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Dadu caught her shaving – III

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I am about to be fucked by my grandpa. He played his game well and had me super wet down there. Oh, how much I wanted him in my pussy! grandpa sex story

The sister of my wife – III

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Our hot erotic sex with neighbors was at its peak. I was fucking my neighbor's wife and my wife was getting fucked by him. last part of this hot erotic tale

Chandresh fucked his saali Vibha – II

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Chandresh and his saali were getting closer. They both have sensed that something's about to happen and didn't want to stop. Last part of sex story indian

The tailor took my ‘Measurement’

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Kaajal went to a new tailor shop.The tailor took her measurement in a way she never experienced. One of the most seductive Indian sex stories you can read!