Fun with my sleeping sister – II

By   July 29, 2016

On a moving train, my lund was in my sleeping sister’s hands and I was afraid if she wakes up. May be she wasn’t asleep at all. The last part of the sexy Indian story.

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Anyway whatever be the case , I was benefitted. Suddenly there was some movement in Anaya Di’s body and she retreaded her face backward a bit, so that now my cock was not touching her cheeks but was in line of her lips.

To my amazement and astonishment , she pushed my cock downward and my cock started touching her mouth. All this was becoming unbearable for me. You can imagine the situation, here I was sitting cross legs on the upper berth of train compartment , in almost dark as all lights were switched off barring one or two small night lights on the far end of compartment. Some old man was fast sleep on the opposite berth of train. And in my lap my Anaya Di was lying holding my tight and erect cock in her hand, moving her hand on my cock ( I think in sleep), and she had just pushed her head backward in sleep so that the mushroom head of my cock was resting on her closed lips. Bodies of both of us were covered under a thin sheet of cloth which I had pushed aside just enough to have a peep as to what was going down there in my lap.

I was burning in lust and was in dilemma as what to do now. The situation was becoming overtly erotic and I was searching for some release from my cock to satisfy my lust. My cock had become so tight that it was almost hurting now. I had never even imagined such a situation in my life, so my lust knew no bounds.

A small drop of pre cum emerged on the tip of my lund. As the head of my cock was resting on the lips of Anaya Di, she could also felt some thing wet on her lips. I feared to death, as there was some movement in her body.

Suddenly I saw that the tip of tongue of my Anaya Di snaked out of her lips and she licked it from the head of my lund. Her grip on my cock tightened. Now I saw that Anaya Di’s eye lids started opening slowly , perhaps she was awake and wanted to see in my side. I immediately shut my eyes and kept my head resting on the back side of berth as if I was in deep sleep. But I kept a small opening in my eyes, to see what my Anaya Di is going to do. I saw that she looked toward me from her half opened eyes and when she found me sleeping , she opened her eyes fully and closely examined my erect cock in her hand.

My heart was thumping with joy. Here she was fully awake and still holding my tight and erect cock in her hand and looking keenly its size and girth. I have a big size of cock and I am proud of its size, which today had increased so much due to first time of my Anaya Di’s hands touching it.

When she found me sleeping she smiled a sexy smile and moved her hand on the complete length of my cock . I was so happy , I knew I had won the lottery, with first prize. It was clear that she was long awake and what ever was going down in my lap , she was a willing participant in that. The lips of my Anaya Di parted a bit and she put them on the tip of my cock and gave a kiss on head of it.

She kept her lips opened a bit , as if they were parted in sleep and kept them on the head of my lund. Her hand kept moving on the complete length of my cock and that kept giving me sheer pleasure.

This kept on going for some minutes. Now I knew that my Anaya Di is fully awake and willingly putting her lips on the crown of my cock ,is caressing its full length with her fist . My lust has increased and my cock was dying for a release now. It was about 30 minutes till it all started and now my cock was itching with the tightness and searching of shooting my semen.

fun with sister sleeping sexy indian story

My cock in Anaya Di’s mouth


I , now bolded with the act of Anaya Di, tried to push my luck a bit more and gently , as if in sleep , gave a slight thrust of my cock on Anaya Di’s lips. Anaya Di turned her half opened eyes a bit toward my face to see if I was awake , but I kept my eyes closed. Anaya Di opened her lips a bit more and now her lips were surrounding the head of my cock . I was also watching it from my closed eyes. The scene of my Anaya Di putting her lips around my cock was so erotic that I could not stop myself and gave one another jerk of my cock on her lips.

The head ( supara) of my cock started to invade her mouth, but it rested on the closed teeth on Anaya Di. As the cock head pushed on the teeth of my Anaya Di, she slowly withdrew the teeth aside and gave my cock better space to go in.

Now it was clear that she liked it and she was willingly allowing me to put my cock in her mouth. Bolded by her actions I gave a strong jerk of my pelvis and pushed my cock in her mouth. Now about 2- 3 inches of my cock was there in her mouth. She slowly closed her lips around my cock and sucked her lips and cheeks in. Her mouth was fully around my cock and there were small pits in her cheeks as she had closed them around my cock and due to sucking action her cheeks had turned inward.

Her lips were closed tightly around the head of my cock , and these were so tightly closed that I found it difficult to withdrew my cock out or push in. I was floating in the ocean of lust and enjoyment. As she found that I was finding it difficult to move my cock in and out of her mouth, she slowly loosened the grip of her mouth on my cock and gave it adequate space to move in and out.

During all this action she had kept her eyes closed and was pretending as if she was in sleep. This was more suitable to me as I could enjoy her sucking ( blowjob), and also could save my brother Anaya Di relation with her.

Now the crown of my cock was doing the job of thinking and not my head . It knew only one thing and that was blowjob and nothing else.