Ladki ko gundo se bachaya

By   November 21, 2016

A few gundas were try to rape a girl of my colony. I rushed and saved her but I was awestruck by her beauty in that to dress. A very passionate sex story.

The place I used to live. Each side has 2 buildings each building having two flats. All 16 families were from peoples of different walks of life but most of the families were from either from army or intelligence department. The army officers were posted to different corners but their family was stationed at there. I used to leave my flat at 8.30 in the morning and returned in late night around 10.30 or 11.00 p.m. One night I was returning home a bit earlier around 9.15 p.m. I met with an accident. I was about 3 kms away from my house I saw an auto rickshaw coming straight to hit my bike I suddenly stopped by bike and before I could start abusing him he ran towards me and hold my hand and started shouting “sahab bachalo….” When I enquired he told me that 3 gundas has forcefully pull down a young girl from his auto about 1/2 km back. I took the auto driver to may back seat and accelerated the bike.


A few minutes after we were at the site. I saw there were 3 people. All of the having knife in their hands. One was holding the girl by waist from back and pulling her to the corner, other one was trying to grab the breasts and was trying to kiss her, and third one was looking toward the street. When they saw us two of them threatened us to leave the place don’t know how I got some extra energy, I just dashed the third one and drove by bike on his legs. Immediately his leg got fracture. I was keeping a rod type material built of strong wire ropes covered with leather. I pulled the rod and gave the second one a strong hit on his skull. He got the floor and became unconscious. I then moved toward the first one, seeing two of their men flat on floor the man who was holding the girl, pushed the girl toward me and fled away. The girls rushed to me, hugged me and started crying. I saw the girl, she was wearing @jeans and sleeveless top. She was a young girl with an attractive body. As the girl was trying to escape from their clutch in this act her top was torn and the bra with some parts of breasts were visible.


She was holding her head on my shoulder and was shivering. I put off my jacket and covered her body. Seeing this she once stared at me and then put down the eyelids. I then informed the local police about the incident who took the two to hospital and then to jail. I asked the girl “tumhe kahin chot to nahin lagi hai?” she shook her head in negative. She was still holding my body under her lap. After ten minutes of counseling that now there was no danger she became a bit normal. I then asked about her residence she replied the same locality where I was residing. I asked her “do you recognize me?” she again replied in negative. I took her on my bike and drove toward home. I dropped to her house. Every body of her family was worried about her. I narrated them the whole story. After that day I became the hero of the colony. Every one was keen to make relations with me. Now the actual story starts. On the coming Saturday evening I was socially honored in a grand party organized by the family of that girl. In that party all were invited. Every one was thanking me and getting a snap with me. In that party I saw a lady with very attractive figure.

ladki ko gundo se bachaya passionate sex story

The revealing beauty!

She was wearing a pink sari with sleeveless blouse. The girl named Sonia took me to that lady and introduced me. When our eyes met a current was passed in my body. She was so charming and her flesh/skin were so soft that I just started imagining the softness of her pussy. On that very moment I made up my mind to have a fuck with that lady . I then behaved normally to her. She once again thanked me & gave me a formal invitation to visit her house. After that day due to pressure of heavy work load I forgot every imaginations for six months . One Sunday evening I was talking with my friend near the park . Children of different age were running . Suddenly a small child of age 2 years fell down & got injuries in the leg. I took him to my home and gave him the first aid and a fruit candy which changed the boy from crying to smiling.



Then a maid came, took the boy and thanked me for first aid. That boy was the son of that lady. She was residing in the adjacent flat of our building. As our flats were of duplex nature only drawing room was on the ground floor and bedroom & kitchen were on 1st floor. Stairs to roof were of that type that we could easily go to other’s house by using their stairs to roof. On that evening I was called upon by that lady to pay gratitude for my help. I went there and had a cup of tea then I came to know that her husband is a major in army and posted at Punjab. She was alone there with the only son. A maid used to come daily twice to do the house hold works. She also looked after the small boy whenever the lady had different works. After that meeting we were became close to each other. She used to send the boy whenever I was at home. I also enjoyed the moment because I knew that this would lead me to my goal.


In a few month were so close to each other that any day without talking to each other we could not have a sleep. We had long duration phone talks but the we never talked below the decency level. Neither me nor she had ever have any sex talks. We were good friends. One day I ,in pleasure ,invited her to visit my house in night and stay with me so that we can have talks through out the night. She told me “kaise aayen. Koi dekh lega to kya kahega aur kintni badnami ho jayegi. Din ki bat aur hai” I then suggested her to use the stairs to roof and come down to my house by using my stairs to roof. But she never dared. One Sunday early morning around 5.00 am I got a knock at the door which leads to stairs to roof. I opened it and found my dream lady in front of me holding a pan in her hand. She came to my room and sat on folding coat .She was wearing a maxi. She was having a smile on her face and asked for a glass of milk. I gave her the milk and after few minutes she left my house using the same way.