Office cab driver got lucky

By   October 7, 2016

I had forgotten to take a leak myself. Out of the blue my bladders felt heavy as if some unknown force refilled my kidney with urine like those bartenders fill those pitchers with beer automatically when its empty in pubs forcing us to drink more and pay more.. What a stupid comparison to state! I finally decided to hold on to all the liquid waste inside me till I reach home. The cabbie came and sat, closed his door. Touched the feet of a Ganesha’s idol fixed on his front panel and murmured a silent prayer before turning on the ignition.

Nice guy! I confirmed in my mind. Normally they should send a security guard along with me but no one accompanied me today. But this cabbie looked decent with all praying and stuff. I decided not to panic and get some sleep on the way back. I opened the window and leaned back on the seat. Not much comfortable but the breeze started hitting my body and I felt cold as my sweat evaporated. I felt better. I opened window fully.

As he drove faster the wind started hitting me with stronger force. “You can adjust the seat, madam”. The Cabbie spoke. He pointed me to a lever which pulls my seat backwards. Of course I knew about it. I pushed it back and now my seat became a semi sleeper bed. Nice.. I leaned back and closed my eyes tried to get some much needed sleep. But the wind hit me hard. I had not tucked in my shirt, actually my shirt ended where my skirt started. I had not worn any slip inside. I wore a bra.

The wind was trying to lift my shirt up and there was danger of my entire stomach being exposed to the driver. I held on to the shirt hard not allowing it to rise. But the wind was hitting me harder every second. I decided to close the window. I asked the cabbie to put on the AC. Non AC cab madam. Now it was like a toaster inside. Nothing moved. The heat radiated from the engine making me sweat again. There was water in my bag and i drank it in a gulp.

What a stupid thing to do. Shit!!! my bladder gave me an error message now , before it just showed a warning. We techies usually ignore the warning messages blindly. But error messages have to be solved. Now it sounded like a “Stack overflow exception. Where on mother India have you seen a toilet on the highway when you needed one urgently? I prayed to god to make this drive back home faster. I was getting boiled alive inside the car.

I was tired, my eyes were drowsy and I feeling suffocated. The driver never gave a damn about my condition. He kept driving pretending like I never even existed. Can’t blame him, even he wanted to get back home. He looked like someone in mid 30’s, father of 2 small kids probably, No mush thanks!. He did not fit the looks of a psychopath serial killer who hunts overworked, underpaid, bladder full, suffocated, tortured, drowsy programmer on her way back home in the middle of the night. Or did he?

To hell with my thoughts. I decided not to be so paranoid anymore. All I knew was that I will die in here with everything so hot. I decided to open my side of the window. The wind came back and hit my face with full force. I lay back on my seat. The wind now again got back to its previous job of lifting my shirt up. I kept my hand on my stomach. I had to apply some amount of force to keep the shirt from getting lifted. This was draining all my energy. I cursed myself for wearing this shirt today.

I closed my eyes and slowly let the sleep take control of me. My hands started loosening its grip on the shirt. My hands slowly slid away from my stomach, letting the wind take control of my body. I was too tired to resist. I could feel the wind hitting against the bare flesh of my stomach. It actually felt very nice. I had worn the skirt far below my belly button. I knew I had to do something to cover my stomach but the feeling was so powerful that I let the wind touch me all over my stomach. I regained my senses soon,

I was in a state of semi undress. The wind had worked hard and lifted my shirt to the maximum extent possible till above my ribs. My skirt was loosely tied around my waist. I was sure the faint hair growth was surely visible. I immediately pulled down my shirt to cover my navel but the damage was done for sure. How long has this guy seen me like this? I looked at the watch still 12:40. Probably for 7 mins I would have dozed off. I looked at the driver. There were no emotions on his face. Zombie movies would have been inspired by people like him.


I again leaned back to my seat. The driver had also lowered the window at his side. There is no point now fighting with the wind, I relaxed and lay back. The wind immediately lifted my shirt high above revealing my navel. This time i did nothing to pull it down. To hell with the driver. He has seen me in this state before. What’s the point of hiding it now? I tried to relax. Chai? The cabbie spoke again. What chai? He said he was feeling sleepy so needed one to stay awake. I said no.

The thought of chai again made my bladder send a shooting pain to my pussy. I clutched my stomach. He looked at my stomach and then again to my face? Do you have stomach pain, madam? I was actually letting this guy take a free view of my exposed navel now. I said no. The pain in my kidney was unbearable now and reached a stage where I end up dirtying his cab. I gathered up some courage and told him that i wanted to use the toilet urgently.

He looked at my stomach again and said that there is no public toilet anywhere and I should use the bushes like he did. I said no way. I will hold on till we reached. He nodded and continued driving. The feeling was uncontrollable now. I looked at the driver. He said there is a chai stall nearby and he will buy one chai and park the vehicle further away and pretend like he is drinking chai and meanwhile I can go and take my leak by walking little further away from the main road. Sounds intelligent! But will it work?

I asked him to stop where there will be no type of life forms within 1 km radius where I am going to pee. He gave me a disgusted nod. He stopped the car and bought 2 plastic glass filled with chai. He asked me to hold it. He told me even I can have the chai after taking the leak. Whatever, I was dead scared now. Considering the fact that I let this cabbie see my navel show for free, I should accept that now I have gained some experience in public exposing.