Hot Boss, Aroused Employee

By   April 8, 2016

Hey guys and girls, It is extremely hot 2-part desi sex stories. Richa has hots for her boss who is super intimidating. How the things proceed, you will love it and definitely jerk off. Coming to the Indian sex stories-

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Every time she looked at her boss, Richa got extremely hot. Her face would flush, her heart would race, and she’d tingle from head to toe. If she tried to talk to him she would start out stammering until she got control of herself and calmed down… and even then she’d have to repeatedly take long, deep breaths to keep her voice steady. It wasn’t that Richa was a shy woman – not by any stretch – but because Mr. Khanna (or Kunal, as he preferred his employees call him) was a tall, well-built, strikingly masculine man with a perpetual tan no matter what the season. And his eyes – cold, steel blue eyes that smoldered with a blue fire that not only ignited Richa’s own fire, but did the same to almost all the other women in the office as well. Richa could get wet just looking at him… and quite often did.

Kunal was the object of many a fantasy for Richa. Some of those fantasies were romantic and sensual, while others were wildly erotic, and others even – dare she admit her desires? – kinky. She was so aroused by every line of his face, his sly smile, his every solid muscle and even the deep sound of his voice, that she had made a pact with herself years ago that if by some miracle he ever wanted to take her to bed, she’d say yes without hesitation and let him do anything he wanted to her. It was easy to make that promise to herself. After all, it would never happen. As pretty as she was, Kunal would probably never even notice her.

However, he did begin to notice her. At first it didn’t seem to be much, but as time went on his glances her way became more than glances. Instead of looking her in the eyes when they talked – or rather, when he talked and she swooned – his eyes had begun to roam. First, they noticed her lips, his gaze lingering on them as she spoke. Then his eyes started moving lower, boldly taking in her ample bosom and sparkling their approval. She even caught him on several occasions admiring her legs from across the room, or sometimes ogling – yes, ogling… even smiling as he did so – her bottom as she bent to open a drawer or to get water from the fountain.

And, of course, all this attention from Kunal, even just from his appreciative eyes, made it that much more difficult for Richa to talk to him. She had no idea what his thoughts about her might be, but it was clear from his roaming eyes that he wanted to do more than just look.

hot boss aroused employee desi sex stories

The beautiful, beautiful Richa

Richa spent the better part of everyday – when Kunal was around – with her thighs clenched tightly together, trying unsuccessfully to stop the flow of blood and hormones to her overheated sex. Over the course of several weeks she had chewed her bottom lip raw, and there appeared to be no end to the torture in sight. On some days it got so bad that she’d rush home after work, entered in her bedroom, throw her clothes off in a frenzy, and lie back on her bed, legs spread wide, and pretend that her Super-Dong vibrator was the handsome, hard as rock Kunal. You may amaze, why she does not ask her husband? How comes she? Her husband is busier with his job than to please Richa. And also, he has not that much energy to satisfy her sexual urges. You may surprise to know that even after doing sex with her husband, Richa uses her vibrator.


A few weeks after Kunal had begun to openly stare at Richa and caress her entire body with his eyes, he became like a shark seeking prey. Somewhere deep inside him he knew Richa wanted him, yearned for him, needed him sexually. The time had come to act on that knowledge.

While Richa was bent over getting water from the office fountain one Friday afternoon, she felt a brush against her bottom. It was light and brief, and it startled her more than anything. Still, she was instantly aroused and flustered, because she could smell Kunal’s cologne surrounding her, engulfing her in it’s scent. When she stood up quickly and whirled to face him – her intent to chastise him for touching her without her knowledge or consent – her eyes came even with his strong chin, and the smiling mouth above it. It was only as she looked into those perfect teeth that she realized that the sensation she’d felt on her bottom was still there. His hand was still resting lightly on her warming cheek. As she stood there stammering, not knowing what to say or how to even begin saying it, he slowly removed his hand from her buttock, sliding it slowly and gently around and down toward her hip, slightly up her hip toward her waist and then slightly forward before allowing it to leave her body. The entire path his hand had traveled remained warm and tingly for several seconds after it was gone.

Before she could say anything, Kunal looked into her eyes and seemed to search them. His smile grew wider and he chuckled lightly. He put his finger up to his lips and said “Shhhhhhhh… “, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Richa’s mouth opened in protest, but nothing came out. Kunal looked at that open mouth and smiled even wider. He then looked back into Richa’s eyes and said simply, “Nice. ” He walked away, his cologne still wafting around Richa and entering her nostrils on its way to her brain. Even though she was a bit miffed he’d taken the liberty of fondling her bottom, however briefly, she found herself clenching her thighs tightly together again, and the sensation between her legs was something between pain and an intense itch. She bit her lip and went back to her desk to sit. She needed to collapse. It took several minutes for her hazy mind to clear and for the stubborn itch between her thighs to slowly, agonizingly vanish.

That was just the first incident. As time went on, Kunal made it a point of staring at Richa whenever he got the chance, and boldly let her know he was doing so. Sometimes he’d even nod his approval of how she looked. Eventually, the nods gave way to comments. “Your legs are looking hotter than ever today with thosy sexy high heels on your feet, Richa,” he’d whisper in her ear as he bent next to her to get a cup of coffee. Sometimes the whisper would be accompanied by strong fingers sliding along her bottom or thigh, searching quickly under her dress or skirt, moving gracefully along the nylon of her pantyhose or cotton of her panties.