Banged math teacher at her home

By   August 1, 2016

Hello friends, I am Rohan. This is about my strange encounter with my rude math teacher. I went to her home for some help in exams and that turned out to be the best evening of my life. Read this amazing sex story..

It was 3 PM in the afternoon on a Friday. As instructed by Saini mam, I reached Apsara complex, where she stayed, with all the notes of Maths 5 I had. Saini mam was the M5 lecturer in our college. On my request she had agreed to coach me, to help me get through M5 at least this time. I had already cleared the final year, but somehow could not get past this subject. I wasn’t that bad; yet the marks would never read 40! She opened the door with a smile. She was known to be rude in college.

But she wasn’t, as I’d realize today. She asked me to sit down near the study table in the living room and show her all the sums I had solved. Obediently, I did so. She went through my notes and said, “well, you should have cleared the exams with this much preparation”.

“I too always thought so mam, but it never happened that way, I just don’t realize why”, I said. “Never mind” she said, “you’ll get through this time, just work hard and focus well during your exam”. Those words were so soothing.

I desperately wanted to get the degree and start working. There was immense pressure on me to support the family now. Saini mam noticed me lost in thoughts. She said inquisitively, “What is it Rohan? Is there a problem?”

I could not refrain from telling her the kind of trauma I was undergoing. After I had told her my saga, with a weak voice, I said, “Mam, I am ready to do anything to get this burden off my back. Please help me mam, please. I’ll do anything”. I was hinting at doing a monetary favour.

She did not comprehend my thoughts correctly. Suddenly, she was not smiling anymore. “What do you think are you talking?” There was anger in her voice. “Did I cross the line?” I wondered. “Oh wait”, I thought. “Does she think I am offering a sexual favour?

I have to clarify my stance, so that she does not throw me out, I thought. “No mam, you got me wrong….. by anything I meant…” before I could finish, came a stern command. “Shut up you damn thing. Do you know that you are good for nothing?

What do you think can you do?” she almost yelled. “Stand up and leave”, she commanded. It was all over I thought. I would never clear the exam this time. In a desperate attempt to save myself, I mustered up some courage and tried to speak. I wanted to explain what I meant.

“Enough Rohan!!” she said furiously. “Kya kar saktey ho tum? Go dance naked in the building compound. You can do anything, right? Go do that and you’ll get through”. I was stunned. She too probably didn’t realize what she had just said in a fist of fury.

When she did though, she couldn’t look into my eyes anymore. She was calming down now. This was my chance to speak, I knew. “I will do that too mam, but not where you want me to. If you want, I’ll do it here”. I was talking rubbish, but those were the only words I could speak.

It was probably my desperation speaking. It was now her turn to be stunned. She stammered, “Rohan…you…”.”Mam please. I’ll do that too. But please help me get my degree”. I was now unknowingly forcing upon her a desire that she never had.

The woman in her was now taking over. Her mind had now started playing games with her too. Minutes ticked by; I stood there waiting for her to say something. She took a deep breath and said, “Ok, do it here”. I could not believe my ears. This was not what I had come for.

But it surely was happening. I had mixed feelings. Slowly but reluctantly, I started unbuckling my jeans. “Stop”, Saini mam said. “Stand in that passage between the living room and the kitchen. No one can see you there.

The curtains in the living room are transparent to some extent”. I obeyed. I went and stood in the passage as directed. She followed and stood close to me. “Do not ever tell this to anyone, or you’ll be in big time trouble”, she threatened me almost. “Ok mam”, I said, “never!”.

She pulled my jeans down. I removed the t-shirt I was wearing. “What is this?” she exclaimed! “No erection! I thought your dick would be finding a way to get out” she giggled. “Too anxious mam” I stammered. “Never been in this situation before”.

She had pulled my underwear down now. I was standing stark naked now! She took my limp penis in her hand and stroked it gently. Her touch was like an electric shock, it was pleasurable nevertheless. I cannot describe in words, what it felt like. I was not breathing anymore.

Gasping probably. My heart was pounding. A gush of blood ran down to my dick and it was erect now. “That’s more like it”, she smiled. She led me to her bedroom and asked me to sit down on the edge of the bed. She kneeled before me and held my dick in her hands.


Her mouth came closer to my tool, and then her tongue teased me with gentle strokes along the length of my shaft. I was in heaven when she popped in the head of my tool. I was getting a blowjob, that too from my maths teacher. “What the fuck!” I thought.

banged math teacher at her home amazing sex story

The hot sexy Saini mam

In 10 minutes maybe, I knew I was about to release. “Mam…I am….” I whispered. “I know” she replied before I could finish. “Let it go when you feel like”. I shot into her mouth almost instantly. This was the best ejaculation I had till date. She got up and went into the bathroom.

I collapsed on the bed and closed my eyes. 10 minutes later, while I was still recovering from that blowjob, she came and sat beside me. Her fingers ran through my hair. “Tired?” she enquired. “No mam”, I replied. “Never felt anything like this before”, I said and opened my eyes.

To my disbelief, she was lying on the bed, stroking my hair, completely naked. I sprang up and looked at her completely. I don’t know how many heartbeats I skipped at that moment. I had never seen a woman naked before, except in porn movies.

Saini mam had a light brownish complexion, she was not one of those sex bombs as we’d imagine. Medium sized pointing breasts, not a very curvy butt. But what the heck…she was woman, she was naked, and was for me at that moment! “Can I kiss you mam?” I asked.

“Come on”, she gestured with her eyes. Soon our lips were locked in the kiss of the century! I slid down to her breasts, and fondled them lightly. I was now bringing all my porn watching knowledge into action. In a while, I was licking and sucking her breasts.