relax and gave her a drink, she inquired about the drink but peter told to have it as it will help her to have better experience during tattoo making. She immediately had the drink and within 5 minutes was feeling horny and wetly . He then came near and start smooching her and within few seconds she too was co-operating and soon he took off the gown and full rich ripe body of my wife was before a total stranger and he too immediately took off his clothes and Mahima can’t resist her hand on his big tool and started stroking him. Soon Rahul got a message sitting outside that she is enjoying what he wants, Peter immediately put his rod inside her mouth to suck and Mahima under seductive drink was allowing him to rule her body as per his liking. Peter was aware that Mahima is in her senses but would need a rough sex to overcome the effect of that seductive. Soon he was instructing Mahima that this is goanna make her a slutty wife and his boss is goanna like it. Mahima was smiling and told Peter to do whatever he likes and use her body as per his desire but ensure his new boss is happy with her. Peter smiled and told her to be ready for a rough & deep sex. He asked her that her boss had told him to make your ass ready for his tool and this rod is goanna ensue that you have your hole prepared for this upcoming task. She was speechless as this is new for her and could be painful too, she immediately texted to Rahul to be prepared to see her wife with ass fucked today. Peter took hold of her and soon all her clothes were out and he start sucking her below, Mahima was moaning loud as peter was sucking like there is no tomorrow, his big tongue was exploring her cunt fully giving her shivers in whole body. He then spit on her ass and start sucking her, she was moaning and Peter was roughly handling her. She somehow was liking this also as she was submissive and want a master to rule her body. Peter after few seconds started inserting his tool inside her ass hole giving Mahima a blank look on her face, his half insertion made her cry like anything. She requested Peter to wait but he was in no mood and soon his full 7” inch tool was inside her and he started fucking her ass hole. She got tears in her eyes but somehow enjoying her rough treatment. Peter soon was stroking her on full pace and Mahima pain had turned into moans in next 5 minutes, she was liking it now and was pushing her back to support Peter to enjoy. She was in seventh heaven as Peter fucked her in each hole for next 30 minutes before releasing his entire load in her mouth making her take everything inside.
Mahima then took a break and Peter made a beautiful tattoo right above her pussy and she was delighted for this experience, once she was out, Rahul found her smiling and after reaching home she told whole incident to Rahul. He was stroking his rod listening to all adventure his wife had there and kissed her, he told her that she had made all his fantasies true and had become a real slut after this. He insisted to ensure his boss becomes his new master and she keeps him happy. Next day was crucial as they both went for shopping and Rahul made selective choice in getting her tight fit shirts and tops to give ample pleasure to his new boss and tight jeggings and pants to show her curvy body to his boss. Mahima was excited to have such shopping as it was giving her a new thrill how his new boss is goanna use her after joining . The major task left was naval piercing. They tried lot of places but no one was ready for naval piercing, they then found a place on Internet where a man was proficient in doing this activity and foreigners were his major clients. Place was in Paharganj in Delhi and Rahul don’t want to miss this opportunity to please Mahima boss with his given instructions. They went there which was in end of a small narrow lane. His name was Ahmed and was a dirty looking 55yr old man having pan in his mouth. It looks like we had reached a wrong place as by no angle he was looking like a professional for this sensitive work. I asked him and he told that we had reached the right place. He was checking out Mahima from top to bottom and we can see that his manhood was getting tight in his pajama. Mahima too noticed his hard long manhood and was biting her lips but only issue was that place was not hygienic and man was stinking and was untidy. I took Mahima in corner and asked her if she is liking that big rod inside that dirty pajama, Mahima smiled and said she is understanding what his hubby wants but the guy is old untidy and stinking. I winked and asked her how does it matter, I want her to get that dirty rod inside her and she should understand her hubby requirements. Mahima smiled and said wait and watch, see how this dirty stinky man is goanna fuck your beautiful wife like a dirty whore.
We both asked Ahmed to check out naval of mahima and handover a diamond stud to be pierced in that, he asked us had we given second though to this as mostly foreigners do it as they are ok to exhibition and somewhat slutty. Indians are reluctant for this, I smiled and asked him to check out Mahima if she deserve this naval piercing or not, he smiled and winked at me and said she is really a buttery piece and deserve this look. Mahima smiled and ask him can she remove her clothes to start the process. Ahmed was happy hearing this and told her to remove everything to let him complete the task easily without any pain . Mahima asked can Rahul also accompany both of them in that room but Ahmed refused and asked Rahul to sit in outside room and can watch from that little window what all is happening. Mahima smiled and winked at me and I was delighted to see the full show. Inside the room was a small bed and I can see how she was taking out all his clothes and Ahmed was delighted to see her milky curvy body. He too removed his vest and pajama and was in dirty old underwear which was having holes in many places and Mahima too can notice his long black cut manhood peeking out from those holes and was getting wet. Soon Ahmed was touching Mahima all over and his wet cunt was purely visible, he put cream on his naval and placed his tools to start his process, he was quick and in next 10 min his job was done. Mahima was crying with pain but Ahmed told him to bear with it for few more seconds or else he can turn this pain into pleasure if she likes. Mahima nodded and asked him to do whatever he likes. Ahmed watched me and I can see a wicked smile on his face. He then asked Mahima will his hubby will have issue if he can give her pleasure , she said no and asked him to go ahead as Rahul will never disturb. He then came near Mahima mouth and asked her to take out this rod and suck it , his underwear was dirty and stinking with smell of cum and piss but somehow Mahima was liking everything now and he took out his manhood and start rubbing it . I am sure it would be stinking badly with the smell of remaining piss but she takes it in mouth and soon Ahmed was mouth fucking her and she was co-operating. Rahul was enjoying the full show and can see both are in 69 positions. Mahima was in pure pleasure and was enjoying the smell of this dirty stinky old man. He soon positions his manhood on the entrance of his cunt and in one stroke he was fully inside Mahima. Ahmed winked and shown his fingers pointing to Rahul to watch his slutty watch enjoying with a stranger. His pace soon increased and I can hear loud moans of Mahima asking him to fuck her more and he is a dirty slut for his fucking, Ahmed was enjoying and his speed was getting better and I can see Mahima going mad. Rahul too was shocked to see such stamina of a 55 yr old man. He fucked Mahima for good 40 minutes and released his load inside her. I was not happy as there was no condom and she should have avoided taking cum inside her but what all has happened can’t be stopped now. She came out smiling and we thanked Ahmed for a wonderful job, He kissed Mahima and told her to do come again. Mahima was now a full prepared slut for his boss used properly by strangers.

——-The End——-

Mahima was excited as all given assignments were completed and she can join office next day. They both had rocking night thinking about new adventures waiting to come in their lives soon. A lot happened in between both of them and I will share the adventures of this slutty wife in next part of the delhi sex story. In case you liked it and want to share any such experience do write me at


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