Sex with cousin on my wedding

By   November 7, 2016

Hi all, I had sexual relationship with my cousin sis. Today I was getting married and I was very nervous. But there she was to make me feel good. That day’s sex with cousin was amazingly passionate.

Story goes back to my day of marriage. Brief flashback: I was fanatically sex craze with my cousin from my teenage and we had good relation and understanding. Mostly I used to tease her by patting/pressing her Butts or find ways to touch her heavily protruding Breasts. STOP. Now coming back to my marriage, it has been a total flop from day 1. To put in context, complete confusion and misunderstanding. So after tying knot, I ran into Cousin (I call her Putt) climbing down the stair and we stopped to exchange smiles and she saw my sad face (she knew about all the flop show during and after marriage and she tried to cheer me and I quickly patted her lovely bottom. And asked her to come with me, as I said that I needed to talk to somebody and we went over to a empty room in the marriage hall that was more remotely located (I chose this room intentionally for maximum privacy). We both sat side by side on the bed in the middle of room.

I bent my head and sat there silent and she broke the silence, placing her hand on my shoulder saying, “It’s ok, take it easy and you have to move on as you are already married now” and I quickly lay on her lap like baby sleeping on a woman’s lap to drink milk (we were used to this position as I used to enjoy and so was she). She started to stroke her Fingers through my hair and caressing my face and as soon as it came over my Lips I kissed it and she too stopped her fingers near my Lips and I continued to kiss her Fingers and slowly I began to suck her Fingers and she too began to enjoy. Her left hand Fingers were still running through my Hair and I was sucking her right Fingers and I looked up to see through her Eyes and she was still smiling down at me. Her Breasts were slowly moving up and down.

I slowly pulled her Head down to kiss her on the forehead and when she bent down, her amazing Breasts pressed to my Face and I felt too good, I sighed deeply. After this everything after this was automatic now. Suddenly she got up quickly and started to walk to the Door and felt shocked and suddenly held her feet and started to cry shouting, ‘Please Putt, please stop. Am sorry’ repeatedly and she was now shocked to see me on the floor holding her Feet and she quickly held my shoulder and helped me to stand. We stood there standing and facing each other and no words to speak. I: ‘I know, I know it’s wrong of me to do like that and on my marriage day. But I am helpless, as I loved you and will still love you. I never had the guts to tell you.

I hurt myself badly on the day you got married. Sorry that you are divorced now but please give me on chance to speak’ and I again pulled another stunt to sit down again near her feet and held her feet and started to cry and she was moved by acting that she pulled me up to stand and hugged me tight. “WOW!” I thought. She slowly whispered in my ears to close the door. And I quickly released her and ran over to shut the door and lock it and ran back to her and hugged her from behind and I eagerly put my arms around her waist and held her tight in my hug. My instantly erect Dick was right between her Butts and knew she was also aware about it and now it was too late to think for us both. We stood like that for some time and both breathing heavily and still not sure what is next.

I made my first move to turn her slowly to face me (She had closed her Eyes tight and was also nervous) and after holding her by her waist from both sides, I began to kiss her on her Lips (closed tightly) and said, ‘Please respond. You know and so do I. It’s too late to think. Just accept what comes next and I kissed her on Lips and moved my tongue to force her Lips to open. She slowly opened and I quickly sucked her Lips and I moved my Tongue eagerly in her mouth and she slowly respond to give her Tongue to me to suck and tightened her Hug around me and our kiss became intimate now. Though she was new to such Lip lock, quickly she learnt to mover her Tongue around mine and suck mine too. I Heart was slamming to my chest as her Huge Boobs were pressed completely to my chest and we were standing very close and hugging hard.

I slowly moved my Fingers to hold her Butts and she shivered and wriggled her Hips slowly as response. In no time I was clasping her Ass eagerly with my fingers and enjoyed every second of squeezing them. I was in my dhoti and shirt and my erect Penis was pushing hard between her Legs over her dress. She gasped between our kiss and moaned something and I part from our sizzling Kiss and still smiling I bend down to kiss and lick her whole Neck and I began to nibble her throat, sucking it slowly. My Fingers were pushing her Base upwards with full force, while also clasping her Ass tightly and my Fingers were good too.

sex with cousin on my wedding

She was there for me!


She was breathing heavily now and the way her Breasts moved up and down between us was just exotic. Now I had seduced this woman completely and she was asking for more from me with her half closed Eyes and raised Eyebrows. My Fingers behind her was exploring every corner of her without stop.

After stopping our kiss and taking one step backwards I slowly began to pull her saree she eagerly lifted both her hands up and she began to rotate slowly she appeared to enjoy herself and her saree getting pulled out off her. Finally I pull off her saree and she stand there facing me in her Blouse covered heaving Breasts and petticoat (above her Navel) around her waist, while she covered face with Fingers and breathing heavily and feeling too shy. I stood there for some time enjoying and feasting my Eyes with her semi naked body.

I quickly hugged her and started to kiss her fingers and licking them like a animal and she was surprised with such sudden movement and she too quickly remove her fingers to kiss me. We now hug each other passionately and start to grope her Butts and squeeze them like squeezing the paste to prepare chapathi her hug was slowly exploring my back and digging on occasionally. She was staring down at me while kissing and so was I. We both were hungry for a deep kiss and Hips were moving slowly in to and fro motion. I was fully aroused and my Penis was throbbing behind my shorts and Dhoti protruding out to press against her dress over her Pussy.