Nandu seduced his padosan

By   September 23, 2016

Hey guys, this is a story of desire, unsatisfaction and ultimate seduction. Nandu seduces his unsatisfied padosan like a pro. And he gets to play a model like girl. Most erotic padosan sex story.

Reena, 24 was stating in a apartment complex in a corner flat with her Chartered Accountant husband, Venkatesh, 28. Though they were married for four years they did not have children, but they seem to be not bothered about it. Reena, with lean structure, but with big boobs and big ass but narrow waist, was very fair and beautiful.

She was trained in classical music and practiced on Veena everyday during her spare time. Venky, a busy man used to be away for nearly a week or 10 days every month in connection with audit of the accounts of his clients. During his absence Reena used to be alone in her flat and she was not bothered about it. Her next flat was vacant for quite some time.

She had very few friends in the building block. One day in the afternoon there was a doorbell ringing when Reena was getting ready for her music practice. She went and opened the door there was a stranger standing with a smiling face, introducing himself as Nandu, her new neighbour. He was tall and well built and handsome, in simple dhothi and shirt.

He had a very pleasant face and he asked for her husband. She asked him to come in and to be seated in the sofa and she sat in the sofa opposite to him and told him that her husband was a Charetered Acctt, Mr.Venkatesh and he is away in office. Nandu asked for her name and other details which she willingly disclosed.

She asked about his family, to which Nandu replied that he was recently married and that his wife was employed in a bank and that she had applied for a transfer to the branch in the local town and she expects to join him shortly. Reena got up, went to the kitchen and brought him a cup of coffee as a matter of courtesy.

He sat well relaxed and told her that she was exceptionally beautiful and that there is an air of divinity around her. He noticed that she was about to start her music practice and was sorry that he disturbed her. He told her that she would look like goddess Saraswathi with veena in her hands. Reena was very much elated by his praise and just sat blushing.

He asked her how they did not get any children even after four years of marriage. Her husband may be a busy man that he is neglecting his duties as a husband. She did not know what to answer him, but just sat with her head bowed. Nandu was devouring her beauty and was asking whether they consulted any doctor. She again blushed and said no.

She was embarrassed at the way the conversation was going. You have a wonderful complexion, Mrs Reena, do you mind if I come near you and take a closer look at your face, he said. Before she could respond, he got up and went near her. She too got up, wondering what he is up to.

He came very close to her and stared into her face, her cheeks, her neck, he took her hands in his and felt their softness of her palms. He looked very good natured and never created any alarm in her. He looked behind her and touched her ass. He said he is fascinated by her beauty and her body features. She was standing near him without uttering any word.

Suddenly he parted the ends of his dhothi and took out his cock. It was a moster cock about 8″ long and with huge girth of the size of the fore arm. Reena was shocked and showed extreme fright in her face and stepped back in horror. Nandu laughed and said I am sorry I did not want to frighten you, Ms.Reena, have you seen any cock of this size.

She did not know what to answer but simply said no. I am sure your husband may not be having one of this size, just touch it and feel it, Ms. Reena, said Nandu. She was looking at it in great wonder. Her husband had a very small cock which was not sufficient to give her real conjugal pleasure.

She could have asked Nandu to go back to his flat and sent him out and close the door after him. But she did not. The fright and horror on her face was reduced to just a wonder. But she did not accept the invitation of Nandu and went forward to touch his monster. But she was staring at it. Nandu waited when his cock gained full erection and was pulsating.

He just moved back two steps and smiled at her. He called her again to come near and touch it with both of her hands. His voice was very persuasive that she took two steps forward. Now he came near her and took her hand and placed it on his cock. She did not resist. He told her to hold it with both of her hands and feel the strength of it.


She just obeyed and held it with both of her hands and pressed it. It was like a iron rod. He asked her to pull back the skin and see the tip of it. She looked at his face and he was smiling reassuringly. She pulled back the skin and his red tomato like tip was visible. She again looked at him. He asked her why are you looking at me, examine it thoroughly and be satisfied yourself.

He removed his dhothi and he was naked from waist below. He pulled her hand and placed it on his balls. Surprisingly she did not resist. She ran her hand all over his cock and balls. She touched the tip of the cock where a drop of colourless liquid was there. She wiped her hand on her saree. Nandu put his hand around her and guided her to her bedroom.

She meekly went along with him. He asked her to undress. She said no, I cannot betray my husband. No, I am not asking you to betray him. I just want to see how tight your cunt is. I will just pull back and go home. He removed her saree, her blouse, her bra, her petticoat, and made her lie in the bed and pulled down her panty.

She was very much aroused and was taking deep breaths. Her boobs were erect and seemed to have been untouched by her husband at all. Her pussy was hairless and he asked her when she shaved. She told him she shaved every week. Her fair skin on her pussy, thighs, mount and on her boobs made him very hot.

He lowered himself and kissed her on her cheeks and then took her lips in his mouth and sucked them. He thrust his tongue in her mouth she was responding well. He then came down and licked her boobs and nipples, She gave out a hissing sound and seem to enjoy it. He sucked her nipple one by one and his hand circled around her boob squeezing it softly.