My sweet maid servant

By   August 18, 2016

Hello friends, this is a story of my lone time without my wife. But someone, my maid of course, came through and help me live an another life in those days. A arousing maid sex story.

I am a businessman running my own factory. Last year I married Neeta who is a computer engineer and after two months of our marriage Neeta got a good job in a multinational American company. Since both of us were employed we had to engage a male servant and two female servants for cooking and other household work. All the three servants were aged between twenty-two and twenty-five years of age.

The male servant was named Sanju and lived with his parents at a distance of about four furlongs from my house and was required to come at 8.30 a.m. and to leave our house at 8.30 p.m. after the dinner was over. The older maidservant was Rupali and she also lived with her parents near about a furlong from our house and the younger maidservant called Paaro lived in a kothari in our house near our bedroom, as she had no one to live with.

Unfortunately my wife Neeta had to go to the United States for training for six months which was extendable by a further period of six months. After my wife left I used to feel quite lonely. In the day most the time was spent in the factory and the office and with my friends whom I used to invite for drinks and sometimes dinner but the real loneliness was felt by me in the night. Sometimes I could not sleep at all and used to rise very early against my routine when Neeta was here. Then we used to leave our bed not before seven o’clock in the morning.

One day when I had retired to bed for sleeping I saw Paaro standing. I asked her what the matter for her coming at this hour is. She said mujhe lagta hai ki aap ko bina bibiji ke neend nahin aati hai ( I feel that you are not able to sleep without my mistress). I said tumhein theek hi lagta hai magar koi chaaraa bhi to nahin hai (you are right but there is no way out).

On this she said agar aap kahein to jabtak bibiji nahin aajaatin main aap ke saath let kar aap ka akelapan door karne ki koshish karun (if you say I may sleep with you till the mistress returns and try to remove your loneliness). I said agar tum mere saath so-ogi to log kya kaheinge(if you will sleep with me then what will people say). To this Paaro said kisi ko kaise pataa chalega ki main aap ke saath so rahee hoon. Jabtak koi aayegaa main uth jaaoongee aur bistar par aap akele rahenge( how will anybody come to know that I am sleeping with you . By the time any one comes I will get up and you will be alone in the bed).

my sweet sevant maid sex story

My sweet maid Paaro

I said main sonch kar kal bataaungaa( I will think over the matter and tell you tomorrow). Next day when after taking my dinner and when Sanju and Rupali had left and I had closed all the doors I retired to my bed for sleeping I found that Paaro had again come and asked me aap ne kyaa sonchaa (what have you decided).

I said that tum mere saath let kar so sakti ho magar 6 baje tak uth jana aur tum yeh baat kisi ko bhi nahin bataaogi (you can sleep with me but you should get up at 6 a.m. but you should not tell it to any body).

I said tum mere saath so-ogi aur mujhe chodne ki ichchha huee tab kyaa hogaa. Kyaa tum mujh se chudvaalogee?( if you sleep with me and I am aroused then will you let me fuck you?) Paaro said aap ki agar mujhe chodne ki ichchhaa ho to aap mujhe chod leejiyegaa. Aap jo bhi bibiji ke saath karte hon voh aap mere saath keejiye. Aap mujhe apni biwi hi samajhiye jabtak bibiji nahin aajaatin ( if you desire to fuck me you may fuck me. You may do whatever you do with your wife. You may think that I am your wife till your wife returns).

I then asked Paaro kya tum jaanti ho ki main Neeta ke saath kyaa kyaa karta hun?(Do you know what I do with Neeta?).

Paaro said aap wahi karte honge jo sab aadmi apni biwiyon ke saath karte hain. Aap unka chumma lete honge, unki choonchi dabaate aur chooste honge, unki bur chaat-te honge unki choot chodte honge aur shayad unki gaand bhi maarte honge. ( you must be doing what every man does with his wife. You may be kissing her, you may be squeezing and sucking her tits, you may be licking and fucking her cunt and probably fucking her ass).


I asked Paaro yeh sab tumhen kaise maaloom huaa(where have you learnt all this). Paaro said meri saheli Shanti ki abhi haal hi mein shaadi huee hai who mujhe bataati hai ki kal uske pati ne uske saath kya kiyaa ( my friend Shanti was married recently and she used to narrate what her husband did with her the previous day.)

I asked Paaro kya shanti ka pati uski gaand bhi maartaa hai(does Shanti`s husband fuck her ass also). Paaro said that Shanti ne bataayaa ki ek din jab uska pati use chodne chalaa to Shanti ne kahaa ki aaj meri mahawari ho rahi hai is par uske pati ne kahaa ki koi baat nahin aaj doosri tarah se tumhen chodein ge. Phir usne uski gaand mein thook lagaa kar uski gaand mein apna lund ghuser diyaa aur jab tak uski mahawari hoyti rahi roz hi uski gaand maartaa rahaa(Shanti told me that one day when her husband wanted to fuck her she told him that she has got menses then he said he will fuck her by other means and after applying saliva in her ass fucked her ass and had anal intercourse with her daily during her menses).

Paaro then asked kya main aap ke saath aaj se hi so sakti hun?(can I sleep with you from today?) I said main kal tumhaare liye achchhe se kapde sabun aur kuchh cheezen le aaoongaa tab tum nahaa kar aur voh kapde pahan kar mere saath letnaa (I will bring clothes, soap and other things for you then you sleep with me after taking bath and wearing those clothes tomorrow).

She said achchha kal se hi so -oongi aap ke saath. Main chaahti hun ki bibiji ki ghairmaudgi mein aap ka akelapan mit jaayye aur aap theek se soein (all right I will sleep with you from tomorrow. I want that in Bibiji`s absence you may not feel lonely and sleep well).

Next day I bought few nighties and sarees and other things and soap and powder and perfumes for Paaro and kept them in my wife’s wardrobe. In the night when Paaro came I gave her a nightie and soap and powder and perfume to wear after taking bath in my bathroom. After the bath when Paaro came wearing the nightie to sleep with me she was looking extraordinarily beautiful. The nightie was made of semi – transparent material and the boobs and nipples and pubic hairs of Paaro were almost visible.