My padosan aunty

By   August 26, 2016

Today, I am narrating a true incident happened with me. I was home alone and my neighbour aunty my erected dick through my pants. So, I saw her more. A hot neighbour sex story that will make you come..

I am Rahul (not my real name) and am twenty years old. This incident happened a week ago. I am studying in a professional college and came home for holidays. My parents have shifted into town recently and now we stay in an apartment. I am very horny at times, but never had a chance to experience the thrill of being with a woman until I came home these holidays.

Last week, my parents had to go for a marriage. They asked me to come along but I refused. My mother said alright and asked me to go for lunch to the flat opposite. I didn’t know anyone but everybody in my apartments know me well as I am studying in such a good institute. My mother took me to the flat opposite before she left. She introduced me to Rajeshwari Aunty. Her husband works in merchant navy. She has a daughter who’s studying in tenth class. She was very free and teased me that I won’t be getting any chicken as they were brahmins. Then we came back and my parents left.

I wake up late usually. And that too with my parents out of town, I woke up only when the bell rang. I was in my bermudas with nothing on top. I went to the door and opened it. Rajeshwari Aunty just wanted to make sure I woke up and asked me to come over for breakfast. I said I’ll fresh up and come but she said the puris won’t be hot for so long and asked me to come as soon as I brush my teeth. And then to my surprise she walked in and sat on the sofa with the newspaper in her hand. I felt a bit awkward with only my bermudas on and a little afraid at the slow erection of my penis.

I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth. I wanted to wear a tshirt and an underwear inside my bermudas. I went into my room which was across the hall. She accompanied me asking if I like puri. I didn’t know what to do. I just wore the tshirt and went along with her. Her daughter has already left for school. I ate my breakfast and she asked me to stay for sometime as she’s going to take bath and was expecting the postman.

She asked me to sit in the bedroom which has the television. I sat down on the bed and started watching the television. After her bath she came out wearing a blue saree and matching blouse. She looked gorgeous. That was the first time I felt something for her. Later, in the afternoon I had my lunch. Then she asked me to watch tv and be there because she’s feeling very bored. She said she’d clean the dishes and come. I was watching the tv and it was very boring. And I felt very sleepy. I thought I would watch the tv lying down but next moment I was asleep.

I woke up after a while and slowly opened my eyes. There was nobody in the room. I looked at my watch and I realized I was asleep only for fifteen minutes. I was about to get up when a thought struck me. I smiled at myself. My penis grew to its full erection at the very thought. Then I lifted the right side of my short and let the penis come out from the leg of the short. Just the head was visible. Then I heard a sound and put arm over my face. In that position I could see her but she couldn’t see my eyes.

my padosan aunty neighbour sex story

Aunty took it all in

She came in casually and just stood there staring at my penis. Then she came closer and called my name. I didn’t move. She then touched my arm and called me slowly. Perhaps afraid that I might actually wake up. She then climbed onto the bed and laid at my side. Ten minutes passed. Nothing. Another ten minutes.

I started to lose the erection slowly. Then it happened. She turned towards me and put her leg on mine and her hand on my shorts. Her middle finger just touched my prick. The touch was electric. I thought I would shout out. I controlled myself. Then she held my penis between her index and middle finger and let the rest of the fingers move inside. All the while she was acting as if she was asleep. Her little finger touched my testis.


I didn’t want to look too obvious so I turned over on my stomach in a bid to tease her. At the same time I moved my legs such that the short slightly went down and half of my buttock was out. Another ten minutes. My heart must have beat over a 1000 times in those ten minutes.

Then she again put her leg and hand over me and this time her breasts were touching my arm. She then put her hand on my bare buttock and slowly moved it towards the crack of my ass. I pulled up the short.

That was it. She couldn’t hold it any longer. She turned me and kissed passionately on my lips. I responded her kiss back. We explored our mouths fully. Still I didn’t open my eyes. She then said, “Rahul, enough now, open your eyes.” I opened my eyes and smiled.

She complimented my eyes and smile and hugged me again and moved onto me. I put my hands on her back and started moving them all over. Then I touched her ass. God! She was amazing. I caressed them for a while. Then, I moved over her. I caught her breasts through the pallu of her saree and started pressing them. She moaned. She then asked me to hurry as her daughter would be coming in two hours. I made her stand beside the bed and removed her saree. I then removed her blouse and her bra. She was just too good. I ate on her nipples for a long time. When I finally realized them, she wanted more. After a while she removed my tshirt and shorts and held my penis. Then she fondled my testis. Meanwhile I was getting rid of her remaining clothes. She slowly moved her fingers beyond my testis and touched the area between my testis and ass. I felt I would die. Soon, she was naked. I fell on my knees and kissed her pubic hair. She cried out. I then put a finger in her pussy and started rubbing it. Soon, she was dripping along her thighs. Then I started licking her. She was soon moving to the tunes of my tongue and came to a gigantic orgasm washing my face with her cum. Then she dropped down and lifted me and gave me my first blowjob. She put the head of my penis in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. She then kissed my testis for sometime and after a while returned to my penis and started to move up and down very fast. At the same time, her hands were allover my buttocks. All of a sudden she put a finger in and touched my asshole. That’s it. I shot my cum down her throat. She gulped down it all.