Mom and her friend

By   December 1, 2016

Akash’s mother Damini was a horny women and a drunk. That night she had too much. Her friend brought her home. But horny mom did not spare her. But she didn’t know that her son was watching.. An amazing mother lesbian story..

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Damini was extremely horny. Ever since her husband Keshav left on his extended business trip she had felt an itchy emptiness in her cunt that she thought nothing but a hard cock could scratch. Damini was also extremely drunk. Earlier that night she had gone out with the girls to try to take her mind off her absent husband and his big cock. They had all gotten very drunk and her friend Neeta had let it slip that Damini’s husband had tried to hit on her a few weeks before. This news had shocked Damini as she had always thought her husband was the model of faithfulness. She started pounding back the drinks even harder. Luckily one of the girls, Latika, had enough sense to stay sober and when the bar closed Latika drove the rest of them home. Latika was divorced so had no need to rush off anywhere.


Damini was the last one to be dropped off and she was still fairly drunk. Latika dragged her into the house and the cold air seemed to wake her up a bit. Damini started complaining to Latika about her husband hitting on Neeta. Her neighbour told her she was blind as a bat if she couldn’t see that Keshav was hitting on all of her girlfriends.


“Even you Latika?” Damini asked.


“Yes, even me.” Latika replied coldly.


Damini said, “Latika I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s just that Keshav always told me he preferred blondes and you’re a brunette. I didn’t mean you’re not pretty enough or anything.”


Latika warmed up a little. “Believe me Damini, if it’s female Keshav will chase after it. And I don’t think Neeta told the whole truth. I’m fairly sure that Keshav got well past third base and was almost to home when Neeta’s husband walked in. You don’t remember when Keshav came home with a black eye and said he got elbowed playing hockey?”


Damini was really getting upset now. She started tearing off her clothes saying “Look at me Latika. I look after my body. Why would Keshav go anywhere else?”


Latika had to admit that Damini had a spectacular figure. As Damini disrobed and her breasts came into view Latika saw they were as firm as any teenager’s boobs could have been. They sat high on her chest and looked soft and pillowy with nice nipples.


“Feel these Latika, feel my tits and tell me that anyone in our group has better ones.”


Latika replied, “I don’t have to lay a hand on them. Just glimpsing at them I can tell how fantastic they are.” Latika did step forward and give them a squeeze though and they felt as spectacular as they looked. Damini’s nipples started to harden as Latika caressed and stroked her tits.


“And my waist.” Damini continued as she slipped out of her skirt. “I work hard to keep slim and trim for that bastard.”


Again Latika had to admit that Damini had a point. She had a very noticeable waist that narrowed from her shoulders and flared out to soft, sensuous hips. “You are very feminine Damini.” Latika said as she let her hand trail down from Damini’s breasts to her stomach.


“You’re damn right I am.” replied Damini. “The son-of-a-bitch asked me to shave myself too so I did it for him, look!” Damini slowly peeled down her panties to reveal that she was telling the truth. Her crotch was shaved completely bare and her nether lips were clearly on display as Damini flopped down on the couch.

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Oh my God! What a scene!

Latika gasped, “I’ve never seen a woman shaved so clean Damini. It must take forever.” Latika couldn’t take her eyes from Damini’s silky-smooth looking crotch and knelt down for a better look. Memories of her teenage years at boarding school flooded her mind. She remembered how desperately horny the girls had been in the absence of any boys and how they often looked after each other to relieve the frustration. Maybe she could do the same for Damini.


Latika touched Damini’s belly again and slowly moved her hand down. Ever so slowly she brought it lower, always looking for a sign from Damini that she should stop. Damini seemed to be looking on in wonder at Latika’s touch but made no moves other than spreading her legs a bit further apart. Latika took this as encouragement.


Soon Latika’s fingers reached where Damini’s pubic hair would have been, if she had any. “It’s like glass Damini. Not even a hint of stubble.” Latika now brought the other hand into play. Leisurely she traced the outlines of Damini’s cunt with her fingers. When she reached the bottom she cupped Damini’s pussy with one hand and eased back the hood with the other, exposing Damini’s clitoris. As Latika expected the clit was erect. She hadn’t expected one so big though, it stuck out quite prominently. Latika leaned forward and gave Damini’s clit a soft kiss.


The gentle kiss surprised Damini. She had never been with a woman before but the tenderness of Latika’s lips led her to wonder what it might be like. Damini reached down and lifted Latika’s head until she could gaze into her eyes. “Why don’t we move this upstairs?”

Latika smiled, “Yes, why don’t we Damini?”



Leaving her clothes where they lay, Damini ambled up the staircase. Latika watched Damini’s swaying ass as it rose above her and couldn’t resist giving it a friendly pat. Damini glanced over her shoulder and gave Latika a sexy wink.


When they got to the bedroom Latika started to undress.


“Wait.” Damini said, “Let me do that.”


Latika stood still as Damini unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders then reached around to undo her bra. As she did their chests met. The roughness of Latika’s bra rubbed against Damini’s nipples and made then tingle. Damini stopped for a few seconds and hugged Latika tight while whispering in her ear. “I think I’m going to enjoy making you come.”


Once she had the bra unhooked Damini stepped back a little. “Oh Latika they are so beautiful. I love your boobs. I just have to suck on them a bit. You don’t mind, do you?”


Latika threw her head back as Damini sucked a nipple into her mouth. It had been so long since another woman had mouthed her breast and she had missed it terribly. Damini seemed to know exactly how much sucking pressure to apply to give Latika pleasure as she moved from one stiff nipple to the other.


“But Damini,” Latika said. “I’m supposed to be seducing you! I want to pleasure you.”


“There’s plenty of time for us both.” Damini replied. “Let me finish undressing you.”