Wife made me her slave

By   October 11, 2016

This is a very weird story where my bossy wife made me her in-house slave and treated me like worse. She made me a house wife and made me dress like a girl. A great slave sex story.

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My name is Mrs Deepali Roy w/o Miss Sunita Roy (as given by my wife) and i am presenting this story only after permission from my wife. From now onwards i will refer her as Sunita madam only because I am not supposed to take her name without adding madam. We got married about 3 years back. Then i was known as Rohit, a 25 years old guy of average looks. On the other hand, she was absolutely beautiful lady of 27years having sharp features. She was bold & confident and was enjoying a much higher post and salary as compared to me. I was totally flattened on meeting her but i was no match to her. I couldn’t believe my luck when she accepted my proposal. I now realized how difficult a housewife’s job is.

All my leisure and enjoyments were gone. My routine entirely changed. I had to wake up at 6 AM in the morning, clean all the utensils, water the plants, attend the newspaper vendor and the milkman. Then make bed tea for her and gently wake up her at around 7 AM. While she sipped tea, I turned on the geyser, kept a clean towel in the bathroom for her and quickly prepared the breakfast as per her wish and orders. I continued to stay at home and look after the house rather than going to office. One day, she removed the maid saying she was unable to do enough savings from her salary and as I was not earning, I was supposed to do all the house work. I shouted angrily and refused to do that. She became furious and slapped me hard,” How dare you refuse me. I am the boss here. I will decide who has to do what sort of work. Go and make tea for me.” I kept standing. This time she slapped me twice, harder than before. With difficulty, I somehow managed to keep my balance and avoided falling down. She uttered with anger, “Any further delay and you will be in all sorts of trouble. And make sure the tea tastes good.” I quickly rushed towards the kitchen. In our married life, she was the dominant partner and her dominance increased gradually as time passed.

Moreover, I realized that she was much superior to me in every aspect. I had no choice than to adapt to the situation. Then my company suffered some major losses and I lost my job. On the other hand, she got promotion. I tried hard to get another job but all in vain. She suggested, “Till you get a new job, why can’t you stay at home and perform the household duties?” I had no choice than to agree. I was standing quietly with my eyes down and face red with shame waiting for the command. During a party for promotion Suddenly Mam ordered me to dance in a stern voice. I looked at her with feeling of anger and embarrassment. She said, “What are you waiting for? Do you need a slap? As all of them were laughing, I started to dance because i was afraid that disobeying may lead to more serious consequences. They made me dance like a girl at various filmy songs for about half an hour. And in the last, I was given advice never to under estimate females. After our marriage, i realized that not only she was stronger than me financially and psychologically but also physically. Once, some of her friends (all of them were girls) had come to our house for a get together. They were playing arm wrestling. I, laughingly commented that arm wrestling suited to men and not the tender ladies. On this, one of them challenged me to defeat them. The bet was that the loser will have to obey the winner whatever command is given. I accepted it.

Madam (my wife) was selected to be my contender. But to my utter surprise, she defeated me within a couple of minutes. All of them started laughing. My wife said “I will give you two more chances. If you are able to win any one of them, i will accept defeat.” I got slight relief. But she very easily defeated me both times. I was at the verge of immense humiliation and shame. But now i had to face more.
When she became ready and dressed, I served her the breakfast. After she had left, I broomed and mopped the entire house as thoroughly as I could because she wouldn’t tolerate even slightest amount of dirt and I was extremely scared of receiving slaps from her for that. Then I washed all the dirty clothes, first hers’ then mine. After that I cooked lunch for her & sent to her office.

wife made me her slave sex story

I was my wife’s bitch

My afternoon was spent in ironing the clothes, cleaning the cupboards, sofas, bookshelves. Hardly had I got an hour to rest. After returning from the office, she liked coffee & snacks to be served which I did without any delay. Then I started preparing for dinner. Sometimes, at weekends, if she desired so, we went for outing. Otherwise she went with her friends and I remained in the house. After that I endured twenty more strokes on my buttocks and back of thighs without moving an inch! But this was not the end. She kept me naked for two hours. When I was about to fall due to tiredness, she ordered me to stand and do ups and downs holding my ears. When I was tired of that, I was again made cock. This continued for two hours. After that I was allowed to dress. But not in pant and shirt.

She said in a commanding voice, “You need to dress as a girl, then only you will be able to respect girls. Go and wear that pink nighty kept in the wardrobe.” I had to obey her each and every command. Wearing that nighty was no better than being naked. It was a transparent thing that easily revealed my private parts. Never in my life, had I felt so much embarrassed and shameful. For the whole night, she kept me standing in a corner holding my both ears with my both hands, dressed in a pink transparent nighty. It was only in the morning that she allowed me to wear normal clothes. I was unable to sit properly for about a week because of my sore bottom. Suddenly, I felt there was some unusual feeling in the inside of my undergarment. Actually, I had ………. urinated due to fear. Both of us were trembling. She with anger and me with fear. After giving me few more slaps, she ordered me to undress. This time I immediately obeyed. She again commanded, “Turn into a cock (like a dog standing) and stand in front of the mirror nude”.