Grandma’s Toy

By   November 23, 2016

I loved my Grandma and she loved me but we never knew that we can ‘love’ each other. Grandma was alone and so was I. An erotic grandma sex story..

I was the only child to my parents. My mom died due to cancer when I was 10. After a year my dad remarried. I was happy that I got new mom but my step mom doesnt like me much. Few months later my step mom delivered a baby girl then she hated me even more. She always beats me and scolds me for nothing. I’ll complain to my dad about her but no use.

I couldn’t tolerate her after one point of time, so one day I telephoned my grandma who lives in the village and told her everything asked her to come and take me with her. My grandma came and took me with her. My dad didn’t let me go first stating I was just 12, but later agreed with condition of monthly visit. I was happy to go with grandma bcoz she is so kind and affectionate and she will buy me anything I ask without hesitation. Grandma is much richer than dad is. My grandpa was a respectful bigwig in that village but I never seen him bcoz he died before even I was born. She was also happy to take me with her coz she was also living alone in that biggest bungalow in the village for all these years. Grandpa was a biggest landlord in the village but now it was grandma.


She was the one who took care of (my mom’s) her daughter’s hospital expenses. Bcoz she loved her only daughter that much. Now she is pouring all that love on me. I too was very fond of her and I enjoyed growing up in her bungalow that it was the same place where my mom used to grow up. Grandma is good but a bit show off. She always dresses very luxuriously with all jewels even with grandpa is no more. She allotted me a separate room with bed and all the stuff but she never allowed me to sleep alone in my bed for even once, I would sleep with her in her bed hugging her. She bought me new clothes and bicycle to go to my new school.


Though lots of servants were there only My grandma will feed me food for breakfast and dinner without failing even once. She never allowed others or even me to feed myself. She replaced my mom literally and I slowly forget my mom and stopped grieving for her. I was enjoying everything in my life including studies. I grew up and finished the 10th std., and joined the polytechnic college in near by town. Before I ask grandma for bike to college daily she brought me one. Meanwhile I attained puberty, slowly my pubic hairs started to grow. Just like everyone else at teenage, I also wondered about female body parts and try to picturize them in my mind.


It was my college 2nd year, I heard about computer and internet stuff we can see pictures easily so I asked grandma to buy me a computer with internet connection. She didn’t even ask why and bought me one next day. But slowly I started to more and more time on internet surfing adult sites and online sex chatting with girls. It made me spend little time with grandma. She would come and ask me to play cards with her but I would refuse her saying I have works do to on the computer. She would curse the computer for keeping me away from her. Sleeping with grandma in her bed was stopping me from surfing till midnight. But I didn’t know how to tell her bcoz even I accidentally slept in my bed she would come and drag me in half sleep to her bed.

So One Sunday when she finished dyeing her hair black I went and hugged her from back and praised her “you are beautiful grandma….. I’ve never seen someone beautiful like you… Not even mom can compete with you…….”. She understood and asked “what do you want this time? New bike?”. I confronted her “No… no….. I mean it…… you are really beautiful…..”. She smiled and said “don’t beat around the bush….. cut to the chase…… what do you want me to do?…. buy you a New bike or Car?”. I said “that’s very sweet of you… but I just wondered will you allow me to sleep in my bed alone from today onwards….. will you?”. She said politely “Shall I know why so?”. I lied to her “I’m doing a college project so I would be working late so I don’t want to disturb your sleep…..”. She was pleased and said “oh…. You are such a nice boy…. I’m happy that you care about me…. But you are not a disturbance to me at any time…. You can come and go anytime…..”. I interrupted and pleadingly held her hands and said “please grandma…. ”. She agreed “ok…ok… don’t beg me….. If that is what my little baby wants, then you can…!”


Later that night when I was masturbating naked infront of the computer in my room some one knocked the door. I dressed up and opened the door and saw the grandma standing there….. She angrily asked “why did you take so long to open the door ?, and first of all why did you even lock the door…?” I calmly replied “Sorry I slept on the computer table and didn’t want to be disturbed while I was designing my project….”.



She accepted “ok….” Before she say further I interrupted “what are you doing here grandma… why are you not in your bed now?”. She smiled childishly and started stammering “Well….. I was trying to sleep but not able to fall asleep with out you in my bed next to me…. can you come sleep with me….? Please?”. I said “no no I can’t”. She begged “just only once…. Just only today…. please honey…. for your grandma…?”. I couldn’t say no at her face so ordered “okay but just only today…!”. She was jumping in joy & dancing her hands up and down screaming “yeahhhh…. Yes…” .I could see her happiness in her bright face……. I asked her “R u ok?”. She laughingly said “Yes sir….. Let’s go to grandma’s bed….”and drag me to her bed by holding my hands.


I admired that how much she loved me. Its been half an hour since we hit the bed and I couldn’t fall asleep but she was snoring heavily. I rolled and laid on my stomach. While doing so I hit grandma with my hands accidentally and she woke up unhappily. I thought that she is gonna shout at me for waking her up. So kept mum and pretended like I did in deep sleep unknowingly. She politely called my name. I kept mum. She again called but this time a bit louder. Then she pulled my eyelids wide open with her right hand to inspect my sleep. But I controlled myself and acted as if I was in deep sleep so that she would go back to sleep.