Karuna’s First Night with Her Bhabhi

By   July 25, 2016

It is a sex story of a women who deflowers her younger brother’s new bride. Its a story of how a shy new bride submits to her nanad even before her husband. You will love these high quality Indian sex stories here..

Since the moment Karuna has seen her little Sister-in-Law, Sapna, the bride of her newly married younger brother, Karuna has been longing to bed with her, by any means. Karuna has slept with many hired escort girls in US, Europe and Africa during her business tours. Karuna is a seasoned lesbian. She could seduce and deflower some virgin straight girls also, but has never slept with any traditional Indian virgin.

Karuna usually liked her women younger. Sapna had a youthful charisma, innocence in her appearance and body language. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and so smooth true to her name. Her arms were muscled, but not overly so. Her hips were moderately plump to take load. Her blouse is stuffed with breasts and is pushing against the pallu which is enveloped around the shoulders like any orthodox Indian woman to cover their sumptuousness. But what caught and held Karuna’s attention more was her face. The girl was breath-taking with kohl blackened eyes and pink lips.

Karuna, a well-seasoned, over aged butch, hailing from Kerala, is working in US in a famous multinational bank. Karuna is a green card holder. Dark in complexion with a strong body, often mistaken to be an African, Karuna stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. Even though Karuna cannot be considered as beautiful by any means, she got an attractive and muscular physique owing to her regular work out. Obviously due to her gender preferences, Karuna remained as a bachelor against the wishes of her family members. However, family members in India never knew her preferences.

Her only younger brother, aged 28 working as a highly paid executive in an Indian firm, is residing along with the widowed old mother at Palghat, Kerala in their old mansion. He got married recently. Due to short notice, Karuna could not reach for the marriage ceremony in time, but has arrived at Palghat on the Tenth day of the marriage on a one month long trip to bless the new couple as well as to visit India. Her brother is visibly happy because Karuna has come all the way from US to see him after 10 years. Now, the bride groom is preparing to go back to join his duty at New Delhi after the expiry of the leave on that day. Since already ten days have passed after marriage, all the relatives have left and the house became almost empty.

During discussion, to the much of the delight of Karuna, she came to know from her brother that, his first night ceremony is postponed to next month due to unexpected period’s problem of the Bride on the scheduled day. There are no more auspicious days available till the next month. Hence, he is planning his ‘honeymoon cum first night’ on the next month at Shimla and take his bride to Delhi for making a home.

karuna first night with her bhabhi indian sex stories

What a tasty dish Sapna bhabhi was!!

He requested Karuna to stay for a few more days and give company to his new bride till she is accustomed with the new surroundings and help his old mother. Karuna has jumped with joy inwardly and has readily accepted for this proposal.

Things have moved very fast in favour of Karuna.

Karuna and the new bride have gone to airport to see off her brother. Sapna is in fully traditional Hindu wear of shining white Pattu saree with embroidery and matching blouse while seeing of her husband at the airport. Karuna is in her tight Jeans tucked in with white shirt, loose and comfortable. Underneath the pant, Karuna was wearing her favorite skin colored strap on.

Apparently Sapna is feeling nervous since her husband will be away for almost one month from now on and her eyes are filled with tears. On their ride back home in Taxi, Karuna could not keep her eyes away from the beauty sitting beside her at an arm’s length. Consoling her, Karuna repeatedly tried to hug her sister in law. As they chatted, Karuna’s eyes returned again and again to the fullness of Sapna’s breasts covered by her traditional Indian blouse and the neckline. What would the nipples be like? How soft would they be? Karuna loved the idea of pressing those alluring breasts. The animal within her has now fully awakened. Karuna constantly kept on praising the beauty of Sapna to cajole her. Sapna felt shy by those complements and by the constant gaze of Karuna towards her. Her shyness has further enraged the desire in Karuna.

They have reached home by 9 PM. In the name of taking a few snaps of photo shoot of the new bride, Karuna managed to keep Sapna in the same costume for some more time. Karuna requested the bride not change her dress saying that Sapna is looking elegant in that dress. The actual reason behind is that she came to a decision to fuck the bride tonight by any means in that pattu dress, even if Sapna doesn’t agree.


Now, the big house remained with the mother, daughter and the sister in law. They had their dinner joyfully amidst jokes. After dinner, the old mother remained down stairs at her room, while Karuna took Sapna upstairs to their lavish home theater room on the pretext of watching their marriage video. While watching the tape, she decorated Sapna with a costly diamond necklace which she had brought from US for the Sister-in-Law. Sapna is flattened by this gift. By the time, the video is over, it was 11.00 PM and Sapna started feeling sleepy. Karuna asked Sapna to wait for a while.

Karuna, went to kitchen, brought a glass of milk for Sapna. She secretly mixed a blue pill in that milk which instantly creates sexual desires in women. She coddled Sapna to drink it. Sapna is not interested to have any milk at that time. However Karuna pressurized her by pulling her into her lap and brought the glass to her lips. Finally Sapna slowly drank half of it unwillingly while unrelenting Karuna is holding the glass. Karuna cheerfully emptied the remaining half glass, while Sapna was watching shockingly. Within minutes, the medicine started showing its reaction in both of them.

Holding the drowsy Sapna still in her lap, Karuna quickly bent over Sapna and sucked the milk stained lips of Sapna into her mouth and chewed her lips. Karuna continued her forcible kiss while Sapna is struggling to get free from her embrace. Karuna advanced further and started sucking saliva of Sapna completely till it went dry while squeezing her in her tight hug. The struggle continued for five minutes and the pattu saree of Sapna got completely wrinkled. Finally Karuna has released Sapna from her seize. Sapna baffled and got little bit scared by this act of Karuna. She got separated from Karuna hurriedly.

Laughingly Karuna told “Don’t mind Bahu Rani. You are my brother’s wife. That means I am your half husband. Don’t you know? My brother kept you in my custody for one month. It is my duty to satisfy you in the absence of my brother. I too have got rights on your ripened body.”