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By   October 22, 2016

My name is ramkumar sharma and I am 56 years old. I live in old Delhi with my wife and two daughters. I am a bhajan singer. This a real life story that happened to me 4 years ago that changed my whole life.

I was living a secluded life. My daughters had gone out for studies and my wife had lost all interest in sex. So I was obviously unhappy for a while. I would occupationally go to temples to sing and some times for programmes. Every day I thought that the good part of my life is over.

One day I got an invitation to do a programme in jnu university as part of spicmace. First I was reluctant and did not accept the offer. But later on a though may be I should go. So I went to jnu.

The programme was in the evening. I reached there a bit late. The volunteers led me to the auditorium. The inauguration had already begun. So I sat in the middle raw. Some was finishing his speech. When he was done the girl who was comparing came to the stage. The moment I saw her I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She was in her early 20’s,neck length hair, slim, light brown skin.She was wearing a maroon color saree with a sleeveless black blouse. She wore the saree below her navel. For the entire pro gramme I kept staring at her.

The programme was over and I did my item. It was time for a tea party. I came to know from others that her name is mariya and she is from kerala. I was looking for her all over there but couldnt find. Suddenly someone tapped me from behind. When I looked back it was mariya! ” hello sir, your pro gramme was really good ” she told me with a smiling face. I said thanks to her. Then she started asking me about music. All this while I was taking a close look at her. She had a very beautiful lips which was wet and sexy. A nice smell came from her. Her ass was small with round shape and had a beautiful body.

She asked me ” sir one pic please “. I said yes why not? She give her camera to her friend and stood next to me. I slowly moved my hand towards her waist and touched there. She seemed a bit taken back and looked at me. Her friend said ” mariya there no enough light here move to the light “. Then me, without letting go of my hold, took her to the light. I grabber her waist and pressed tighter. I could feel a vibration going through her body. I felt her soft skin.

” mariya, the pic is good ” her friend said. She suddenly moved away from me and started walking. She turned back and give me an angry look at me.

I went back home. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. My wife kept asking me what is wrong. But I didn’t say a word to her. I just kept thinking about her sexy body and soft brown skin.

Next day I opened a facebook account. I searched for her and found her profile.Her page was blocked , hence I couldn’t see any pics of her other that her profile pic. So I send her a request.

Weeks passed by. But she did not accept my request.So I send her a message saying that please accept my request.But she did not. I was so disappointed and started giving up.

old man seduces teen girl real life story

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One day as usual I opened my fb. I couldn’t believe! She had accepted my request! I was over the moon! I went through her pics and downloaded it. I examined her beautiful body . I send her a message saying how happy I am. But she did-not reply. So I started asking her about her family, friends etc. Finally she replied. I came to know that her family consist of her parents and two brothers.

Over the week we exchanged some messages. We talked about her family, my family, music and so on. One day I said. ” I would like to meet you “. She replies, ” why do you have to meet me ? ” I said, ” just to talk about music and such “. She said ” no, I do not want to meet you “. I tried to convince her but she didnot listen. So I was disappointed again.

Over the days she stopped replying. I was frustrated. I couldnt keep her out of my mind. I was growing impatient. One day I decided that I will go and meet her.


So I went to jnu. I know her hostel and I reached there. It was in the evening. I asked her warden about her. She said she is out with her friends. So I decided to waite. I waked around the campus. It was almost 11p.M. There was not many people around. I was near a garden there.

When I looked to the road, I saw a group of girls coming towards me. I realized that one of them is mariya. So I hid in the garden. They came closer. I looked at her from behind a tree. She was wearing a pary dress. It was a sleeveless black top which was almost knee length. She looked so hot in it. ” by mariya, see you tomorrow ” I heard her friend telling to her. They walked the other way and she was walking towards her hostel alone. I couldn’t control any longer.

I came out of the garden, grabbed her towards me and started kissing her. ” mm..Mmm..” she was unable to open her mouth. I pulled her behind a tree and continued kissing and suckeg her lips.My tongue was deep inside her mouth. Once I let go of her lips, she looked at me. ” you..??!! Why did you come ?! I told you I don’t want to see you!! And what r you doing ??!! ” . I said ” I couldn’t stop thinking about you ” and stared kissing her again. ” mmm.. Let go of me..Mmm ” she continued saying . I pulled her waist towards my dick .

I raised her dress from the behind, grabbed her ass and started squeezing them. I was still sucking her lips. I tore her panties and put it in my pocket. “what are you doing ??!! She asked. But I continued kissing. Then I hear a voice from far. ” “Kon hai waha ? ” it was the security guards. “let go of me or I will call the guards ” she said. I looked at her and give her a piece of paper. ” this is my phone number and address ” I told her.

I looked at her, give her a quick kiss, sucked her lower lips and walked away. I turned back and looked. She was standing there, frighted, staring at me. I came home, went straight to the bathroom and took out her panty from my pocket. It was black in color. I smelled it deeply. “Ohhh… Smells so good ” I thought. I smelled it, masturbated and went to bed.