The sister of my wife – III

By   July 24, 2016

Our hot erotic sex with neighbors was at its peak. I was fucking my neighbor’s wife and my wife was getting fucked by him. The last part of this hot erotic tale-

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It was rahul who was grunting now with her deep throating him and he screamed “I’m cumming Kavya.”

She was in no hurry to leave him as she was still sucking and deep throating his cock furiously which made him grunt before unloading his seed deep down her throat. she never missed a single drop swallowing completely, they fell on to the bed panting heavily smiling at each other.

Mean while in the ground floor, Suhail was sucking Garima’s tits like an infant searching for milk. she was enjoying the sensations from his suckilngs as she was holding his head pulling him to one after the other tits.

Rahul and Kavya were watching the whole scene from the upstairs while Suhail and Garima were busy in the hall downstairs. rahul was standing behind Kavya who was in her blouse and petticoat groping her tits and ass while watching her slutty wife’s performance.

“Suhail mera bacha aur kitna choosega mummy ke mammey ko?” asked Garima.

“Main to aapka doodh pee raha tha mummy” said Suhail.

Suhail raised her saree over her tummy and slipped his fingers into her burning pussy finger fucking her to an orgasm with in a few minutes. Garima grabbed his fingers pulling into her mouth tasting herself on his fingers while Suhail took of his pants revealing his 5 inch boner to Garima.

Garima was clearly disappointed with his boner but didn’t displayed it on her face, she encouraged him to go down on her by grabbing his head and pulling it towards her pussy. Soon Suhail was giving her the best licking she has ever got from any other person in her life more than her hubby.

“are waah Suhail tumto bahut achi tarah chat te ho, tumhari biwi to bahut lucky hai jo tumhari jeeb itni badi aur rough hai, main to abtak do baar jhad chuki hoon tumhare chaatne se” said Garima.

“aapki choot bahut meethi hai Garima ji, isko chaatne me bahut mazaa aaraha hai. aapko jitni baar jhadna ho jhad jaayiye, main aapko mazaa deta hi rahoonga” said Suhail.

Suhail was licking and sucking her pussy like a little puppy which made namita cumm almost 5 times in a row and he was still going strong. watching their slutty performance made rahul and Kavya horny again, they both rushed into the nearby bedroom.

“kutiya bahut geeli ho chuki hai, aa chod mujhe kutte” said Kavya.

On hearing those dirty words, rahul jumped on to the bed stripping completely naked and ripped off her blouse and petticoat tearing them into pieces. she was just lying in her red bra and panty looking like a goddess, he crawled over to her and took hold of her bra in his teeth and pulled it hard to rip in two pieces. Kavya was squealing in pleasure watching her lover go wild with her words.

He attacked her big milky white breasts kneading them roughly and sucking them with such force that her tits started aching. Kavya didn’t tried to stop him as she was enjoying this roughness which was new to her and giving more pleasure than ever. He was biting her tits which were clearly making bite marks allover her tits. She was screaming in pain with his biting allover her body but was clearly turned on with this new sensation.

He ripped off her panties and dived into lick her like a hungry dog, his long licks were enough to make her cum allover his face with in few minutes.she grabbed his big dick and deep throated in one quick motion making it disappear from his body for few moments. He was surprised with her efforts of taking his dick so deep into her mouth.

After few minutes of furious sucking he slapped her cheek to let her know its time for some fucking. she let go of his cock and laid back spreading her legs wide in air and making her pussy wet with her spit and rubbing her engorged clit.

He then lined up his dick to her cunt hole and rammed it in! He pushed his dick deep into her pussy and stopped right there to let her beg for some cock. “Are chodo mujhe, ruk kyun gaye saale chodo mujhe..main bahut taras rahi hoon tumhare lund ke liye, meri pyaas bhujaao,banalo apni kutiya mujhe” said Kavya.

the sister of my wife hot erotic tale sex story

Fucking my hot neighbour

Rahul was smiling with pride over his manhood and obliged her request by slamming it hard into her pussy again and again. Her tits were bouncing wildly with each stroke he delivered into her pussy. He took hold of her one tit into his mouth and started pounding pretty hard while biting her nipple. she was going wild with the pleasure and cursing god for keeping her away so long from this pleasure.


“maar daalo mujhe rahul, maardalo mujhe. chodo mujhe zorse chodo aur katlo in mammey ko. main tumhari pyaari kutiya banungi, tum jab chahe mujhe chodsakte ho. Tumhe koi nahin rokega, main baat karungi apne pati se, bas mujhe chodna mat rokna” said Kavya.

“Haan zaroor meri jaan, main to tujhe roz chodunga, tumhare pati ke saamne chodunga, tumhare ghar me chodunga, kahin bhi chodunga tujhe kahin bhi” said rahul.

At that point Kavya was having another orgasm and screaming on top of her lungs. Rahul slipped out of her pussy and asked her to bend over for the ultimate pleasure which both of them were waiting for.

“On your hand and knees” said rahul.

Kavya smiled with approval before spinning around and dropping to all fours, displaying her perfectly round big ass provocatively. She even arched her back to accentuate the enticing effect, staring back over her shoulder at him with her sexy dark eyes. He took a deep breath and leaned over to open the drawer in his night table, searching around to find the lubricant he had stashed there.

Soon he was staring down at Kavya’s big ass as he flipped the cap open on the bottle of lube. Placing one hand gently on her ass cheek, He gently pulled it to the side and squirted some of the slippery liquid down onto her exposed hole.

“Ooooh,” she squeaked at the feeling of the cold lubricant, as her asshole clenched reflexively. “That’s cold.”

He softly placed his thumb over her little puckered hole spreading the liquid allover it to make it easy enough for her.

“God that feels good,” Kavya exclaimed as he replaced his thumb with middle finger, allowing him to go even deeper into her eager hole and muttered “I can see that you really know how to make the first time memorable for a girl.”

He started sliding in and out of her tight little asshole hugging. She let out a gentle sigh of enjoyment as he added more lube to the area, dripping the clear liquid down around his full-buried finger.