My first massage with a married lady

By   November 3, 2016

Hi readers, am Vijay age 26 from Chennai. As this is my first sex story I expect response from readers especially from ladies, aunties, housewives and every female. And my story is little bit long and if I am boring u means please forgive me.

I was interested in ladies elder to me, house wives and aunties from my young age. I like south Indian ladies, use to watch ladies in sari and see their side view. That is an awesome feeling for me when I see ladies with sari showing their hip, navel, boobs shape etc.

I like medium and fat ladies than slim ones. I am just a normal guy, age 26 now, with average looks, here no need for my cock size because in this story there is no fucking. So people who are expecting that am really sorry.

I finished my degree and was in search of a job. I was not able to find one. I was staying with friends in Chennai, they have a job and I sitting in room simply wasting my time. I thought of doing many things for earning money.

On my normal days I use to chat in public chat rooms with ladies and in my facebook, download video clips and masturbate 2 or 3 times a day. Most of my chat friends are married. So one day in messenger i got a lady and was chatting with her. She told me that she don’t like this fucking session and like body massage and things like that (like that means u will come to know in this story later).

I was not at all interested to chat with her when I came to know that and I was not having any one else to chat, so I thought of chatting with her in the way she liked. This went on for next 3 or 4 days and more than 3 hours a day. That lady was very much satisfied in that. She said it’s more fun than fucking when doing like this.

Then only I came to know that different ladies have different type of interest. So after few days I thought in my mind why I don’t do this in real for making some money, so that I can stay here without asking money from parent. Then my plan was to think about the job which I was going to do (A Full Body Massager).

So I started making use of this idea by giving ads in messenger, facebook and some places in net giving my id for contact with out phone number. So after some days I started getting response from facebook and some site which I gave, not much but 5 to 6 . In that there was a guy asking for massage, I mailed him that my service is for ladies only. Then I checked about other mails and all was from North India and I was very upset by this because I cant go far away places and do this. Then my mind was relaxed thinking that there are ladies who are interested in this type of activities and I was very happy. So I entered those site and edited my add saying that my service is for Chennai ladies and near by ladies only.

my first massage with a married lady indian sex story

It was a pleasure entering her!

So nearly after some one and half month of waiting I got another 3 mails and two of them was from young college girls, I was not at all interested for them because I want to have some fun with a female at least one year elder to me. The third mail was from a lady. She said that I need your service. I mailed her ok and told her that I give full body massage and some foreplay which you will enjoy a lot than fucking and you should be from Chennai or nearby districts.

I still had a doubt on her so I kept on mailing for some days. Then one day she told that I should come to her home and she gave me the address and her personal contact number. I said will fix the date and inform you. After a long thinking I decided to proceed further, it’s a do or die for me. So I mailed her a date and she said ok and told to come after 9:30 in the morning and I should leave by 3 in the evening. I said ok and asked about with whom she leaving and all.

She said she is staying with her family, her husband who is working in a reputed bank, have a daughter studying in 12th. So I reached the place of her by the address which she gave me and I reached there after 8:40. I found the house and saw a car in front of the house and under stood that her husband is still there and I was very early.


So I decide to take a walk and came back by 9:30. And the house was very silent and I called to her number and she said hello, first time I was calling her and when I heard her sound my heart started pounding like anything and after she saying hello few times I said hello and I told her that this is vijay, we chatted in mail. She said ohh vijay tell me, where are you? I am expecting you. I said am in front of your house and please open the door and see.

I was little scared and was standing in front of her house near gate. I don’t know what to do? Then I thought in my mind if any male opens the house door I should run as fast as I could other wise they will kill me. But suddenly the door opened and I kept one foot back to run and I saw a lady.

She called me back to my mobile and I answered it and she told to come in, there is no one in her home. With some courage I opened the gate and entered the compound. I walked near to the entrance door where she was standing and when I got close to her I was really shocked by seeing a beautiful south Indian aunty as like in my dreams.

She was a very homely lady of age 37 named Lalitha. She was wearing a sari, showing her side view. She has a sexy body with some extra flesh where ever required. I said hi aunty and she smiled and said that I was expecting an elder guy and you are soo young for this kind of job and she invited me inside. I sat on a sofa and told her frankly that it is my first time and I know about massage and I will do my best to satisfy you.

She said that she will use me the way she wanted and I accepted that and asked about the payment first. She said me that not to worry about it and told that you will be paid for the services which I give her. I was happy by hearing that, I asked her can we start now. She said she needs to take a bath first, I said that no need for that coz she can bath after the massage. And she showed me the guest room and told we will do here and left to close the doors properly. I took a sheet from my bag and spread out on floor and took my oil and placed there. I was very much excited to start my new job.