Garima’s one night with a stranger – Part 2

By   February 6, 2017

So, Garima was in a hotel room with a stranger. After he took a bath, she felt attracted to him and he, eventually, made a move. Garima was just melted away.. Read an erotic story worth jerking off to–

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I was looking at him when he too turned his face and looked straight in my eyes which I immediately lowered as I could not look at him for I was getting too weak for him.. But perhaps it was too late as he got what he wanted to know. Slowly he put his hand on mine which I withdrew slowly. He again caught my hand and tried to pull me towards him.

As there was no force in it I remained where I was seated so he shifted and came towards me and slowly brought his face down to kiss my cheek for once. The touch of his lips on mine made me melt and I had hardly any strength left to stop him or get up from there. He bent down on my cleavage kissing it and fondling my nipples with his other hand.

Slowly he took his one hand inside my shirt and started fondling my boobs. I was not wearing any bra so he started caressing and pinching my nipples making them hard and erect and I let out a soft sigh in pain and pleasure. With his one quick movement, he rolled up my shirt and removed it from my body making me topless in front of him.

Being almost nude in front of an stranger made me shy and I covered my boobs with my both hands. He too removed his shirt exposing his muscular body and mild hairs on the middle of his chest. He hugged me to kiss all over my neck, shoulders, breasts and he was biting me all over. He had now started sucking my nipples one by one as he pinched them slowly causing my nipples to stand erect even more.

He was sucking them so hard that they almost turned pink and stood like a small hill. I had arched my body in excitement and asked him to suck them harder and longer. He was biting my breasts so hard that it was leaving several marks on them. I really wanted him to go wild with me, this was something I had never experienced before as my husband was a gentle lover.

I wanted to be bitten, to be crushed and fucked as hard as it could be. I was beyond wondering how would I explain about the bite marks to my hubby when he see them any time later. In no time my slacks and panties were off my body and I now lay totally naked in front of him. He was still kissing me all over my body starting from my neck all the way down to my navel and waist.

I could not handle the tickling feeling on my stomach when his stubble face touched me and I let out a loud moaning sound in ecstacy. This was enough for him to turn me over to my stomach and once again kiss me all the way from my neck to the bottom of the spine and finally he bit my shoulders very hard and I almost cried out in pain which made him more aggressive and taking him more to ecstasy.

Tears were coming out of my eyes in pain and pleasure. II pleaded, “please…. Amit…. stop please… no…. aaahhhh…….. uuuuuummmmmm……… not here Amit…… please.. please Amit……no no not here my husband would see the mark….. aaaaahhhhhh……. ” but he was not there to listen to me and continued to lick my back on my spine and continued biting hard my body.

With one movement, he removed his boxers and stood totally naked showing his fully erect six inches long penis in front of my face. It was thick like a big banana and had hairs all around his groin. I touched it softly with my fingers and made him moan in more excitement. He knelt on the floor and pulled my legs to the edge of the bed.

Before I could realise he had started kissing the inner of my thighs and was working his tongue into my already wet pussy. I spread my legs more to make it easy for him and he first licked the lips of my pussy slowly and then started rubbing it with his fingers to open it a bit more to insert his tongue inside till it touched my love hole.

I was getting so high and filled with orgasm that I was pulling his hairs and had raised my legs to rest on his shoulders so that he could suck deep inside me. I was moaning out loudly, AAAAHHHHH….. HHHMMMM… ARVINNNNN…. UUFFFFF….. AAMMMIIIITTTT…. PLEASE LOVE ME NOW…. TAKE ME NOW….. AAAAHHHH…. I CANT WAIT AMIT PLEASE… COME ON NOW….. INSIDE…. AAAAAHHHHHH…… HHHHHMMMMM…… TAKE ME…..



He was rolling his tongue expertly in my vagina, touching every corner. The tip of his tongue would hit even the deepest wall inside. The continuance touch in my vagina was taking me high with every stroke. I was reaching orgasm after orgasm and in no time I was releasing a stream of my love juice in his mouth which he sucked and drank till the last drop.

Once he was finished sucking, he began licking me inside with his tongue to make me release more juice which he continued to lick and take inside him. Finally, he came up now over me and softly whispered in my ears, “it’s now your turn now Garima”. I was hot, horny and exhausted after his fierce sucking of my pussy. He stood before me with his rock hard penis in front of me.

I knelt on the floor and leaned forward. I started by caressing his body by raising my arms to stroke his chest and slowly slided them down to his naval area with my fingers touching his skin softly and slowly brought my hands down and touched his warm and hard penis which was now fully erect and I could even see the thin veins covering it. It was brownish black in colour and thick like a raw banana.

I started kissing it from top to the bottom and in the process used my tongue to lick it. I had softly pulled back the skin on the tip of his penis to bring out the pink head and the moment I put my tongue over it, he began to moan loudly. “GARIMAAAA…. YEAHHHHHH…… AAAAAHHHHHHHHH…. MORE HONEY…… YEAH….. COME ON GARIMA…. SUCK IT…. SUCK IT MORE…TAKE IT SLOWLY….. UUUUMMMMM….. YEAHHHHH….. GARIMAAAAA…”

Slowly I took Tapan’s entire penis in my mouth and started sucking it like sucking a lolly pop from the tip to the bottom, from over and under it. I was amused to see his face as he had closed his eyes and moaned his excitement loudly. His penis was touching and hitting my throat when I was taking it inside.