Landlord’s naughty girl

By   August 20, 2016

I am Mohit and this is my bi sex story where I get to fuck my landlord’s hot daughter and got fucked by her brother at the same time. An intense and hot indian sex story.

When I was 25 years old I used to live in a rented accommodation as a paying guest of Mahesh Chandra Mathur who was aged 55 years. His family consisted of himself, his wife Jayanti aged 50 years, and one unmarried daughter Yamini aged 23 years and one unmarried son Kapil aged 19 years. I was given a living- cum -study room, a bedroom and a bathroom-cum-toilet. Meals used to be served by his wife Jayanti or his daughter Yamini and sometimes his son Kapil.

After I had lived for about two months I started noticing that Yamini had developed some attraction for me. Sometimes she will say mera man karta hai ki tumhara chumma le lun (some times I feel like taking your kiss). I used to say who stops you from kissing. One day when there was none in the house she came to me and started kissing. I said kas ke chipka ke chumma lo to kuchh maza bhi aaye (kiss me with tight embrace). She then embraced me tightly so that her tits were pressed against my chest. I also then kissed her tightly embracing her.

One day when there was none in the house she came and asked me blue film kya hoti hai? (what is a blue film?). I told her ki blue film woh film hoti hai jismein sex scenes hote hain (blue film is that film which has sex scenes). To this she asked sex scenes kya hote hain (what are sex scenes). I said sex scenes woh scenes hote hain jis mein log sex karte hue dikhaae jaate hain (sex scenes are those scenes in which people are shown doing sex). Then she asked sex kaise kiyaa jaataa hai (how is sex done). Maine kahaa ki aadmi aur aurat dono ke sharir mein sex organs hote hain unheen organs se sex kiya jaata hai (I told her that both men and women have sex organs by using those organs sex is done). The she asked sex organs kya hote hain (what are sex organs). I said aadmi ka sex organ uska lund hota hai aurat ke sex organs uski bur, bhagnaasaa aur choochi hoti hain (man’s sex organ is his penis or cock, woman’s sex organs are her vagina or cunt, clitoris and her breasts or tits). woh boli vistaar se samjhaiye (she said tell me in detail).

Then I asked her aadmi aur aurat ke sharir mein kya antar hota hai jaanti ho (do you know the difference between the body of man and woman). To this she gave a mischievous smile and said aap hi bata do (you tell me). I said is ke liye nangaa honaa padegaa (for this you will have to be naked). She said ghar me koi hai nahin yeh jaanne ke liye nange bhi ho jayeinge to kya hua Aap se kya parda par pahle aap ko nangaa honaa pade gaa (there is none in the house so to know this how does it matter if I become naked. there is nothing to hide from you but you will have to become naked first). Maine kaha theek hai phir maine apne sab kapde utaar diye aur bilkul nanga ho gayaa (I said all right then I removed all my clothes and became completely naked). Mera lund ek dam dande ki tarah khadaa ho gayaa thaa (my cock had became erect like a rod). Mere lund ko dekh kar woh boli yeh kya hai? (seeing my cock she said what is it). Maine kaha ki sab kuchh bataayeinge pahle tum bhi meri tarah se bilkul nangi ho jaao (I said I will tell you every thing but first you will also have to become naked like me). Phir us ne bhi apne sab kapde utaar diye aur meri tarah bilkul nangi ho gai (then she also removed all her clothes and became fully naked like me),

Ab maine us se poonchha ki tum kyaa kyaa janti ho (I asked her what things do you know). Woh boli aap ke hi moonh se sab sunna chahati hoon. (She said: I want to hear from you). Maine use apna lund pakadaa diyaa aur kahaa ki ise lund kahate hain. Ise laudaa bhi kahte hain (I made her hold my cock and said: this is called lund in Hindi penis or cock or prick or dick in English, it is also called laudaa in Hindi). Lund ke aage ka bhaag jo chamde se dhakaa rahtaa hai use supaadaa kahte hain, ise gharshan mein badaa achchha lagta hai. (the cock-head or glans penis is covered with foreskin and a man gets great pleasure when his glans penis is rubbed). Aadmi apne lund se peshab bhi kartaa hai aur sex bhi kartaa hai. Sex karne ke liye lund khadaa ho jaataa hai (a man does pee by his penis and he also does sex by his penis or cock or lund. For doing sex the penis or cock or lund becomes erect). is ke neechey jo thaili latak rahi hai use pota ya andkosh aur angrezi mein balls kahte hain. Is mein do testicles ya tatte hote hain jo shukranu banaate hain, Aadmi jab sex mein charam seema mein pahunchta hai to ise jhadna kahte hain ismein aadmi ke lund se veerya nikaltaa hai jismein shukranu hote hain. shukranu ke aurat ki bur mein jaane se aurat garbh dharan kar sakti hai (the bag lying below it is called pota or andkosh or balls in English, it contains two testicles which make sperms. when a man reaches his climax in sex semen is discharged from his cock which contains sperms. When sperms enter the vagina or cunt or bur or choot of a woman she can become pregnant). Is ke paas jo pakhana karne ka chhed hai ise gaand kahate hain (the hole below for shitting is called gaand in Hindi and ass hole or simply ass in English).

landloards naughty girl bi sex story

The hot and yummy Yamini


Phir maine usse kahaa ki ab tumhaare angon ke bare me bhi bataayein (should I tell you about your body parts).She said haan bataaiye (yes tell me).

Then I caught hold of her tits and told her that inhein choochi kahate hain (these are called breasts or choochi). choochi ke beech mein choochuk ya nipple hota hai jo choosne aur sex karne ki ichchhaa hone par tan jaataa hai (in the centre of the breast or choochi is the nipple which becomes erect on sucking or with the desire of sex). Then I moved my hand between her legs and inserting a finger in her cunt told her that ise bur kahate hain. Ise choot bhi kahate hain (this is called bur in Hindi and vagina or cunt or pussy in English. it is also called choot in Hindi).aurat apni bur se sex karti hai (a woman does sex by her bur or cunt). choot ke neeche tumhaari gaand hai (below your choot or cunt is your gaand or ass hole or ass). Choot ke upar peshaab karne ka chhed hai aur uske oopar bhagnaasaa ya clitoris (clit) hai jise ragadne ya sahlaane se aurat ko bahut mazaa aata hai, yeh aadmi ke lund ke supaade jaisee hoti hai magar bahut chhotee (above your choot or pussy is your urethra for passing urine and above it is clitoris (clit) and a woman gets much pleasure by rubbing it. It is like glans penis of man but very small). I asked if she has rubbed her clit. She smiled and said several times. Choot ke chaaro taraf aur lund ki jad ke chaaro taraf baal hote hain jinhein jhaant kahte hain (there are hairs around the cunt and the root of penis and they are called jhaant in Hindi and in English pubic hairs).