Mother seduces her son – II

By   November 19, 2016

It was clear that after that incident, mom’s behavior had certainly changed. When I thought of the little incidents of her flashing her boobs or naval to me, and her behavior when she found me looking towards her boobs, I was becoming certain to me that not only I was lusting her but she was also in the same boat and she also perhaps was lusting me. The next part of the mother sex story.

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She was devoid of any sex for a long time and as she was also a lady and had physical necessities, and I was only man around and also if any sex or physical relationship arises between us, then there was no chance of anybody coming to know or even to doubt our relations. Hence I think mom was also thinking on the same lines, and finding me to be a safe and best option, was trying to seduce me for sex.

But I feared and had no courage to do anything on my own.

On one day in morning , it was Sunday and I woke up late. Mom called me to have a cup of tea with her . I had slept a long and my cock was erect and full of pee. So I decided to go to the bathroom first and to pee and let my morning erection subside so that I may come out in the dining hall in decent way.

When I was about to enter the bathroom, something struck my mind and instead of peeing I came back and went to dining hall, where my mom was sitting with a cup of tea and waiting for me.

My cock was standing erect and as I had not peed , so it was more erect. In my night time, I don’t wear any undergarments , so I was just wearing a lungi around my waist and nothing on the upper body. My chest was bare and my erect cock was clearly visible in lungi. Out of my lust and with an intention to seduce my mom by flashing her my lungi covered cock, I entered the hall.

As soon as , I entered the hall, my mom’s eyes went straight to my cock. It was long and erect and as I was walking towards her, it was facing her as if my cock was leading me to her. Her eyes widened a bit and her gaze was glued to my erect cock.

I tried to pretend as if I did not noticed her gaze and came near her. In all this time, she had not even once looked towards me and was just watching my cock , which was moving and dangling between my legs, when I walked towards her.

I came near her and sat on the table and said, ” Oh mom! Please allow me to sleep more on Sundays at least. I had just woken up and was going to bathroom , but I thought that the tea may go cold, so instead of going for a loo, I first came to have tea.”

Mom spoke mischievously ” YesAnuj! I can clearly see that you badly wanted to go for a pee, but you had not gone. And she flushed like a teenage girl.

This was clearly a double meaning talk. So I decided to play around and tease her. I spoke ” Yes mom this is the problem with the men folk that all world can see if he needs to pee but if a lady had to go piss , how badly she may need it, even GOD can not judge it from appearance.”

I was sitting near her and as my cock was erect and I was not wearing any underwear, so my cock was trying to stand out in its all glory. I was trying to push it between my legs and to bury it in the legs. Mom was also wearing only a petticoat and blouse this time and she without a bra. Her blouse was very low cut and her cleavage was clearly visible. I could see the gap of her melons and about half of her boobs were out for feast for my eyes.

As she was not wearing a bra, so I could even make out the outlines of her boobs clearly and her nipples were also prominently visible through her thin blouse. Perhaps she was also not wearing a panty even, but as she was sitting so there was no way I could find it out.

mother seduces son mother sex story

My hot curvy mom

I was keenly looking towards her and watching her boobs. Mom also saw me watching her, but she just gave a naughty smile and did not say anything or even seemed to notice that I was watching her boobs.

Watching my mom in this semi-nude attire, made my cock stir with lust and it grew more rigid. It was trying to come out of my legs and I was trying desperately to keep it wedged in my legs.


Mom saw me squirming like this and struggling to keep my cock down. She gave a naughty smile and said “Anuj! I see that you had not gone for loo, and you desperately want to go there. So first clear your this problem and only then you may enjoy the tea. Don’t struggle like this, and do something.”

I also smiled back naughtily and replied back “Mom it is not just the pee. Even if I go for pee and as soon as I come back here, this problem will again arise.” “Why?” mom enquired.

I smiled and before I could find a suitable answer, I spoke “Mom you are looking so beautiful and radiant today. This pink colour of your blouse and white petticoat suits you. In these cloths you look so beautiful.”

I froze to my own words. I frightened as I had spoken about my mom’s beauty and about her revealing cloths. I thought mom will get mad at me for speaking about her almost half nude clothing. But mom blushed. She was also a lady and as every lady on the earth , she also liked some man speaking about her beauty. As she was not angry , so it gave me a strength.

Perhaps mom was also looking for male companion and I was the only man in the house, who was readily available and also safe.

But to my demise, mom asked me ” O.K. enough now. Get up and go to bathroom, fresh up , bath and get ready, and in the meantime I prepare for breakfast.”

Reluctantly I got up and after giving a lewd and lustful look to mom’s boobs and moved towards my room. Mom didn’t notice my ogling of her revealing boob show as she was also watching my erect pole , which was standing facing upward in my lungi. She was quite horny I think as she was openly ogling my cock, which was erect and tight.

I went in my room and was about to take off my lungi and to go to bathroom, when I thought of once again peeping my mom’s body , till she get up and after gathering the cups go to kitchen. I made a small crack in the door and looked in the dining hall. Mom was still sitting there and was lost in some thoughts. Her cleavage from her low cut blouse was clearly visible so I kept ogling her beauty and boobs.