The Last Bus Home

By   July 21, 2016

Hi. Let me introduce myself first and then we can go into my story. I’m Bhavika, age 26 from Gurgaon. I’m working in a Glass manufacturing company. I’m a normal middle class family girl with good looks. I don’t how you manage your site for Indian sex stories but I think this one can find its place on your website as I want to have my desi kahani told.
About my figure: 34″ boobs which fits in hands nice, nice round ass and a big pussy as I use to masturbate inserting some heavy things inside my pussy, slim and brownish.
I always like to be fucked by big dicks, so I use some extra large pipes or something round in shape with some 10 or 12 inches in length. In my area there are several boys who are roaming around here and there as it is a packed street. When I was in home, I use to wear just a nighty with a panty. I don’t like to use bras when I’m in home.
I was doing it as a purpose only as the guys around our area can look at my tits clearly. My friends visit often to my home. I always want to get their attraction on me. So I always want to show some major cleavage to them. Everyone notice that, but no one really wants to take the next step as they were afraid. I saw their dick rising when they see me in my nighty.
I was waiting and wanted to be fucked by guys hard as I was feeling very horny everyday. But that didn’t happened until that one day. This incident happened before 3 months when I was returning home after finishing my work in office. My senior officer wanted me and some other girls to work with him up to late night as the design has to be completed and submitted the very next day.
But we said, we can’t. But she promised us that if we work today, we will get leave tomorrow. so we all agreed and started doing the work in a hurry. I called my home and informed to them that I will be late and I cant say the timing exactly. They said ok. We all are in a rush and completed our work around 10:30 PM. Then we all left from office.
Everyone got their buses correspondingly leaving me alone in the bus stop. There are some boys waiting for buses within in some distance. I was wearing my uniform saree. It is a little bit transparent one, where you can see through the blouse and my flesh well. The blouse is light color and the flesh inside the blouse can be also seen.
They were noticing that and I noticed that they were watching me and commenting about me. I turned against them to see how many of them are there. there were 5 boys standing with one guy speaking to somebody in his mobile. They were all about the same age, around 25 to 27. After sometime the bus came and I got into the bus.
It was fully packed with gents and only few ladies are there and it seems the fewer ladies are all friends. those 5 boys also got into the same bus. The bus is full. As there is no place in front side, I got up on the back side of the bus to go inside. but there is no room or what so ever to get inside the bus. I cant let go the bus as this is the last bus for me.
So I travelled in the third step of the bus, those boys were behind me. Then the bus started to move. Those boys were all around me. Their parts of bodies are touching my parts of body. I started feeling uncomfortable there. Suddenly I felt someone is rubbing my ass from behind. But I was not able to turn. Suddenly my saree was getting loose, I was not using the safety pin on that day.

the last bus home desi kahani indian sex stories

Bhavi got what she always dreamed of!


but somehow I managed to hang the saree on my shoulder. After sometime some stop came and some males wanted to get out of the bus as their stop has came. So everybody in steps has to get down. As so I went down, but while going down I lost my control over my saree and it went down to my feet. I was facing those 5 boys at that time and they all saw that.
But I immediately got the saree and placed it around my shoulder and I’ve rolled it around my waist for safety. Then after getting up again, I went some what inside, as some guys were got down from the bus. Those 5 boys were still behind me and now as the conductor asked everyone to get out of the steps everyone just pressed inside.
So I stuck in middle of many guys. There were several men’s, but I was not able to do anything. After a few seconds I was feeling something was hitting my ass crack. Then I came to know that it is someone’s dick. It is so big. That has to be someone from that 5 member gang. I cant do anything. After sometime some hand was rubbing my waist so lightly.
This thing turned one me. It was full of sweat as there is no air circulation. At that time the driver hit a sudden break and I went on to give a kiss to the guy in front of me. But he didn’t react for that as it happened unfortunately. So I said saree to him. While the sudden break was hit, my saree got stuck on someone’s foot and it was very much loose now.
If I move one step it will be completely off from my body. It was in that kind of state. Then the guy who was rubbing my waist taken that as advantage and pulled my saree. It was fallen on the floor. Now I’m in my blouse and my petticoat. I cant even bent down to take it. Everyone around me noticed that. Then some hands from behind suddenly got my boobs.
Now I reacted and turned my head and those hands were from the 5 member gang. Until this time they were the one doing these things. Now everyone around me noticed me half nude and everyone wants to get a hand on me. My heart beat raised and I got afraid of it. Suddenly one guy from behind came near to my ear and said now you are going to be fucked my many slut.
As there were many hands around me making me hot, I was getting aroused to all that. Now I started enjoying the feeling. Then suddenly some men’s from front turned around and saw me. Now they all put their hands on me. At that time my body is fully covered with hands as many guys rubbing and pressing all parts of my body.
Suddenly I felt some one from behind is removing my petticoat knot. Then he suddenly pulled my petty coat down and now I was with my panty. He then removed my panty also. A guy from front then unbuttoned my blouse and my bra within seconds. As I was enjoying it, I didn’t resist anything. Now I got courage and got a searched for a big cock around me. Finally I got one.
I unzipped the pant and got the cock out from the boxers of that person. It was very hot and it is very big, maybe around 9 or 10 inches. Then someone got my another hand down which I was holding up until now with a hand bag. Then some hand from front got the hand bag from me and the guys around my boobs removed my blouse and bra. Now I was completely nude.
There was not even a bit of cloth let in my body. Then I got another cock from behind. That one is some what bigger, but not like the first one. Then I started to do blowjob for those cocks. The guy from front took my left boob in his mouth and another guy got my right boob in his mouth. They were playing nicely with my boobs and I enjoyed it fully.
Then one of the hand got into my pussy. two fingers were inserted into my pussy and I was getting fingered. Someone inserted fingers on my ass crack also. I was completely turned on now and I know that this will be a hard day for me. I was worried about how many guys will fuck me. But I made my mind, I have to get fucked today. So enjoyed every bit of it.
But the bus reached the garage and all have to get down. These guys around me just held me around and got me down in the road completely nude. But no one can notice me as I was surrounded by those 10 guys. They have carried me inside the people’s stand inside bus garage. There was no one around that place and everyone has left and only 2 or 3 lights were turned on at that area.
It was quite dark. Until this time I haven’t left those two cocks. I was just running my hands around those. Suddenly everyone moved away. now I got a chance to see who are all around me. The 5 boys I saw in the bus stop were there and some other guys who are standing in front of me were there. Then suddenly they all got undressed and everybody was nude.
Everyone’s cock is fully erected and wants to fuck me hard. But I was afraid of getting fucked by so many guys and said no, I can’t let you fuck me. Then one of the boy said, hey u wont get hurt. Trust us. U will be safe. So I got some confident and gave them a green signal. Then all the guys got closer to me.
I was searching for that big cock and I got that. One guy made me kneel down. I got that big cock inside my mouth. It was completely hot. I just sucked it. I loved the smell of it. Then within a few seconds he ejaculated his sperms into my mouth. First time I was tasting it. It was so nice. That guy moved away. Then they made lie down above one guy.
He inserted his cock in my ass. It was the first time I was getting some thing inserted in my ass crack. It was painful. but I enjoyed the pain. Then one guy inserted his cock in my pussy. They were surprised to see my big pussy hole. That guy’s cock was fully inside my pussy, but there was still room for another cock. I asked another guy to insert his cock at the same time.
He did the same thing. Both the guys holding my leg above inserted their cock. I felt the complete pleasure. Then suddenly one of the guys inserted his cock inside my mouth. Now I can’t even moan. The guy from my behind was pressing both of my boobs very hard and nudging my tips very hardly. I loved the total pain.