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By   November 22, 2016

Today, I am going to tell you a sexy and unbelievable incident that happened to me in a lift. I never thought that a teen girl can do such thing. Ok, I will start with my lift sex story..

This is krish, coming with new story sorry new experience, this happened few months back with a girl in my office place. Her name is swapna (changed), she is working in IT leading MNC company in hitech city, Hyderabad.
she use to come in the night shift always, but unfortunately, I am not in the same work timing and also not in the same company, how we met and how that was happened, thats the very interesting one.
My office timing is 9.00 to 6.00,
I use to come office by 8.30 everyday,
One beautiful day, when I am entering in to the lift, she came out from the lift, thats the first day, I seen her, I can remember, she is not so beautiful, but good physique, medium height , medium weight and average colour, just crossed her and enter in to the lift.
Days passed, some times I use to see her, while I am coming to the office, after some days, i purchased a new bike, parking allotted in basement, due to this almost two months not getting chance to see her, again one day due to some urgent I stayed up to 8.00, after completing the work, I left the office, my colleagues also left with me and all entered in the lift, all my friends went out, while lift reaches in ground floor, I just stayed, because my bike parked at basement, suddenly somebody forcefully entered in to the lift, she is the girl, first time seeing her while coming to office, something happened inside, I controlled myself and said lift is going down, due to urgency entered, she said.
I started noticing part by part, very attractive eyes, sharp nose, beautiful boobs and sexy structure, after that day, everyday I stayed up to 8.00 to see her, most of the day I use to see her in ground floor, while she was waiting for the lift. I was waiting for the whole day for that 2 minutes.

Teen girl Lift sex story

That insanely hot teenage girl

in our office place, some Times lift will not stop at ground floor and will go to top floors, so while I am leaving from the lift I just press zero and go…days passed like this, almost weekly three times I use to see her,
One day I am in hurry to go office for client meeting, already little late, I was waiting For the lift, my bad time, both the lift came and returned from ground floor itself, I was very much tensed and went to ground floor, waiting for the lift, next lift came, without realizing someone in side the lift, I just entered in hurry , there is a small obstacle in lift, just slipped and fell on the lady(that girl only) who was inside the lift, my hand on her both the boobs and lip on her lips, I was trying to get up but immediately not happened, somewhat managed and got up, she scolded me, I said sorry and explained the situation, she was not listening anything and scolded. I felt bad about it, after this incident, whenever she is seeing me, she will look at me in very angry manner, I am also felt bad about that, even though sometimes while I am thinking that incident, bit happy inside because I kissed the girl at the same time I pressed both the boobs also, while thinking my master will get full erection inside. Sometimes masturbate too. I was started thinking all the times and self enjoying everyday, but whenever I am seeing her, I try to convince her but she will not, I decided to talk again with her, but failed, she was not convinced, next day, after completing my client meeting, I left the office, very tired, almost 8.30pm, I was thinking inside, already late I can’t see her, when the lift reached ground floor, all my colleagues left and said bye to all, suddenly one girl came in to lift, just hit the obstacle and almost fell down, I was right to the girl, just hold her with my hand and caught her hip very tightly, she almost lost her control by a man pressing her hip. Somewhat she controlled and got up, I looked her again the same girl, oh my god, what is this? Why like this? After that lift reached basement, I came out from the lift without talking anything, she also very silent this time. I reached home and unable to concentrate anything, whole time I was thinking about her only, I was uncontrollable and self enjoyed lot by thinking about her.

I became very worst and worst, after that one week I went to pune for client meeting, I unable to see her, but feelings reached her like anything, I completed my meeting successfully and returned back to Hyderabad.
I felt tired and slept like anything,
Next day (sunday) I went to office to prepare the report, normally many will not come to the office on Sundays, lift stopped at ground floor,again the same girl entered in to the lift.
I was shocked and kept quite, she said hi, I was thinking something and not responded, again twice she called and said hi, I came to normal and said hi to her, she gave cute smile, I was little shocked and i said sorry again, she accepted and said, its ok there is no mistake from your side, leave that topic like that she said, lift started moving suddenly there’s a jerk from lift and stopped between the floors, we were in shock like anything, she felt very uncomfortable, I convinced her, no need worry, we will call for assistance, I called for support, since Sunday nobody is available to support, meanwhile I called my friend and informed about the situation.
She started nervous, that too alone with a man in lift, worried a lot for her like that I thought, due to fear she came closer to me, again there is a small jerk in lift, she was exactly on front of me and just touched my body from her back side, after some time again she done a same thing, this time my dick was little bulge, she might be come to know that, she was stood away from me, before realizing why she is doing like this, she turned around very fast and open my pant zip and taken away my dick and put it in her mouth, I got shocked like anything and can’t control my self, I never saw like this in movies also, she done it in very fast, she pulled my foreskin and licked like anything, I totally forgotten where I was and suddenly loaded my whole in to her mouth, she can’t able to spit outside, since my dick in her mouth and still not lost it’s erection, she continued the blow job, after cummed I came to the normal, now I reacted to her action, just started touching her boobs, she stood up and opened her chudi hooks, I just entered in to full flow, started pressing both the boobs vigorously,
She unhooked her bra also, now I can able to feel her whole size of the boobs, bigger than my imagination, but its rigid, keep on pressing her boobs and taken out from her chudi also and put it in my mouth, started tasting her boobs, licking, pressing and biting more and more play with her boobs, she head up and closed her eyes. I moved away and put her boobs inside her bra arranged her chudi back, she was starring me with full of mood, after arranging her chudi, just pulled her pant and touched her pussy, it was wet outside her panty itself, just touching and rubbing her pussy from ouside of her panty and suddenly I removed her panty went closer to pussy, I sat in front of her pussy, aparted her legs and kissed her pussy, licked her pussy, drank her pussy juice, she was totally mad and pushed my head towards her pussy, I inserted my tongue in to her pussy, rolled all over pussy, found the clitoris and stimulated with the tongue, cumed and cumed again, I drunk all the juices, I stood up, still her eyes was closed, I lifted her one leg and inserted my dick in to pussy, due to more wet it went inside very smoothly, I pulled half of my dick and inserted, she also gave a good support, adjusted her position and resting back side very comfortably, I fucked hard and hard, she was screaming like hell and enjoying like heaven,
I screwed full depth of her pussy, each push she will enjoyed and enjoyed, I increased speed like anything almost 75 to 100 pushes per minutes, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the each push, after 20 minutes of fuck, I was sensing that, going to cum, I said to her, she pulled my dick from pussy and put in her mouth, started given a nice mouth fuck, I unloaded my whole cum in mouth,within no time my friend called me and said lift is working now, now both are in hurry to dress up, finally we came out, only from the lift, not out from the mind what happened inside the lift,
While writing this story also, I cummed again.

——–The End——–


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