Veena became her dog’s bitch

By   September 21, 2016

Hello guys, I am Veera and I am sharing my true experience, one which I thought could never happen. This desi sex story is something you rarely have encountered. I am lonely and my pussy was dripping with lust. My dog was there and he was horny tooo….


It was Sunday and Veera’s husband was on a tour as usual. She returned home at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon from shopping at Lajpat Nagar Market in South Delhi. She parked her car in the porch of her big house and asked the servant, Sanjay, to take out the things from car. Veera found her dog playing in the lawn. It was warm winter afternoon and she too decided to sit in the lawn. She told Sanjay to keep two chairs and table in the lawn and fry some kajus. She wanted to read a new porn book she had bought from a “footpath magazine vendor” and enjoy the sunny winter afternoon with a drink or two.

Veera was a thirty-one years old, good-looking woman, working as HRD executive in a small company. Her husband owned a big import-export firm and he was usually on tours, in and out of country every other week. In many ways her husband was the ideal husband. He was honest, hardworking and a good provider for her. But he was too busy to give her the attention any woman would like to have once in a while. They hardly had sex 2-3 times in a month. Since masturbation was her only outlet, she masturbated frequently. She liked to read porn books or watch porn movies while masturbating.

Veera went inside and prepared a stiff peg of gin while Sanjay put other things in the lawn. Veera became totally engrossed in the book she was reading and completely forgot that her dog, a big Alsatian, was even in the lawn. She was enjoying little tipsiness from the drink and the wetness between her legs due to the book. When she emptied her first drink, Veera realized that the dog that was playing near her was no more there. She saw that the main gate was little open and her dog was trying to mount astray bitch just outside the gate. Veera was on her feet in an instant, yelling at the stupid dog to “stay the hell away from that bitch”. She had to pull him inside the gate. After locking the gate, Veera went inside and poured another strong drink. When she came back, the dog was sitting near her chair, his eyes about as big as saucers staring at Veera. Even while she was screaming at him, Veera knew she was being overly harsh but she couldn’t help it. She was in no way going to allow him to get any infection from stray dogs. Veera had two big slugs of gin to calm her emotions and once again got engrossed in her book. When Veera finished her second drink, she was tipsy and horny. Once again she realized that the dog was at the gate and he had pushed his nose through the gate bars up in the rear of bitch. Again Veera yelled to him “not EVER do that” again. The dog disappeared into the house and she followed him, as she sternly impressed on him what kind of behaviour she expected. Veera locked him in the bedroom and went back in the lawn, still trembling a little from the excitement. Sanjay was probably cleaning the store in the backyard of house.

veera became her dogs bitch desi sex story

Both of us got satisfied!

Veera couldn’t get her mind back on the book though. She felt ashamed for having screamed at her beloved dog. After a few minutes, Veera walked back into the bedroom. She sat on the chair next to the dog and watched as he licked endlessly at the red shaft protruding from his hairy sheath. Veera felt sorry for him. Veera didn’t know what part of her brain was controlling her then, but she felt a lot of similarity between herself and her dog. He was also sex-starved like Veera. She had read about women having sex with animals and all those thoughts floated on top of her mind. The dog began licking her sandals and toes. He looked so pitiful. Veera kneeled down on the floor and rested her rear on backs of her high-heels. He looked up at Veera as she rested her hand lightly on his leg. Veera wasn’t at all sure whether she would go through with it, and when she moved her hand over to touch the glistening tip of his penis with her finger, Veera decided that maybe that would be carrying it too far.


But the dog rolled over onto his side then, lifting his leg up for her. About two inches of his penis was showing through the opening in his sheath and it felt very warm under her finger. Veera gently explored with her fingers, feeling the length and rigidness of his slender little boner. Growing a little bolder, Veera moved the soft sheath up and down along his shaft slowly, not quite able to pull it all the way up to cover the tip of his penis but able to expose another two inches or so when pushing the loose skin back toward his sack. Feeling a bit queezy in her stomach at the idea of jacking off a dog, Veera almost stopped. But that other part of her brain won out and she continued…. Veera gripped him a little more firmly, notable to wrap her fingers around him but sort of gripping the sides of his sheath between her thumb and fingers. She stroked him up and down like that for several minutes, fascinated by the feeling of his gristly shaft slipping smoothly inside the sheath. His haunches began jerking then in the motion she’d seen several times when witnessing the act between two dogs. Veera could feel the tension in her body build as his did and as his penis grew larger and larger.

Veera felt a “responsibility” to satisfy him! She was getting hot just thinking about what was happening and could feel herself getting wetter and wetter! Veera removed her saree and petticoat. She pulled her panties down a little so that she could touch herself a little easier while she played with her dog. Dog sort of gave her a curious look and investigated her crotch! Veera allowed his curiosity and as he investigated her pussy he gave a couple of quick licks! Ohhhh …….. Veera pulled her panties down a little further to allow that to happen again…….The dog took another whiff of her pussy and started licking in earnest! Veera spread her legs to give him better access……. Oh, Man…. This seemed so exciting that she could hardly contain herself! Veera kicked her panties off! His tongue was so big and strong that he seemed to cover her whole vagina with each lick! Veera felt like she was overcome with the extreme and intense pleasure as his tongue slurped sloppily around her inner and outer lips and occasionally would dart inside! Her eyes rolled back into her head as Veera relished the eroticism and surrendered to the overwhelming craving, wanting, and animalistic desire. Veera was ready to have that hot dick inside her burning pussy.