Me, Aunty and 69

By   November 18, 2016

Hello everyone this is Gagan from Chennai working in the showroom as an accountant. Today I am going to narrate a real hot story which happened to me two months before and the heroine of the story is Neeta Aunty. So, coming to the sex story..

A warm and chill welcome to each and every one entering into the story. First, let me describe about me, as mentioned earlier myself Gagan from Chennai working in a showroom as an accountant. Basically, I have completed my and started working in small concerns and finally 2 years back joined a good showroom with good salary. About my family Dad, Mom and brother who is working in IT sector in Pune, Mom is a housewife and Dad retired government servant. I have a set of good friends with whom used to roam a lot during my free times and used to booze twice in every month and even my parents are aware of this.
My life was a happy life, we have 2BHK small apartment of our own and was leading a peaceful life. We have good neighbors in our apartment and which Neeta was very special to our family. Most of the time she will spend her time in our home or else my mom will go to her home. To tell about Neeta aunty, she is 38 years of age and well educated. Her husband is working in Indian Army and hence he will be visiting once in every December and will return to job by January. They both had a love marriage some 15 years back without knowing to their parents and ran from the home. After this incident they both were separated from their family members and never allowed in the family. Moreover, they don’t have any kids because aunty has some problem and she cannot deliver a baby, which I came to know from my mom and that’s the reason my mom used to take care of her all the time. She is more attached to my mom and also talk to me like a good friend.

Most of the time I will not be available in home and because I will be in office from morning 10 to evening 8 and will be back to home by 10 after meeting all my friends and even in Saturday and Sunday in holidays will be roaming with friends. We are 6 members’ gang friends right from childhood and I am the only virgin boy in our gang all and rest of my friends had sex with their girlfriends. I am not interested in love so never approached any girl and even rejected my two proposals in college but I am interested in sex but interested to pay for that so I never thought about that. Whenever I feel the urge of sex used to read sex stories and masturbate and that is quite often.
Once it was marriage ceremony of my cousin sister in my native and all were invited for the marriage one week before but unfortunately I didn’t got the leave so my parents were about to leave and said me that take at least one day leave and come for marriage. They were about to leave to native on Thursday and the marriage is by next week Friday. I have arranged tickets for my parents and left both of them in central station and they started. My brother planned to come straight from Pune because he too was short of leave. My mom informed Neeta aunty to take care of me and also informed her to provide food for a week in her absence.
Next morning Friday when I was about to leave to office aunty came to home and said to have breakfast and then go to office. I went to aunty home and had my breakfast and also collected my lunchbox and left to office. While I was about to start my bike aunty came and said come home early today I will cook chicken today and it’s my favorite, so I said will ask permission from office and will return back soon. I have also informed my friends accordingly and said we cannot meet today. I have completed all my works in office soon and started by 6. Once after reaching home took bath and went to aunty home. She said to bring chicken for cooking and I did the same. I said to aunty please cook little spicy and I will be back in one hour.
Aunty: Where are you going?
Me: Just going out to meet my friends and will be back soon.
Aunty: I know where you are going, Please don’t take drinks outside.
Me: No aunty I am going only to meet my friends.
Aunty: Come with me I will give you something.

me aunty 69 real hot story

Aunty gave me my first experience

She took me to her room and took one big bottle brandy which her husband brought from army and gave it to me. Have this in home itself and help me in cooking chicken. I was feeling very bad she said I know you are going out for this only, just have it in home with chilled water and ice cubes. This changed my mind and I started drinking in aunt’s home itself. She prepare egg for side dish and I enjoyed the drink. I am a kind of person who like slow drinking watching TV and speaking with others. That day while having drink simultaneously I was helping her in cooking. Suddenly I asked her “Aunty why you don’t have kids, after listening to this she busted out and started crying. I felt very bad and asked sorry to her.
Aunty: Gagan, you don’t know many things about me and my problems and started crying.
Me: Aunty please don’t feel for anything everything will be alright very soon. If you feel bad just share your sorrows to me so that you may feel relax.
Aunty: Even I am thinking the same, I need to share my feelings to someone else I will become mad someday.
Me: Tell me aunty, if I can help you then definitely I can do that.
Aunty: (Then she started her story for the first time to me) as you know me and uncle had love marriage opposing our families. We thought everything will be alright soon but nothing happened. We thought if we will get a baby then our family will accept us but that too failed.
Me: Why what happen.
Aunty: After two years of our marriage with no good news, we both went to hospital for checkups however uncle’s report was fine but doctor clearly said that I have only one tube by nature and even the other tube is very week to get conceive so it’s better to get operated. We have consulted other doctors too but all suggested the same. They said you cannot get conceive and even it happens it is risk for both the life’s so get it operated and safe guard your life at least.
Me: OH MY GOD, What are you telling aunty.
Aunty: Yes, after so much of discussions with uncle finally I get operated and from that time I lost my motherhood. Your uncle is very good person and he never scolded me for anything and always wants me to be with him. You know that I am living alone here for 11 months and for a month uncle used to come and gives me happiness and leave me alone for the next 11 month. As a single woman what I can do, even I have happiness and sorrows to share.
Me: Aunty don’t feel for anything, from today we are friends and whenever you feel lonely just call me we will have a chat and share everything to me.
Aunty: Thanks for your concern Gagan, but cannot help me out in everything.
Me: Aunty don’t hesitate to ask anything. I am ready to do anything for you.
Aunty: Ok, now go and have some more drinks and I will prepare food in sometime and will have dinner.
Then I went to hall and started watching TV and prepared my peg and started having it. It was almost high for me after having 5 pegs and dinner was ready by the time in hall. I and aunty started having dinner with pin drop silent in room with only TV volume. Once the dinner was finished I washed my hands and said bye to aunty and started to my home. She came to me and said please stay in my home itself I feel like lonely today.
Me: No aunty I will stay in my home itself.
Aunty: Just now you said that you will do anything for me.
Me: OK chill aunty I will stay here itself.
She made the bed ready and switched on the AC and said we both will sleep here itself.
Me: It’s not good that we both sleep in same bed.
Aunty: Come on Gagan.
We both were lying in the bed, suddenly she asked will you do anything for me.
Me: Yes off course I will do anything for your happiness.
Aunty: Will you become my husband for me tonight.
Me: Aunty??
Aunty: What, you have promised me right.
Me: But, how this is possible.
Aunty: I know this is not good but I cannot hold my happiness for so long time in uncle’s absence. Please help me and I promise you that this will be maintained as a secret.
Me: Aunty to be frank I am still a virgin and I have dreamed a lot about my first fuck. I wanted my first fucking should be a remarkable one.
Aunty: So what I will give you more happiness and teach you everything.
Me: No aunty, I thought of having my first sex very dirty and wild and you cannot do all those things.
Aunty: If you help me out then definitely I will do everything which you dreamt about. Just let me know what all things you want me to do.
Me: No that will not be good, please leave it.
Aunty: Come on Gagan just tell me then we will decide it’s good or bad.
Me: OK, I will tell you everything about my dream, but definitely you tell a big NO for this.
Aunty: First tell me than I will decide.
Me: I am big lover of asshole and armpit. I need to lick all your body especially your asshole and armpit and also pussy. I love foreplay a lot so I will be doing all sorts of things. Even you need to suck my penis and cum and also you need to lick my asshole and armpit.
Aunty: That’s it huh or anything more.
Me: This are the main things need to be performed and in between I will do many things.
Aunty: OK I’m agreeing for all this conditions, now can we have sex.
Me: Are you serious.
Aunty: Yes I am.
Me: Now the time is just 10 and I want the session to be continue till morning with all bad and dirty things.
Aunty: Sure, I am waiting and ready for anything.
Me: Ok then.
Aunty: Ok then wait for some time I will have a quick bath and come.
Me: No need.
Aunty: Hey, my body is totally sweat and it smell bad.
Me: That’s what I want and it’s part of dirty fucking.
Aunty: You are crazy.
Me: Yes, I am. Do have public hairs in armpit and pussy area.
Aunty: No, I used to clean it often.
Me: That’s good because it will help me in easy licking. I want to lick your sweaty armpit and sticky smelled asshole with my tongue for the whole night.
Aunty: As you wish my darling. Shall I remove all my dress?
Me: First time I am going to watch some one fully nude so it should not happen all of a sudden. Please remove your dress one by one exposing your assets.
Aunty: Ok as you wish, tell me what need to done.
Let me describe you about the aunty. Her height might be definitely 5.10 with assets boobs near about 36, Hip 32 and sweet ass 38. She was wearing saree so I insisted her to remove her saree first and pose in that position for at least for 5 min. Then I stood up and went near her and started smelling her armpit and started licking in blouse itself.
Aunty: Gagan, what are you doing.
Me: Now no more aunty, I am going to call you Neeta going forward when we are alone.
Neeta: As you wish. Don’t take more time da just come and tear my pussy it’s already wet down.
Me: Wait the scene is just started and lot more to go. Then I insisted her to open the blouse and I started licking the bare armpit squeezing her boobs. OMG what a feeling first time touching a boob. Then she opened her in skirt and standing with only bra and panty in front of me. She asked me to open my t-shirt and shorts but I insisted her to do the same. Within no time she opened all my cloths and made me naked.
Me: Neeta come and lick my penis and groin area and make it clean.
Neeta: I will bring some honey and pour the same and then will lick that will be tastier.
Me: Good improvement, come let’s do this.
She poured half honey and started licking like a dog. Then I opened her bra and panty and first thing I did is smelled her asshole. I poured the remaining honey in her pussy and asshole and started licking like mad dog. She was moaning in pleasure but I was continuously licking, licking and licking. Then I made her lye on the bed and started my kiss right from her forehead. I was kissing and licking her whole body for half an hour especially her armpit and asshole. Guys believe me foreplay gives you more pleasure than fucking.
Then she started begging me for sex then I said wait for some time lots more foreplay is pending. Then I insisted her for 69 position so that both can enjoy. She agreed and we were in that position in no time and believe me guys we were in that position and licking each other for half an hour. I inserted half of my tongue inside and she was shouting in pleasure and it taste awesome.
Then finally I decided to insert my penis and she guided me perfectly as it was new to me and within no time my whole penis went inside and in two minutes I exploded my cum and it was dripping out from her vagina and I licked everything and even she licked my penis and made it clean. Then we hugged each other for some time and within some time again my penis started to grow and section time action started and this I lasted for more than 15 minutes and in between our fucking session I kissed her lips and licked her armpit and squeezed her boobs.
We both enjoyed whole night with lots of new things which we discovered and our session was as much as dirty then you can imagine.

———The End———


That was an amazing experience. I am sure you liked my real hot story..

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