Secret Affair of a Lonely Housewife

By   September 22, 2016

I am a housewife. I was lonely. My boring husband was not able to satisfy me. So I decided to act out. A powerful housewife sex story.

About Myself
My name is Jayita ( name changed). I am 34 years old, 5 ft 5 inches and body proportions of 36-26-38. . I have decent soft and supple mango shaped breasts. I am very fair in complexion. I have a flat tummy which adds beauty to my figure. The best personal asset that I have and proud of is my well defined, absolutely round and protruding buttocks / derriere. These butts are enviable for anyone who views them whether I am wearing Salwar or jeans or saree. All men turn around to have a second view of its appreciation.
About my married life
I am married to Atanu (35 years old) for the last 8 years. He is an Engineer with a Multinational Company presently posted in Dubai. He has a bachelor’s accommodation and hence I cannot accompany him. He comes to India once in around 6 months, for a period of 10 days or so.
Our sex life has been none-too-happy with Atanu not very interested in sex. He has a 4 inch thin cock and is unable to satisfy my ever increasing sexual needs. His addiction to boozing and smoking has also contributed to his decreased sex needs. Moreover he ejaculates even before he can penetrate, leaving me wondering whether I will be ever satisfied or not. It is now more than 8 years since we were married . Atanu also forbids me from taking up any working profession and sends me lot of money and asks me to enjoy life at home. He has given me a 3 Bedroom Duplex bungalow with a small kitchen garden and front lawn.
I have tried to have an affair with many boys and men, but neither they have been bold enough to make the first move nor have I been able make the first move. Resultantly, I have remained starved for sex leading me to be frustrated despite my high sex drive.
About my affair and paramour
Atanu had engaged Ramdhin, a 57 year old man from Bihar, who used to wash our Car and look after our small garden, besides running small errands of grocery etc from the market. Ramdhin was around 5ft 9 inches, pearly white teeth, dark tanned and strong body and slightly bald with greying hair. We paid him Rs.3000 per month.
Ramdhin used to call me Madam and regularly stated with a mischievous smile “ Madam, aapko jo chahiye, mujhey bataiye, aur hum aapkey liye jaroor karengey.” I could not understand his intentions and also the reason for his mischievous smile.
Atanu was never bothered to even ring me up. My sexual frustrations kept on increasing and I started to use all gadgets to quench my itch. I also started to watch porn and masturbate. But even after all these I could not achieve a good orgasm to satisfy my sexual needs.
The beginning of my affair
One day I was standing at the First floor window of my bedroom, when I noticed Ramdhin coming towards our house. He stopped by a big tree just behind our house and lifted his lungi and held the lungi and started pissing without holding his cock. To my astonishment, he was pissing from a 7 inch long and quite thick black cock with a pink/purple head from where his piss was being sprayed. His cock was in flaccid state and even then it was more than 7 inches. I was wondering what it will be like when it is fully erect. Tingling sensations were crawling up my spine and something inside me was increasing my sex drive. It was a massive cock and I glued my eye on his massive cock, from behind the curtain. After pissing, Ramdhin started to shake his massive tool so that the final drops of urine could fall down. While I was watching this scene, my left hand was feeling my pussy which was now moist and wet over my panties. I was rubbing my clitoris frantically. I was having a tingling sensation between my legs and my sexual desires were further inflamed.

secret affaiir lonely housewife sex story

Meri sexy angadaiyan

I sat down on a couch and started to day-dream and fantasize about the mighty cock of Ramdhin and I muttered to myself. Could it be possible to entice Ramdhin and have a fling with him? I hope he does not mind and refuses. Will this not amount to cheating on your husband… a husband who could never satisfy your sexual needs. After all I also have only one life and I wanted desperately to live it up without being sexually frustrated, day after day. Ultimately I had made up my mind and mentally decided to cheat on my husband and try to seduce and entice Ramdhin.
It was the end of August and the rain clattered since morning. The weather outside was dark and gloomy. I had a good bath where I vigorously rubbed my clit to achieve an orgasm but failed. I went again to the bedroom window to dry my hair and noticed one dog and one bitch inside the backside lawn of my house. The dog was smelling the cunt of the bitch and occasionally licking it. The bitch initially resisted but finally she also started to enjoy the act and lifted her tail. One again my pussy started getting wet and moist and there was this unknown sensation building up within me and my heart went up racing and I started to watch the act of the dog and bitch very intently.
The dog got the signal and mounted the bitch and his pink cock came out of its sheath and he was frantically ramming the bitch. Finally the bitch widened her back legs so as to accommodate the dogs cock which had found its mark. The dog now pressed his back side so that his cock could enter the bitch and the moment the cock found its way in, the dog started to ram faster and faster and then pushed itself fully towards the cunt of the bitch. His cock was embedded inside the cunt of the bitch. And then the dog dismounted but its cock was stuck inside the cunt of the bitch.
With my left hand inside my panty , I was so intently watching the dog-bitch sex, that I failed to notice Ramdhin also watching me from near the tree where he used to come to piss. Suddenly I saw Ramdhin and he too saw me and smiled. His pearly teeth was having a mischievous smile of having caught me watching. I suddenly felt shy and went behind the curtains and pulled them. Out of curiosity I started to peep from behind the curtain and noticed Ramdhin still staring towards my window. I was absolutely sure now , that Ramdhin was also interested in me and will not need too much of seduction.
Even I was interested in a discreet sexual fling, even if it be from a worker class man. I could care nothing so long as my sexual needs were satisfied. I have heard that the worker class of people indulge in rough sex. I had made up my mind to indulge in rough and raw sex and I was determined to contribute to raw sex. However, without jumping to conclusions , I tried to test him out in the evening. So I boldly pulled the curtain, saw Ramdhin adjusting his lungi after peeing and shouted, “ Ramdhin, will you come in the evening… My commode flush has come off its hinges and I want you to fix it up for me ?” He smiled and replied…” Jaroor Madam, aap jo bolengey woh karoonga. Shaam ko 7 bajey aaney sey chalega ? I nodded.
My heart started to beat faster and palpitations rose like a teenager madly in love. I was eagerly and desperately looking forward to my evening session with Ramdhin and how to go about achieving what I had planned in my mind and was dreaming about. I started the preparation. I shaved off all my pubic hair and took out my flimsy night gown which was almost a see-through nightie. I purposely did not wear any panty and bra. I kept bottle of Almond oil and Vaseline Gel as I was afraid of the size of his cock and my petite pussy. I cooked a wonderful meal of Fish Curry and Rice. I was walking up and around the living room, waiting for 7 p.m. Evening came and the door-bell rang at 5 p.m. itself. I wondered who it was at this time. My heart fluttered as I opened the door. Ramdhin,was earlier than scheduled and was smiling broadly and sheepishly. This indicated that he was anticipating the same . He eyed me from top to bottom and smiled on seeing me in such a seductive dress. He said,” Bahut achha dress hai Jayita Madam.” His eyes had nearly popped out on seeing my dangling breasts and swaying buttocks.
I took him to the ground floor toilet and showed him the dangling Flush of the commode. He asked for a screw-driver and tools and I gave him.. He said “ Madam, aapko flush ko pakadna hoga neechey sey. Tabhi main screw laga sakoonga”. I said I will hold it. I bent down to hold the flush but Ramdhin was finding it difficult to reach out to properly screw the flush. So he bent on top of me to reach out to fix the screw. While doing so, whether purposely or not, I do not know, but his crotch was pressing against my round buttocks. I loved his huge bulge pressing my butt-cheeks and my palpitations rose. With my palpitations, I could also sense the bulging cock of Ramdhin also becoming erect and hard. Ramdhin started to fix the long screw of the flush to the walls but the flush repeatedly started to come down. I could now distinctly feel the erect cock of Ramdhin pressed firmly between my butt-cheeks. I could sense and feel his massive cock which was now fully erect and was trying to press its way between my butt cheeks. Whenever, Ramdhin was pressing his cock against my butts, his actions led me to believe that Ramdhin was doing it purposely. Ramdhin and myself both were desperate to have sexual intercourse because it was now evident from his erect cock.
Ramdhin said, “ Madam, Deewar mein chhed bahut bada ho gaya hai. Yeh screw nahin ghus payega. Kal main lamba aur mota screw lekar aaoonga. .” I smiled and said, “ Theek hai Ramdhin, . Kal flush laga dena. Magar, ek aur lamba aur mota screw koi aur chhed mein ghusney ki koshish mein laga hua hai, samajh mein aaya Ramdhin ?.” Ramdhin, immediately withdrew himself and said “ Mujhey maaf kar dena Madam. Mujhey laga aapko pasand aayega.” I looked him up in the face and with a seductive smile said, “ There is no need to be sorry Ramdhin. After all we both are humans and we both have our unfulfilled desires. Is it not ?” “ Ramdhin, mujhko bhi bahut majaa aa raha tha, kyonki main bhi pyaasi hoon aur tumhi meri pyaas bujha saktey ho… meri pyaas mitaaogey na Ramdhin ?”
He got my open offer and gleefully said “ Madam, tum itni khoobsoorat ho aur tumhaara pati bewakoof hai. Phir, aapka pati hi toh mujhey aapki dekh rekh karney ko bola hai. Mujhey hamesha lag raha tha ki aap sex key liye booki ho, magar mujhey himmat nahin hua poochney ko. Phir jab aap kutta-kutti ki chudai dekh kar apney baayen haath sey apney aap ko ragad rahi thi, tab main samajh gaya, ki aap chudai ke liye tadap rahi ho aur mujhey hi kuchh karna hoga. Aur main toh hamesha aapko bolta tha – aapko jo chahiye mujhey bataaiye, magar aap mera ishaara nahin samjhey.”
I took hold of his hand and pulled him to the living room. I was standing so close to him that I could feel his breath. He was having a sweaty masculine odour coming from his body and it was intoxicating. I asked him to sit down on the couch and we both had tea together. To know him better I asked, “ Ramdhin, tum toh yahaan akele his rehte ho, guard room mein. Tum 56-57 saal ke ho. Tum apni sex ki khujli kaise mitatey ho ? “ Ramdhin replied, “ Jayita Madam, main sachh bata doonga, bhaley aapko achha lagey ya nahin. Peechey waali building construction mein doh rejaa kaam karti hai…. Kamini aur Rehana. Main dono ko baari baari chod leta hoon. Rehana shaadi shuda hai aur uska doosra bachha mera hi lagta hai. Kabhi kabhi toh bahut din kuchh nahin hota hai, tab us samay, main apney mann aur dimag mein aapki nangi tasveer bana leta hoon aur mootth maar leta hoon. Bura mat maaniye Madam. “ I flelt flattered and was blushing red with an inner happiness and said, “ Main kyoo bura manoongi Ramdhin. Main toh khush hoon ki main tumhaarey sapney mein aati hoon. Yeh batata hai kit um mujhey bahut pyaar kartey ho.”
We had finished our tea and I continued… “ Chalo Ramdhin, mere master bedroom mein chaltey hain. Ab tum mujhey sach mein bataogey ki tum mujhey kitna pyaar kartey ho aur kya kya karna chahtey ho”, and I held Ramdhin by his hand leading him up the stairs to my bedroom which I had already prepared in anticipation. Ramdhin kept his eyes fixed on my swaying buttocks while we climbed to the first floor.
Inside the bedroom, I fell into the broad shoulders and muscular arms of Ramdhin and he embraced me. Ramdhin was having a musky and masculine odour of sweat and I was feeling intoxicated by his body smell. I asked him to kiss me. He placed a peck on my cheek. I said “nahin…mere hothon par”. He again placed a peck on my lips. He said, “ Kamini aur Rehana toh kuch nahin karti hai. Sirf saree utha kar let jaati hai aur main lund ghusa kar chod deta hoon.” I said,” Main tumhey sab sikha doongi Ramdhin.
I placed one of the most ardent kisses. Ramdhin responded. I taught him the art of mingling tongues and now he was rolling my tongue inside his mouth. His erect 9 inch monster had risen and was poking against my belly. My pussy was wet, moist and itching. It was readily awaiting this mighty 9 inch long and 3 inches thick monster to invade me. Ramdhin was rolling his palms agianst my boobs and pinching my nipples. My nipples had already become taut and erect. Suddenly, Ramdhin lifted my flimsy nightie over my head. He was surprised to see me fully naked as I was wearing nothing below. His eyes popped up on seeing my hairless pussy and he lifted and flung me on the bed and removed his shirt. Ramdhin stated,” Madam, humney aaj tak itni gori-chitti nangi aurat ko nahin dekha hai. Aur phir aap toh ek pari lag rahi hain. Bina baal ka choot bhi main pehli baar dekh raha hoon. Aapki saari pyaas main bujha doonga.”
I could see his hairy and muscular chest with broad shoulders and he fell on top of me with his musky masculine body with sweaty odour. I started to lick the nape of his neck. His erect cock was now pressing my pussy from inside his lungi. We both started to kiss and his hands were kneading my boobs and massaging them. Down below I was absolutely wet and fully lubricated. Ramdhin started to now lick and suck on my soft mango – shaped breasts and bite into my taut nipples. Feeling his cock against my pussy, I was lifting my buttocks to tease his long and thick shaft.
I pleaded with Ramdhin, “ Ramdhin, please give me your mighty cock. You have been feasting on me, now let me also feast on you. “ “ Mujhko bhi tumhaarey mota lund choosney do na Ramdhin?”
Ramdhin smiled and removed his lungi. My jaws opened in astonishment. I immediately opened the bedside table drawer and brought out a measuring tape. Ramdhin’s black monster was a little more than 8 inches long. It was 4 inches thick at the base and 3.6 inches on top. His purple cock head would be again 4 inches thick. He had a thick grown of pubic hair and large heavy balls. I held his balls in my hand and it felt very heavy, full of semen. I caught his massive cock with both my hands and licked his purple/ pink cock-head which was the size of a ping-pong ball. I exclaimed,” Ramdhin, Arrey baap rey baap… tumhaara lund itna lamba aur mota hai. Meri choti si choot mein yeh kaise ghus payega ? Mujhey bahut dar lag raha hai. Magar mujhko tumhaarey isi lund sey chudwaana hai “ Ramdhin replied , “ Jayita Madam, aapko apni choot ki mahtva nahin maaloom hai… yeh mere lund ko poori tarah kha jaayegi aur aapko jannat ka bharpoor mazaa aayega.. dekhtey rahiye.” I was expectantly bubbling with joy.
I started to lick and suck on this gigantic cock and his cock was glistening with my saliva. His cock was smelling of his urine and the sweaty, musky odour from his balls were absolutely intoxicating and driving me mad. I kept on licking and sucking the entire length of his cock and then I started to take his cock inside my mouth. Ramdhin pushed it deeper and I almost gagged. I was frantically sucking on his majestic cock. Even after catching his cock with both my hands there was still 4-5 inches left for me to swallow. Occasionally I was pressing and licking his balls also. Ramdhin was also groaning and moaning in sheer joy. Ramdhin said, “: Madam, aap hi who aurat ho jisney mujhey chumma ka sahi tarika sikhaya hai. Aur aap pehla ladki ho jo merey lund ko munh mein lekar choos rahi ho. Aisa kisi ney bhi nahin kiya. Mujhey bahut mazaa aa raha hai aur main issey bhi jyaada chudai ka anand aapko doonga.” Ramdhin was now pushing in and out of my mouth and was now mouth-fucking me. He moaned and groaned and I could feel the thick veins expanding in my mouth and I said : Ramdhin, apna saara ras mere munh ke andar jhaad dena” Ramdhin shouted, “ Nahin Jayita Madam, Nahin. Mera saara rasdaar paani mujhey tumhaarey choot mein girana hai.” He pulled his cock out of my mouth. He came down and again started to kiss me and pushed his tongue inside, I responded. I said,” Theek hai Ramdhin, ab aur mat tadpaao mujhey. Jaldi sey mujhey apney motey lund sey chodo, please.” Ramdhin said, “ Mujhey bhi toh aapkey gori badan ke saath khelney do Madam. Aap sabra rakhiye.. main aapko chudai ka saara majaa bharpoor doonga.”
Ramdhin started licking and sucking both my breasts and gradually started to move down and tickled my navel with his tongue and then started to proceed further down to my glory-hole.

——-To be continued——-


I was on seventh heaven. My old servant did what my husband could not. Wait for the last part of this housewife sex story..

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