My first time sex experience

By   September 8, 2017

Hi to all readers I’m a very big fan of indian sex town, I am Varun 22year old guy, Bit fair complexion, I am the only son in my home. One True incident I want to share with you which was happened to me 3 years ago with my neighbour girl Ishika who is 3 years elder to me. So here is my first time sex stories.

Let me tell you she don’t have much beautiful face like an actress but looks good. She was very sexy, her figure size is 34-28-32, She was also doing her graduation when this story happens.This incident was happened to us during summer of 2008.

Waiting to make new friends and relationships.Waiting for ur replies girls,aunties,womens. We are good friend as we are neighbours and I used to call her as a sister so we don’t have any lust or bad intentions on each others. I used to be in her house during day time because both of our parents are working no one will be available in our houses.

Since her brother was also studying in a military residential school. I like her and I think she also likes me and we enjoy each other’s company very much. Evening time she used to come to my house and to have chit chat with my parents since they are of very jolly type.

This story is bit long and please bear with me this time since this my first experience in writing sorry guys girls and aunties at that time my 12th result released and one of my neighbourhood boy got failed and he asked me n Ishika to help him to prepare for his maths re-exam.

We sat together in her house to teach him. She was just sitting on the floor near me wearing a Chudi tops without shawl.When she bends down I can clearly see her boobs,it was in a medium size but looks beautiful. It was the first time I’m seeing a naked boobs of a girl.

I was staring at her boobs frequently. She caught me seeing this and didn’t tell anything and she say d bulge in my 3/4th which I was wearing and had a smile on her corner lips. I mistook it was a green signal for me and started developing lust on her whenever her parents goes out of station they’ll ask us take care of her and like – wise in our house also.

One day when her parents went to a marriage to Salem she came to sleep in my house that night she slept with us, next morning she left for her house in the evening I visited my neighbour’s place to ask her that she need something.

She opened the door and she is wearing a red colour night dress and went to kitchen saying that be in Hall I will come in 10 minutes, I said its ok you carry, I found there her panty and bra lying on d floor and I touched her bra it was so soft from inside.

I looked behind to check whether she is watching me or not but she is not there now I touched her pink panty and smelled her panty it smells great and suddenly she place her hand on my shoulder and said hmm what are you doing.

I was shocked and said nothing just saving her panty from falling down but she looked so comfortable and giving me naughty smile and then I went from there and sat on her sofa and starts switching on the TV, after 5 minutes she returned.

I ask me whether you want something while she ask she is collecting a empty tea cup from table, I looked at her and what I saw it takes me to heaven her boobs are visible clearly and then I saw her she smiled at me and went to kitchen and bring tea and some snacks meanwhile.

first time sex experience first time sex stories

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She ask me you like girls undergarments and I said what? No and she said she don’t like lies, she said she watched me smelling her panty, after some seconds I confessed to her that yes I have smelled her panty, she said you like my undergarments I said yes and only yours I like to this.

She slapped me on my cheeks and shouted how dare you tell this to me. I don’t know what to do I just stood Idle there and moved away. We didn’t talk to each other for more than 1 month. I used to masturbate thinking about her daily twice or thrice. Then we started talking to each other and occasionally I used to brush my body on her and few times touched her boobs also.

She would stare at me and won’t say anything. Once I have peeped through her room door’s keyhole but I can only see her bare back and seeing that itself I started stroking and ejaculated in her house floor. Here comes the heavenly day.


Since we are from same school we went to attend our school alumni meet and returned our home at 11 PM. We could see my parents have already slept so she offered me to sleep in her home itself because her parents was also not available in home and she was afraid of sleeping alone.

I was very much happy hearing on this and stayed with her and planning today I should ram her virgin pussy and ass. She went to her bedroom and slammed the door and I went to the room slowly and tried to open it but it was closed in and I became sad.

Suddenly I thought of the keyhole and peeped in through that. Wow she was standing there with a pink cupped bra and a black panty. She turned back from her cupboard with a red sleeveless and a white knee length short skirt and started to wear it.

Then I managed to run back to the sofa acting normal when she came back she was in open hair and she was looking great in that. Then she came and sat in a sofa nearby and we started to chat. Then when I saw the clock it was already around 11.20 pm.

Then I changed to the trousers and a sleeveless which was in her house for night.She said she is sleepy and want to sleep as she is tired. We went to her bedroom and there were two cots with a 2 feet gap to each.

She asked me sleep in the small one and she lied down in the other. She started to sleep soon as she was tired due to the function but I was not able to sleep thinking of her hot and cute face. I thought of going and touching her but I was scared thinking of our family.

And our friendship and what would happen if she wakes up and shout at me? That’s it I’m dead if that happens but looking at her hot face in that dim light of night lamp. I was not able to control me and I decided to face whatever happens and went near her kneeled myself in the floor.