Master seduced by the sexy maid

By   March 8, 2016

Hi. My name is Poonam. I’m excited to share my chudai story¬†with my boss, Mr.Kishan. I seduced and made him screw me in his own bedroom. Although I work as a housemaid, my features are not like ordinary maids. I have a well shaped, well curved body with assets in the right places. My smile is a killer. No wonder, guys of all ages want to strike a conversation with me.

I know they have a crush on my body. They can’t wait to see me naked. I know all attraction is physical. But I enjoy the attention. Emotionally, I have a worried and not-working marriage. My husband, Rajan is a drunkard. He comes home after gambling away his day’s earnings and stinks of cheap booze.

We quarrel over the smallest things, as I’m educated more and advise him on family matters. He can’t digest that I know more, so we end up in fights. On one occasion, he brought up a matter that he wanted to marry sheela, a whore who lived in the nearby slum and accommodated her lovers for single nights there. We fought bitterly. He raped me that night and I was torn emotionally.

I cherish love. I cherish kind words. I wanted to run away. That day, when I left for work, there was rain. I carried my umbrella but it could not protect my body from getting wet. I reached work to find that my mistress had to leave town for six days and I had to be taking care of my boss, Kishan and his needs. I never expected that he would take care of my needs rather than me. I wanted to take revenge from Rajan. But I also wanted to be safe.

I forgot to tell you that I am a lady of 24 and my height is 5.7. My boobs are big, round and my tits are pointed to invite stares from guys. My arms are thin like a teenager’s. I have a slim waist with a pin-hole navel. And my hips are broad. Alas, my husband failed to see what a royal fuck I was! He never had the patience to disrobe me.

He never made any comments on my scaly figure, not moved his hands around my lovely global ass. I fantasized my man touching my hips and squeezing my waist. But it didn’t happen ever. He was a 2 minute noodle-snoodle and would ejaculate the minute he was inside me. I tried to educate him, but he couldn’t perform at all.

Coming back to my sex with my boss. Kishan is a doctor. He was at home that day because of some strike at the hospital. He was lying in bed in a lungi and didn’t wear any shirt or vest. He is hot. He had well shaped muscles and a nice looking chest. No wonder, his female patients stayed within his cabin for more time than necessary. But he is a shy man.

Master seduced by the sexy maid chudai story indian sex stories

The raw beauty of my maid Poonam!

I reached his house drenched in rain. I wore a pink saree and my bra- white in color and lacy in design could be seen through. When he opened the door, he was bare-chested and stared at me without letting me inside. “Saab.” I broke his gaze, “main geeli ho gayi hoon. Mujhe andar aane do.” [Saab, I’m wet. Let me inside.}

He widened the door and told me to wipe myself in the bathroom. I rushed to the bathroom and quickly removed my saree. I forgot that there was no towel to wipe. “Saab, aap mujhe ek towel dijiye.” I called. He came into the bedroom and removed one of the thin towels my mistress used. He knocked on the door and I opened. He peeped inside to see me in blouse and petticoat.

My body was shining. My navel and boobs were taut. My flat stomach was very tempting for a male. I turned away, exposing my ass to him. “Saab, please aap bahar jaao.” I knew my mistress is out. And he and I were alone in the house. I saw that he is attracted to my body. My troubles were forgotten. I wanted a cock. And I wanted to reach the pinnacle of orgasm.

My whole cunt was quivering to have big meat inside it. I was overcome with lust. I told myself, “Poonam, tera Kishan tujhe aaj chodke teri pyaas bhujayega. Tu tiyar ho ja. Aaj tu uski biwi ban jaa. Wo tujhe apne land ka sukh dega.” [Poonam, your beloved Kishan will satisfy your lust now. Prepare yourself. Today you are his wife. Today he will fuck you.]

I came out in blouse and petticoat without bothering to wear my saree. My blouse had mini sleeves and my neck pattern revealed ample cleavage. “Saab, aap chai piyenge. Mujhe thand lag rahi hai?” “Haan.” Kishan stared at my breasts, “piyunga.” My man was horny. I wanted him to devour my body. I wanted him to disrobe me in his lustful stare.

I moved around to the kitchen swaying my hips for his delight. My bums were so attractive; no man can keep his erection after seeing them! He saw me preparing tea and some pakodas. I brought it to the dining and kept it. My bending showed more of my boobs. My erect nipples wanted to tear away from the blouse.


I bit my lower lip and smiled, “saab. Aap akele bore hote honge. Kya hum kuch baat kar sakte hain? Mujhe kuch poochna hai aapse?” [saab, you must be bored. Can we talk as I want to discuss something?] Without moving his eyes away from my boobs, he said, “Kya choosna hai? A.. mera matlab hai, kya poochna hai?”

I burst out to childlike laughter, “Saab, aap bade handsome ho. Aapke female patients aapse personal sawal karte honge na?” I wanted to see if he can handle my sexual advance. [Saab, you’re handsome. Do your female patients ask you personal questions?] “Haan. Mujhe sab ki raat ki kahani maloom hai. Saale ye mard. Poori duniya pe raaj karte hain.

Bistar par apni patniyon ko garam nahin kar sakte. Saale poora land andar dala nahin kie pus ho gaye. Jee chahta hai ke inhe goli maar dun.” [yes. I know their bedroom story. Fuckin men! They rule the whole world. Only on bed they can’t make their wives hot. Fuckers. Before inserting their entire dicks inside they’re over with ejaculation. I wish I can shoot each one.]

I was aroused. My Rajan also is such a nut. Bastard. He must be shot. I thought, I must fuck my Kishan today and make him come back for more of my ass. “Saab. Un sab ki chodo.” I made my arms up in the air and touched my opened hair. That made my heavy boobs also spring up. My bra revealed the gaps between my tits and made them even spongy.

Then with a gesture to tie my hair, I moved my hands to roll up a bun. ” Main chahti hoon ke bacha na ho. Magar mere pati ko family planning ke bare me kuch nahin malum. Main kaise apni jawaan jism ko soft aur sexy rakhun. Mujhe pregnant nahin banna” I could see him swallow. His eyes were transfixed on my cleavage.