Shaved my daughter-in-law – III

By   July 31, 2016

All the playings had come down to this moment, I am about to fuck my bahu at last. I am sure this would be too erotic for me. Last part of the bahu sex story.

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Sandhya had no reply, so she smiled on my wit and shyly said,

“Papa Ji! You have reply to all questions. What can I say now? You do whatever you want, but it should not be painful as you are so big down there.” Saying this she shook my cock and smiled mischievously.

I ran to my room and in no time was back with a condom in my hand. I tore the wrapper and gave the condom to Sandhya to put it on my cock. She lovingly held my cock in one hand and with other hand smilingly and lovingly put it on. I was watching my loving daughter, putting condom on my erect cock to fuck her and I was smiling happily. Sure I was a lucky bastard and today was going to be my luckiest day.

I again made her lye on ground and put a pillow under her waist to raise her cunt for a better angle.

Sandhya shut her eyes with shame and could not see directly in my eyes. Then I put both my hands under her legs and folded them till her knees touched her shoulders and also parted her legs for a better penetration of my thick cock.

Then I put a big wad of cold cream on cockhead and parting the outer lips of her cunt with my hands; I put the tip of my cock on the entrance of her cunt and gave a slight thrust. My cockhead, parting her cunt lips, entered her vagina.

Sandhya was not used to be fucked by such big cock, so she whimpered in pain. But before it that she could say anything or push my cock out, I gave a big thrust and my half cock entered her cunt.

Sandhya gave a painful moan. She was restless. I lovingly took both her boobs in my hands and gently squeezing them, put my mouth on her tender lips and started kissing her passionately. Simultaneously I was squeezing her boobs and rubbing the nipples with my thumb and fingers.

This gave her some relief. I asked in a loving tone,

“Sandhya Beta! Half the cock is inside. How do you feel now? Should I take it out, if you feeling pain? You are my loving daughter and I will not fuck you against your wish or if it is paining you. Please tell how do you feel the cock in you?”

Saying this I again kissed her on lips. Sandhya was feeling bit pain, but with every passing second it was subsiding and she was getting immense pleasure of my big cock. So she hid her face in my chest shyly and whispered,

“Papa Ji! Your cock is so big for me. I am not used to such a big cock. You have stretched my cunt to its limits. Also your cock is reaching inside the unexplored depths of my cunt. I didn’t expect my cunt could flex so much to accommodate such a mammoth sized cock. Please don’t take it out, but only keep still for some time and give me a chance to adjust for such a big thing in me.”

I smiled and kept kissing and rubbing her boobs, but didn’t move my cock. Within 5 minutes Sandhya was feeling fine and started pushing her pelvic up to sign me to continue with thrusting and fucking, but smilingly I kept still and looking her in eyes, asked her,

shaved my daughter in law bahu sex story

My bahu was riding my cock!

“Sandhya! How is it now? What should I do?”

Sandhya knew that I know her position, but was teasing her. So she hit my chest with her tiny fists and then hugged me tightly, and whispered,

“Papa Ji! It is all right now. Now you show me your strength. I want to see, what wrestling you can do and whether you have great power down there also or a big body only. Papa, please fuck me with all your strength and let me feel the fuck with a real “man”. Please don’t speak anything now, it is action time. Please do it fast.”

This was more than enough to arouse me. I started fucking her with full length of my cock. Sandhya wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged me tightly.

I was putting all my power to fuck her. I was giving such powerful thrusts on her cunt and with every push; her body was sliding 3 inches up towards her head.

I increased my thrusts and also their speed. Now my cock was moving in her cunt with great speed. Sandhya was moaning loudly and chanting, “Oh Oh Oh…oh GOD, it is so sweat. It is heaven. Papa Ji! Fuck me with all your might. Today I feel like married. Please do it.”

We both were drenched with sweat, and panting heavily.

We kept fucking the same way and speed for about 15 minutes. Now I was nearing my big orgasm. Sandhya was also nearing her own biggest ever orgasm. I put my mouth near her ears and said.

“Sandhya! Beta! I am near. I may not last long. Oh GOD it is so good to be in your cunt. Sandhya! I am coming…oh I am coming.”


Saying this I gave 5-6 biggest and most powerful thrusts in her cunt and with a long and loud moan my cock started spurting its nectar in my Daughter- In- Law’s cunt.

As Sandhya felt the twitching of my cock. She knew that I was coming, this sent her on her edge and with a big shriek and squeal, she stabbed her nails in my back and her biggest and thundering orgasm hit her.

She clenched me with her legs and arms and her cunt started overflowing her own cunt juices.

My cock kept spewing its nectar in her cunt and Sandhya’s cunt kept milking my cock.

After 2 -3 minutes, my cock was fully drained out and I fell on her big boobs like a dead dog.

We both were totally exhausted and our strength was drained out. We kept lying in each other’s arms for 10-15 minutes and then I regained some strength and opened my eyes.

I looked at Sandhya’s face. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be sleeping, but there was a glow of extreme satisfaction and pleasure. I kissed lovingly her lips and she opened her eyes.

When she saw me looking in her face, I smiled at her. She felt shame and tightly hugged me with both her hands and hid her face shyly in my chest.

I put one finger below her chin and raising her face and kissing on lips, asked her,

“Sandhya Beta! How are you now? How was the experience? Did you liked it or felt pain? Do you love me there in you or not? Please tell me.”

Sandhya tightened her hug and whispered,