Hot Boss, Aroused Employee – Part 2

By   April 9, 2016

Hello guys and girls, I am presenting the second and last part of the desi sex story. Richa is living her dream, her boss is also in heaven. The sex story is slowly leading to their climax.

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He put his hand under her chin and raised her head so she could look him in the eyes. She was breathing heavy now, panting, and her eyes seemed glassy. She was only seconds away from having his penis down her throat… and both of them knew it.

“Answer me, Richa, do you want to suck my cock?”

For the first time, she found words. One word, actually. Looking up into his lustful eyes, she said, “Yes. ”

Kunal put his hand back inside his pants, between the teeth of the opened zipper, and pulled his briefs down and to one side. He grabbed the shaft of his mostly erect cock and pulled it out of his pants, pointing it directly at Richa. She gasped in awe at its beauty.

Kunal had a right to be proud of his throbbing member. It had to be nine inches, minimum, and thick around. The helmeted head glistened wetly at its tiny slit, and it looked so inviting to Richa. She wanted to grab it, lick every inch of it, take it completely into her mouth and suck it dry. She wanted to feel it pounding roughly into her face as her mouth gave it a warm place to deliver its precious juices. She could almost taste his cock just by looking at it.

Richa found herself getting rubbery… wobbly… and her legs gave out, causing her to fall weakly to her knees before Kunal, which he seemed to like very much. She dropped the files she’d been holding and they scattered about the floor around Kunal’s feet and her knees.

Kunal grabbed her head firmly with his free hand and moved forward the last few inches to Richa’s open mouth. Still holding his erect cock out toward her, he brushed the tip of it against her lower lip and said in a whisper that reeked of unapologetic sex, “Suck my cock, Richa. You know you want it. Be a good girl and suck the boss’s cock. That’s right…open up… open wide. ”

Richa’s mouth had to open wider than she’d ever opened it before to accommodate him. Her eyes wanted to shut in ecstasy, but they also wanted to watch that magnificently huge cock as it entered her face, invaded her mouth. Watching won out, so it was with open eyes that Richa took Kunal’s throbbing cock into her mouth…and began to lick and suck it.

hot boss aroused employee 2 desi sex story

Richa was living the dream!

Richa was dripping with lust as her tongue licked along Kunal’s thick masterpiece of a cock. She held it firmly in one hand, afraid it would somehow get away from her. Even if, as she suspected, this was just some horny dream, she hoped that by gripping that pulsating shaft hard enough her dream could never end. Kunal chuckled as he removed his own hand from the rigid shaft.

Richa appeared to have things well in hand.

Her tongue bathed every rigid inch of it, long slow licks along the shaft, all around the head, even pushing her tongue tip into its tiny slit. She feasted on it. Her tongue seemed to crave the taste of every firm inch… and Kunal was only too happy to let her savour it.

She took the bulbous head into her mouth and nearly swooned as she sucked on it, her tongue still teasing and tasting the tip of it. When she finally took it out of her mouth she sighed and looked at it, admiring its beauty, her hot breath bathing it in warmth. She licked it like a lollipop, from the base all the way up to its tip, and slowly back again.

When he saw how much Richa wanted to lick it, Kunal unhooked the button above his zipper and opened his pants completely, pulling them down to his thighs. Before he took down his briefs, however, he again lifted Richa’s head to look into her eyes. She was reluctant to look anywhere but at his magnificent rod, so he had to push upward firmly on her chin. When her eyes met his, he stroked her cheek with his thumb and asked, “Would you like to lick my balls, too, Richa? Would you like that?”


She was barely able to breathe. Having seen his unbelievable cock, she could just imagine fondling his sack, kissing it… Her reply was mostly a sigh, but she nodded and that helped Kunal decipher the words that spoke her intense desire.

“Yes… oh, yes… I would” she forced out from between lips that very much wanted to busy themselves again on the delicious meal that Kunal’s question had interrupted.

Kunal smiled, having already known her answer, and slid down his briefs to mid-thigh also. He leaned against the file cabinet again, separated his legs as far as he could, and pushed his hips forward a bit. Richa could now clearly see both the cock she’d been enjoying and the large sack beneath it.

Her eyes glazed as she leaned forward to kiss his slitted helmet once more. One hand reached out and gently squeezed his scrotum. It was warm and yielding, the tiny hairs already working their way into the memory of the flesh of Richa’s hand. She sucked him again, lost in the joy of having his primed member deep in her mouth.

“I thought you wanted to lick my balls, Richa. That’s why I let you see them. You do want to lick them, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, yes… I do,” she said. She looked up into his eyes, afraid he was going to take his beautiful cock away from her. His eyes showed her that he just might do that very thing if she didn’t lick his balls. She could see he wasn’t a man to make wait for things.

“Well then,” he said, sliding his hand down to take hers away from his sack, “there they are. Lick them. ”

More afraid than ever that he’d make her stop sucking him, she lifted his penis up and away from his testicles. She leaned as far forward as she could and put her head under his upraised shaft, still holding onto it for fear of losing it. With her head down there at an awkward angle, she stuck her tongue out as far as she could. She licked the hairy sack slowly and thoroughly, pleasantly discovering that it was as tasty as the pulsating meat she’d been savoring. Richa found herself licking and fondling his testicles with as much enthusiasm as she had been his cock. She kissed them and gently sucked them, taking first one, then the other into her mouth and relishing it. The tiny hairs felt odd on her tongue, but she enjoyed the sensation. Unconsciously, as she licked all around his testicles, her hand stroked his mighty muscle. Her other hand slipped between his legs and began to fondle his ass cheeks and the cleavage between them.