Mother seduces her son – III

By   June 28, 2016

A dangerous game was going on with me and my mom. I am massaging my mom and slowly revealing all her body parts. Read the next part of the mother son sex story.

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I understood the game she was playing with me now. So keeping the game on , I again said ” Mom! I am your son , so there is no chance of my telling it to anyone else. Also you need not to shy , as what we are doing is part of your medication and here you are not revealing your body to anyone but think like showing your wound to a doctor.”

She said ” Yes I can understand it, also you are the only one, whom I can trust and also who is not going to make stories of my showing my butt to you. If you promise not to tell anyone and also see it only as a doctor sees his patient, you may pull my petticoat a bit down.”

This was getting more and more sexier. Now my mom has allowed me to reveal her butt and I was getting hornier with each passing minute.

With trembling hand, and for the first time in my life, I turned my mom and took hold of the cord tying her petticoat to open it. Mom was feeling shy and she kept her eyes closed. I loosened the cord and she again turned and hid her face in the pillow. Now her back was clear. I pulled the petticoat down and slowly, her buttocks came to open as she was not wearing any panty, so the butt was clear before my eyes. Was she deliberately not wearing any panty? I could not find out. But there was no time to think of all these things, and I was enjoying the sight of her beautiful buttocks.. They were so big and in pinkish color. They were quite tight and marvelous. I lost in the beauty of them and kept looking the magnificent globs of flesh. My cock was getting tight and standing like a pole. As mom was facing downward so there was no chance of seeing it. So I kept ogling her naked beauty. After some time mom asked ” What are you doing son? Is there any wound on butt?” I said ” No mom there is no wound visible, may I touch them to find any hidden wound?” Mom said ” What foolish you are asking , here I am lying with my butt naked , for you to inspect for any wound and you are asking my permission to find it”

I slowly, and for the first time in my life, put my hands on her butt. They were so soft and yet firm. As soon as I put my hands on her butt, a moan came out of her lips. Boy , she was enjoying it and was getting horny as her game plan was working now.

I rubbed my hands on her butt, and asked her if there was any pain , to which she replied no. I pulled the petticoat down till her knees . I said” Mom there is no wound or any sign visible where you have hit while you fell down. If you don’t mind , let me part your buttocks a bit and to see between them for any wound, as when you fell down , you may hit between them.”

Mom kept silent and I took it for her permission\. I slowly got hold of both of her buttocks and pulled them side ways as if opening a book. Both her buttocks opened and the crack between them came open to my eyes. My gaze started down from her lower back and came to her puckered hole of her anal opening. As soon as I saw her pinkish hole of ass, I almost shed my load out of my cock. The most beautiful sight of her ass was before me , and I was clearly watching her beautiful anal hole. A sigh came out of my mouth. Mom also heard it but didn’t say anything. Clearly I was getting more and more hornier. She asked, ” Son! Is there any wound visible.” Now I was clear in my mind as to where this all sexier game was leading to. Perhaps this was my lucky day.


I, pretending to find the wound , rubbed my finger in her butt crack and asked her , if there was any pain there. Slowly I brought my finger to her anal hole and I could not hold myself and put my finger on its opening . As soon as my finger touched her opening , she jerked heavily and a big moan came out of her lips. I said” Mom! The place here is a bit different in color and as I touched here, you jerked , I think while you fell down, you hit on your shit place and perhaps some invisible wound is there in your this hole. As there is no way to find it out, so I will rub here a bit and you tell me if it is paining and if my rubbing causes some relief in pain.”

Mom said in a trembling voice, ” Son! It seems very shameless of me , of lying butt naked on bed and allowing you to show not only my butt but even my anal opening to your eyes. And as if this much is not enough , I am allowing you to rub me on my opening. How humiliating and shameless this is?”

I feared , she may not change her mind and to keep the game continue, I said in a soothing tone ” Oh Mom! Why do you think in this way. What we are doing is not anything bad, but as if one shows one’s body to a doctor. As they have no lewd thoughts, so there is nothing wrong. Here also , we are doing the same thing. Don’t take it otherwise and let me rub my finger here and you tell me if it helps you in pain.” Mom kept silent and I kept rubbing the tip of my finger on her ass opening. I was enjoying it a lot and my cock was so tight that I feared that I may not hold any longer and may climax in my lungi , but I kept myself in control.

mother seduces son mother son sex story

Mom made me press her boobs

I asked ,” Mom if the rubbing is helping in reducing the pain, then tell me.” Mom said in a trembling tone, ” Yes son! I think that I fell on my anus, so it is hurting . But it is soothing when you rub it here. But son! Is there any wound here , which may need a medicine?.” I took this chance to my benefit and said” Mom!my hands are busy holding both your butts apart, so it is inconvenient to rub on your ass hole. If you don’t mind ( as if something was still left to mind) , will you please bend on your knees in a doggy pose, because then your butt will open by themselves and I will be able to examine your hole properly and also will rub your wound properly.”